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  • Nearest you'll ever get to a blog   7 weeks 3 hours ago

    Matt coding for 37 years = Matt is 37 years old

  • Boring screen shots   7 weeks 3 hours ago

    ^ Gobbledygook indeed.

    I felt the same as you initially but really, for the most part anyway, it's just like 'regular' (IPv4) IP addresses. "" uses three base-10 characters (up to 255 or 16bit) for each segment. IPv6 just uses base-16/hex for each segment but with up to 4 characters each (so up to 65536 possible numbers in base 10, 64bit). v4 segments are separated by dots, v6 by colons. V6 is actually 8 segments but in normal use most of us will only see 5 where the first segment replaces stuff like 'http::/' or 'ftp::' or whatever.

  • Synth screen shots   7 weeks 3 hours ago

    Lost in the drones of Xen.

  • Nearest you'll ever get to a blog   7 weeks 7 hours ago

    Coding unprofessionally for 37 years?! :O For some reason, I thought you were around my age (mid 30s). So you’re in your 40s, or 50s?

    It’s a good thing that you made this comprehensive FAQ. It helps demystify many things. Before Nanostudio, what kinds of things did you program? Anything on PC (besides the PC version of NS1)?

    Also protip: I would avoid the Android operating system like the plague. You think adapting the NS2 GUI to a various sizes of iPad screens and then various sizes of the iPhone is gonna be a pain in the arse, Android is the literal stuff of nightmares! There’s a reason Korg never bothered to port Gadget to Android tablets mind you. (While another reason is the infamous Android latency issues as well.) I mean, it’s up to you ultimately, but I’m just chiming in here Matt.

  • Best NS1 life raft device   7 weeks 8 hours ago

    An even better idea is get/learn/use NS2 and I’ll have learned even more about music production than I did on NS1 and I won’t need the tard-level newbie UI. :-)

    ...I’ll still kick in on it though

  • Synth screen shots   7 weeks 8 hours ago

    In addition tom_tm, once you get microtunal functionality we won’t see you around the forum anymore. You’ll be lost in some sort of raga nirvana and we’ll all be left wondering what happened to you. :-)

  • Boring screen shots   7 weeks 9 hours ago

    "Unlike IPv4, IPv6 requires a link-local address on every network interface on which the IPv6 protocol is enabled, even when routable addresses are also assigned."


  • Boring screen shots   7 weeks 9 hours ago

    You're safe to share so long as it has the fe80:: protocol. That's basically saying "only look on my local network for the following address". I wouldn't, however, invite nano round to the house and let him get on your wifi.

  • Best NS1 life raft device   7 weeks 11 hours ago

    Here's an idea : Use a Reaktor like approach where you start with a user friendly front-end UI and then progressively drill down the layers to the level you feel comfortable with, with Reaper script right at the bottom layer.

    Or that could make it worse. Jeez, it's a good job it's not me who's got to think about stuff like this :)

  • Boring screen shots   7 weeks 11 hours ago

    Ha ha, but you'd have to get to my local network first - have you got the HAXXOR SKILLZ?

    And that's not a challenge. I really know nothing about networks. IPv6 addresses look to me like C++ probably does to my parents.

  • Synth screen shots   7 weeks 12 hours ago

    Tom, you're my microtonal conscience. How many years have you asked for this? The trouble with this is (and I suspect this is the reason there's not much else around) is that there always seems to be something more 'important' to do so it always gets pushed back (and yes, I do have it on a task list, and next to it I noted tom_tm).

    Unfortunately it's definitely not going to be in the first release, but I'll keep it on that list. It's probably only a one day job, but I probably have about 50 one day jobs around that level and only a few of them will win before the iPhone version and audio tracks come knocking ...

  • Best NS1 life raft device   7 weeks 12 hours ago

    syrupcore: if you kick start the Kickstarter campaign, I’ll kick in some $.

    A ‘simple mode’ to learn the basics would be nice. And I just need a lot of time in front of my laptop, which always seems elusive.

  • Synth screen shots   7 weeks 12 hours ago

    Matt (and on the subject of Scala/microtonal), when you get some free time, have a look at ScaleGen for iOS. ScaleGen can process normal 12-TET scales and then send them back as retuned microtonal scales. The only other apps I know of that do this are desktop-only and cost silly money. I'm hoping that the 'external MIDI' module I'll be able to do just that, and then reintroduce MIDI back to Obsidian, retuned for 19EDO or whatever (practically zillions of possible scales!) Polyphony though may be a pig. We'll see. I can also sample of course :)

    One last thing.... I don't think I'll be needing that Elektron Digitakt now.

  • Boring screen shots   7 weeks 12 hours ago

    direct path to matt's ipad leaked . lets go browse :D

  • Boring screen shots   7 weeks 12 hours ago

    Nothing boring about any of that.

  • Sequencer screen shots   7 weeks 12 hours ago

    Fantastic. Just fantastic. App of the year.

  • Best NS1 life raft device   7 weeks 12 hours ago

    "When I can't find the seemingly-simple-thing-I-want-to-do-right-now, I curse it."

    And there's also that too. This, I agree with Syrupcore. I know Logic inside out, but I still tear my hair out when I power up reaper and try and figure out what the fuck I'm doing!

  • Best NS1 life raft device   7 weeks 12 hours ago

    "EVERYONE should buy Reaper,"

    You know that only Reaper can completely customise the piano roll for microtonal scales? Try doing that in Logic! But I do like Logic's new function that guesses with excellent accuracy both tempo as well as time signature you're playing in. Would love to see a similar thing in a future NS2 update.

  • Nearest you'll ever get to a blog   7 weeks 13 hours ago

    "The way I see it is: there are still millions of older devices out there which can't be updated to iOS 11 and will be handed down to peoples' kids, or used by those on a tight budget"

    And you were absolutely right. My daughter loves NS1! So impressed with it, she's taken it to show off at school- all on an iPad Mini v1. And it still works great on an iPad v1 too. Genius. Pure genius!

  • Nearest you'll ever get to a blog   7 weeks 13 hours ago

    "a sync oscillator which aliases like crap"

    Actually I found this 'feature' a wonderful thing, not a bad one. It gave my sounds a unique character unavailable with any other synth I knew of, bar the Waldorf Blofeld... And I can't think of higher praise than that.

  • Some more screenshots - starting with the mixer   7 weeks 13 hours ago

    Summer has finally arrived!

  • Best NS1 life raft device   7 weeks 14 hours ago

    Come one syrupcore, you're a coder - you know deep down that Reaper tickles your half code/half music brain.

    > collect analytics on the functions triggered

    ... and a web coder at that :)

  • Nearest you'll ever get to a blog   7 weeks 15 hours ago

    Also, your mom would be quite proud of this, I'm sure. "If you can't think of anything nice to say..."

    Why haven't you answered some other questions I asked?

    Probably because the answer's no and I can't think of a way of expressing it positively.

  • Nearest you'll ever get to a blog   7 weeks 15 hours ago

  • Best NS1 life raft device   7 weeks 15 hours ago

    > EVERYONE should buy Reaper, it's priced so reasonably and incredible value for money. Very powerful, customizable and extendable.

    Totally agree that Reaper is just an absurd amount of value for the money. And it has a boss mode pricing model to boot. That it's so "powerful, customizable and extendable" is both the beauty and the beast of it though. There are just too many fucking options presented at once. In every scenario. When I can find what I want, I so appreciate having all of that power. When I can't find the seemingly-simple-thing-I-want-to-do-right-now, I curse it.

    I so dig the customization though. Custom shortcuts, macros and the ability to tweak commands in code are just beautiful things for me. But for non-nerds? And for me when I'm not feeling nerdy? It can just be way too much everything.

    I would love to support a kickstarter campaign to fund Reaper UX research and implementation. At it simplest, perhaps an experiment: collect analytics on the functions triggered in which contexts (which view, where's the mouse, how many tracks are there, what kind of tracks...). Then, offer a new 'simple' mode. In the menus, right click menus, visible icons, etc, hide everything except the top N used functions by default with the option to hold the CTRL down to see the full monty. Then, collect analytics again. Did people have to use CTRL too often for some function? Make it visible again by default.

    In cases where CTRL-to-see-all just wouldn't make sense, offer both simple and advanced modes via toggle button. Thinking things like the export dialog. If you just want to bounce a tune, holy-too-many-options. If you want to bounce by markers or regions, rename things with some sort of pattern, add things to the render queue, it's **amazing**. Let that be advanced mode though.