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  • On The Slicing Of Phones   10 weeks 6 hours ago
  • The future of nanostudio   10 weeks 3 days ago

    That Intro, though, it was so going into DJ Snake territory before it turned around quite spectacularly!

    This is a great album, congratulations on finishing it! "All my friends are masochists" ha, I know that feeling.

  • The future of nanostudio   10 weeks 4 days ago

    Nicely done Harison. You've got a nice sound. Are you doing anything in particular to promote the album?

    Nice understatment Jim.

  • I Am Emotionally Prepared For NanoStudio 2   10 weeks 4 days ago

    I'm glad you get me. :o)

    "so it's not even that far fetched"

    I can't wait for the Terminator for President campaign.

  • I Am Emotionally Prepared For NanoStudio 2   10 weeks 4 days ago

    Hah, Arnold IS playing Trump on tv as we speak, so it's not even that far fetched.

  • I Am Emotionally Prepared For NanoStudio 2   10 weeks 4 days ago

    Stiksi: all of those elements you brought up, bundled together, would make for a half-decent Hollywood film. Trump uses NAZI stormtrooper-ninja to assassinate the entertainment legends who opposed his plan to dominate the world through a global-warming blitzkrieg of natural disasters. He sends the Terminator in to mop up the remaining resistance fighters, and kill off any up an coming rising stars that could one day be considered legends, because Trump has recurring nightmares that he will be toppled by an entertainment legend.
    I've seen worse films.

  • The future of nanostudio   10 weeks 5 days ago

    Congrats on the album release. It ain't as easy as it looks. :-)

  • The future of nanostudio   10 weeks 5 days ago

    What has everyone been up to? I went on a three month road trip around the US in a van. Mostly out west. Bought a dc/ac inverter so I could set up a prosonus itwo, guitar, midi keyboard and small PA for making music in the back of my van. Surprisingly small power consumption. Under 120w for the whole deal. Other than that we got some political tensions here and the economy is kinda shitty. I'm in michigan now and it's snowing and cold as hell. I did also finish this album. First release ever. Doesnt have a ton of nanostudio in it. Here and there like the sax in the first song, it mostly guitar thru tonestack into multitrack DAW. Anyways if ya bored

  • I Am Emotionally Prepared For NanoStudio 2   10 weeks 5 days ago

    I'm rooting for this year! Come on Blip, you can do it! Trump, global warming, nazis and legions of lost legends be damned, it's going to be a good year!

  • I Am Emotionally Prepared For NanoStudio 2   10 weeks 6 days ago

    I second that optimistic statement!
    However I would like an update from the Blip Development Team.

  • ** nanostudio songs **   10 weeks 6 days ago

    Havent been here for a while - great to explore all the tracks posted since! Here's my latest NS only production:

  • I Am Emotionally Prepared For NanoStudio 2   10 weeks 6 days ago

    This is the year folks!!! I can feel it!!

  • I Am Emotionally Prepared For NanoStudio 2   11 weeks 5 days ago

    .....suspended animation systems still functional......

  • I Am Emotionally Prepared For NanoStudio 2   11 weeks 5 days ago

    [le sigh]

  • Merry Christmas 2016!   12 weeks 17 hours ago

    Exactly what I asked. 'But does it sound like a Moog [or just an approximation]?'

    I'm actually getting pretty tired of iPad simulations of the real thing. It's rather boring. True, I was thrilled when the iVCS3 turned up, but after messing around for a while, I got bored of that too (even though it does sound very close to the £12,000 equivalent).

    Eden was perfect, because it didn't actually set out to imitate anything. Tbh, it didn't even imitate analogue either, because of the wavetables, it sounded more like a Waldorf than analogue. I agree, I like patch cables on the Moog (because I was a big follower of the Nord Modular), compared to say the way TC-11 is patched, but otoh, TC-11 is a far better instrument as it never really set out to imitate anything apart from to be itself.

    I'd like to see more stuff like TC-11 and Shoom etc, and less stuff like the Moog, even though Moog really nailed it with Animoog.

  • The future of nanostudio   12 weeks 3 days ago

    I second that! Great synth.

  • Merry Christmas 2016!   12 weeks 3 days ago

    When I had access to a Moog modular synth, the only solution I had to capturing sounds as presets was to sample them into my Emax II. I didn't anticipate how quickly that keyboard would become obsolete. Anyway, analog gear with a sampler is a reasonable combination for getting around the lack of preset storage, although it doesn't allow for live modulation. Apps are quite convienient in that regard. It would be interesting to have someone with a Moog Model 15 create the same patches on hardware as well as the app and hear a comparison.

  • So is this app no longer being updated?   12 weeks 3 days ago

    That's correct. Updates just won't do any more. The Blip Interactive Development Team is hard at work re-building the app from scratch: an all new Nanostudio 2.0.

  • Merry Christmas 2016!   12 weeks 3 days ago

    Jupiter 8 was my childhood dream synth too. I'd pick a SEM-8 these days but I'd miss the ability to store presets. :)

  • The future of nanostudio   12 weeks 3 days ago

    Good news heard that sunrizer xs and ipad versions are gonna be updated soonish. I always loved the warmth of that synth. Also magellan has ableton link support now. I haven't been on this forums in months but i still use nanostudio all the time

  • Merry Christmas 2016!   12 weeks 3 days ago

    Of course if you want to play with the old analogue synths you need loads and loads of space. At the SynthFest UK event in Sheffield they had loads of modular synths, including the Model 15, and some of the "golden oldies" such as the Oberhiem SEM-8, VCS3, the Roland Jupiter 8 and so on. They are HUGE. And (from actually playing with the Jupiter 8 - my childhood "dream synth"), they dont actually sound *that* good in their raw state - a lot of the things we take for granted are done by sticking things through loads of effects. This point was demonstrated by Ian Body and his talk about an early french electronic instrument (a contemporary of the theremin) with a ribbon controller keyboard. He demonstrated its sound on his modular setup - just a sine wave. Pretty dull until he stuck it through a delay (with the comment "everything sounds better with delay"). And when he improvised a short piece using a wave table drone oscillator, and a tinkly random LFO type sound - and it was beautiful. But again "in the raw" the sound was a bit rubbish.

    And I would expect a pretty hefty electric bill from all that analogue goodness :-)

  • Merry Christmas 2016!   12 weeks 4 days ago

    You are right. Presets and MIDI are sweet! I feel that pro gear is for pros. If I were making money as a musician I am sure I could rationalize a reason to get some crazy expensive analog gear. Until then, practicing with apps will suffice. I really wish I had apps like Model 15 when I was in college. That really would have helped a lot.

  • Community NSP and TRG files   12 weeks 5 days ago

    +1 for voice synth. Extremely flexible.

  • Merry Christmas 2016!   12 weeks 5 days ago

    I think for those willing to spend the money (minus those that just have the cash and want something fancy) it isn't so much the sound in the mix but the sound in the room as a source of inspiration. And the inspiration that comes from interacting with the machine, physically.

    I'm for the most part with you though. I'd much rather have 90-95% of the sound/mojo and 0% of the maintenance cost! Plus, presets are sweet. So is MIDI. :)

    I'd do something illegal/illicit for a solid weekend with a real Oberhiem SEM-8 but I don't think I'd ever fork over the cash required to own one.

  • Merry Christmas 2016!   12 weeks 5 days ago

    What do you mean by "sound like an actual moog"?

    Model 15 sounds good to me too. Mind you I haven't used it much as I've been working on a long project that needs a different sound. I was trained on a Moog modular system in college and I would say that from my experiences most die-hard Moog fans will never be satisfied with anything but real hardware. For me, I would much rather have an app at a fraction of the cost that I can have with me at all times rather than find room for a modular set up, and the sound is as analog as I need. Once sounds start fitting in to the mix, the subtle details of authentic gear vs. an app are hard to differentiate, at least for my ears. Also, since the app is made by Moog, I'm guessing better ears than mine think it sounds like a Moog. I think it's well worth giving the app a try considering the low cost.