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  • Merry Christmas 2016!   16 weeks 5 days ago

    I think for those willing to spend the money (minus those that just have the cash and want something fancy) it isn't so much the sound in the mix but the sound in the room as a source of inspiration. And the inspiration that comes from interacting with the machine, physically.

    I'm for the most part with you though. I'd much rather have 90-95% of the sound/mojo and 0% of the maintenance cost! Plus, presets are sweet. So is MIDI. :)

    I'd do something illegal/illicit for a solid weekend with a real Oberhiem SEM-8 but I don't think I'd ever fork over the cash required to own one.

  • Merry Christmas 2016!   16 weeks 5 days ago

    What do you mean by "sound like an actual moog"?

    Model 15 sounds good to me too. Mind you I haven't used it much as I've been working on a long project that needs a different sound. I was trained on a Moog modular system in college and I would say that from my experiences most die-hard Moog fans will never be satisfied with anything but real hardware. For me, I would much rather have an app at a fraction of the cost that I can have with me at all times rather than find room for a modular set up, and the sound is as analog as I need. Once sounds start fitting in to the mix, the subtle details of authentic gear vs. an app are hard to differentiate, at least for my ears. Also, since the app is made by Moog, I'm guessing better ears than mine think it sounds like a Moog. I think it's well worth giving the app a try considering the low cost.

  • Community NSP and TRG files   16 weeks 5 days ago

    You might try this:
    If it isn't available any more, googling "heavy metal guitar samples" gives lots of hits

    For the "transformer talking" sounds you'll want a vocoder app. My fave is VoiceSynth but there are other good ones like iVoxel or the one inside Korg iDS-10

  • Merry Christmas 2016!   16 weeks 5 days ago

    > But does it sound like an actual moog, or just look like one? Btw, hope you're all having a merry Xmas!

    I dunno. Sounds good though.

  • Community NSP and TRG files   16 weeks 6 days ago

    I'm after some decent/usable hard metal rock guitar stabs n stuff for use in NS... Also need some 'transformer talking' sounds I know these are now used a lot in dub step etc but I just don't know how to locate them... I got in touch directly with Varien re his sounds but he uses FL... Any thoughts... A

  • Merry Christmas 2016!   16 weeks 6 days ago

    I can confirm that the Model 15 runs OKish on an Mini 2 - but it maxes out in AUM with more than an AU effect or two and another synth. However it works very well on an iPod 6G - lots more things can be run in AUM :-) just scrolling around is hard and I haven't found a good way of getting out of the Arp view.

    As for how close to a real one? Dunno - someone lend me one and I will get back to you (eventually....) :-)

  • Merry Christmas 2016!   16 weeks 6 days ago

    But does it sound like an actual moog, or just look like one? Btw, hope you're all having a merry Xmas!

  • Merry Christmas 2016!   16 weeks 6 days ago

    Plus, 'Undo' works for patching. Kind indeed!

  • Merry Christmas 2016!   16 weeks 6 days ago

    Beautiful version Kitejan.

    @LeeB Model 15 runs like a dream on my 6s. Well, the UI is obviously more cumbersome on the smaller screen but otherwise hiccup free. One tip that helps with patching, particularly on the small screen: you can double tap any patch point and then scroll around to the destination you want and double tap there as well. Connection made. It's kind enough to dim out connections you can't make. For example, if you double tapped an output jack, all of the other outputs are dimmed.

  • Merry Christmas 2016!   17 weeks 6 hours ago

    For those who don't know the original of Gaudete - this is (possibly!) my favorite by Barry & Beth Hall:

  • Merry Christmas 2016!   17 weeks 13 hours ago

    Very nice. I'm not familiar with the original either. Merry Christmas Jan!

    FWIW, I'm also working on my first project with Model 15. It'll be in Cubasis though not NS.

  • Merry Christmas 2016!   17 weeks 1 day ago

    Sounds great. I'm not familiar with that carol, but your cover of it sounds quite nice.

    Merry Christmas to everyone who enjoys it!
    Bah Humbug to those who don't. :o)

  • Merry Christmas 2016!   17 weeks 1 day ago

    Merry Christmas to you too.
    I've only listened through the iPhone speakers, but that sounds lovely. The original is lovely too in an eerie way.
    You may have sold me on the model 15, those sequences sound great :) But, is it doable on an iPhone 6s Plus? My iPad 4 won't run it.

  • iPhone 7   17 weeks 2 days ago

    > Let us know how the 7 works out! I won't get one myself because the home button doesn't work with gloves.

    "Designed in California" FOR THE LOSS

  • ** nanostudio songs **   17 weeks 3 days ago

    @Stiksi lol. I don't think I can say I consciously went for that exact number. I was no doubt playing around with boosting the lower mids of the bass to compensate for the slight low cut on it, as the 808 kick were taking up that space and didn't have too much punch. It may have even been a feeble attempt to return to zero lol. :)

  • ** nanostudio songs **   17 weeks 3 days ago

    Impressive tracks recently posted, showing the wide range of NS's sounds/genres. Kitejan's album nicely rounds out the Experiments project. I wonder if that means you're done with making 'experiments' and have your sound down now? I've gone through a similar phase of experimenting with NS (I'm sure we all have) and I'm currently wondering now what? It'll be interesting to see how your music develops.

    And I'm sure I don't even need to say how thrilled I am to see an new track from you Ian. Fantastic stuff! Love the energy and drive. I know there are many others who, like myself, have plenty of apps gathering cyber dust. You've done a really nice job of dusting yours off.

  • ** nanostudio songs **   17 weeks 4 days ago

    These are cool tracks!
    @kitejan: I especially enjoyed Keep Calm. The sound design is pretty lovely on all of them.
    @Lee B: My ocd compels me to ask, is that a +0,3 dB adjustment on the mids in EQ? Because if it is, that's awesome! Great track too.
    @peanut_gallery: Congrats on breaking the dry spell! I should really try the same. Nice work!

  • iPhone 7   17 weeks 4 days ago

    The GX7 is certainly a nice camera. Waiting on the GH5 right now though.

  • ** nanostudio songs **   17 weeks 4 days ago

    This is my first track in over 18 months. Life got hectic, but I found some new workflow, which means this is also my first track done entirely on my iPhone in years, rather than using the iPad, the phone meant I could work in bits and pieces as time permitted with 5-10 minutes here and there wherever I happened to be.

    The New Tech refers to all the new apps that had been gathering cyber-dust on my phone during my music hiatus, which I delved into for this track. As usual, much recording and all editing, mixing and arranging was done in NanoStudio.

  • iPhone 7   17 weeks 5 days ago

    That's a pretty impressive kit list :D I only took the MFT plunge this summer because I realized I never drag the D700 out except for assignments. I went for Panasonic because the GX7 was the right size and price (used, good as new) but my eye keeps wandering over to the Olympus side…

    Let us know how the 7 works out! I won't get one myself because the home button doesn't work with gloves. That's not going to happen in Finland, but it's a non-issue pretty much anywhere else.

  • iPhone 7   17 weeks 5 days ago

    Don't I already know Stiksi. My 'other' camera is an Olympus OM-D E-M1. Admittedly, it's 'only' the mk1, but I've got most of the good lenses too, the 7-14, the 12-40 and the 40-150 (all f2.8) as well as two primes, the 45mm 1.8 and the brilliant Panasonic 25mm f1.7. Sorry, showing off a bit now! ;-)

    But I want to do some gigs, and I need another iOS device. My phone is a 5, and therefore won't really do 4G (in the UK). So is it time to get a far better iPhone with camera, or something else?

    PS- I love 'lo-fi' images. I've still got my old iPhone 3GS, and I love the camera on that. But low light stuff sucks a little, so having something like a 7 would be really nice. And I like depth of field, even though it may be artificial on the iPhone.

  • iPhone 7   17 weeks 6 days ago

    @ Tom: Judging by reviews, the iPhone 7 camera is only marginally better than the 6s's. If you don't want the faux depth of field effect, the discounted 32GB 6s might IMHO be a better deal.

    Just to make things more interesting, a used, perfectly fine MFT camera that is superior to an iPhone in every single way, costs something like 250€. That won't run Nanostudio, but if you take that and the iPhone 6s, you'd be at the same price range as the iPhone 7.

  • iPhone 7   18 weeks 5 hours ago

    Well, I'm about to bite the bullet and also get an iPhone 7. I want it mainly for the camera and also to run Nanostudio on (to do some live gigs with phone and now 'ancient' iPad 4). I guess it's going to be a bit scary, but my iPhone 5 is just a bit too useless, especially since I've just fucked off EE (don't use these money grabbing arseholes!!) and gone with Giffgaff, who irritatingly don't fully support 4G yet on a 5 (I think this could be down to the networks forcing us all to upgrade- 'cos it's good business etc etc.... ALL wankers!!)

    So, I'll give you an update once I get it, and how I get on with audio out (I must say, I use a Griffin iMic- cheap as chips, but works really well). But To be honest, I don't think it'll be that much of a problem. I'm more a progressive kind of guy, even though, and like everyone else, it hurts me in the wallet! :-/

  • ** nanostudio songs **   18 weeks 6 hours ago

    Oh no! :(

    Never mind. There's still time! PM again. :)

  • ** nanostudio songs **   18 weeks 15 hours ago

    @tom_tm I got back to you. Several months after the fact. :) Was sitting in my junkmail.