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  • Update for future iOS compatibility?   7 weeks 6 hours ago

    Dendy posted this link:

    It may work for you if you do it soon (Apple stop 'signing' older versions after some time). You should follow the instructions very carefully.

    I have to say I don't understand the need to update (I won't use the word upgrade) so quickly. I normally have to update one device for testing purposes, but I typically update all other devices 2-6 months after a new version comes out and that's only when I'm forced to and some vital reason for doing so. In most cases it makes the hardware slower, adds crap I don't want, changes things I'd got used to and breaks things which worked before. Of course I do appreciate that everyone has different needs/requirements. My personal need is for stability and predictability.

    Last time I updated was because I accidentally tapped a millimetre away from the 'don't update' button on its f*cking dialogue. I then lost my whole afternoon because it immediately shut down and started updating without any further confirmation dialogue, and then had to update all my development tools and iTunes just to get back to work again. Thanks for the 'choice' Apple.

    I'll shutup now.

  • NS2 - Progress report and screenshots   7 weeks 7 hours ago

    The desktop version has 16 tracks.

    And yes, you can go back to 10.3.3 as long as Apple still signs that version. I did it myself last week after discovering that my Cubasis project didn't perform as well as before.

  • NS2 - Progress report and screenshots   7 weeks 11 hours ago

    didn’t checked it till yet but it should work

  • NS2 - Progress report and screenshots   7 weeks 13 hours ago

    Good question - not sure about the number of tracks on the desktop. Using the Desktop version of NS is an option, but I think the best option is stay with iOS 10.

  • Update for future iOS compatibility?   7 weeks 17 hours ago

    They allow you to go back?!

  • Update for future iOS compatibility?   7 weeks 19 hours ago

    I’m doing just that right now.

  • Update for future iOS compatibility?   7 weeks 19 hours ago

    To be honest .. after few days with iOS11 (i couldn't resist) i'm more and more disappointed .. it is pretty much crap, strongly thinking about going back to iOS10 and staying there forever :) Worst iOS version ever made ..

  • Update for future iOS compatibility?   7 weeks 21 hours ago

    Kinda sucks it isn’t supported on iOS 11.. so much music done.

  • NS2 - Progress report and screenshots   7 weeks 21 hours ago


    Oh i did read and didn’t find nothing that i was specially looking for. Maybe I missed it.


    So i take it i can only open my project on nano studio ma? Can’t remember if there is limited tracks there....

  • NS2 - Progress report and screenshots   7 weeks 22 hours ago

    I've beta tested several iOS apps. I think I've only gotten a promo code for one, maybe two. If it's something I'm willing to put the time into testing, it's by definition something I'm willing to pay for. Just glad for the opportunity to put my two cents in! Or generally give back a bit, especially considering the value ratio for many of these apps.

  • NS2 - Progress report and screenshots   7 weeks 1 day ago


    The other side of it is people join beta testing teams in hopes of getting the app for free for their “hard work” (where only some of us actually put in the hard work). Sometimes I get an app for free if I don’t own it yet, which is nice. Other times, I already own the app, and it’s the principle of “instead of bitching about what’s wrong, become a beta tester and help hunt the bugs down”.

    Of COURSE it’s fun to have early access to an app, but a lot of people want to use the app right away, not realising that it’s GOING to crash, it’s GOING to have a lot of bugs, that it is NOT ready for actual public sale, and that when it does crash, they NEED to remember at least the last 10 steps they took before the crash and then report it! (Which is a LOT easier now that iOS11 has screen recording.) Unless a person is ready for that responsibility, they may as well wait to purchase the final release. :)

  • NS2 - Progress report and screenshots   7 weeks 1 day ago

    I've never done any beta testing, but I am assuming that you are right dendy, just based on knowing human nature. My motivation would be to create cool stuff, which is what the app is for, but maybe not what beta testing should really be about. I don't mind waiting until the app is released and not being a beta tester if more experienced beta testers can actually help Matt detect bugs, but I do hope that the app gets released at least by Dec 22nd or 23rd so I can get a bit of Christmas joy right before having to deal with family. (That's mostly a joke).

  • NS2 - Progress report and screenshots   7 weeks 1 day ago

    Most people who wants to be beta testers actualy doesn't want to do proper deep batatesting (which is not always pure fun, it is also hard job, repeating again and again same operations after each update to validate if something isn't broken). True motivation for most people is simply get early access to app ... and not contribute to app's quality and do beta testing work properly ..

    i'm not saying it's special case of somebody from this discussion... just generally - that's my experience .. most people sign for betatesting from wrong motivation, just to get early access to app ...

  • NS2 - Progress report and screenshots   7 weeks 1 day ago

    Right?! Maybe it is a wise thing to do, but I really doubt there's gonna be too many bugs in the first release and therefore not much need to really beta test. After all the years of NS1 development, and several years of NS2 development, my last dollar would be on a bet that a beta version of NS2 works like a charm and will be considered by most people to be a finished product. There will be power users who will figure out was to find a few glitches, and I'm sure the experienced beta testers on this forum will help ferret out a few things so it will be wise to do a beta test. However I think what everyone is really saying, including myself, is that we can't wait to get our hands on this and get on with creating cool stuff, so if being a beta tester makes that happen, count me in. :o)

  • NS2 - Progress report and screenshots   7 weeks 1 day ago

    Everyone suddenly wants to be beta testers all of a sudden lol

  • NS2 - Progress report and screenshots   7 weeks 2 days ago

    @QbAnYtO: while it's been nice to see so many people returning to the forum, it would be nice if more people would read through the 1 or 2 active threads. Here's your summary:

    NS1 doesn't work in iOS 11.
    NS1 is 32 bit and can not be updated to work in 64 bit iOS 11.
    NS2 should be out on iPad in December, a few months later Universal.
    NS1 .nsp/.prj files cannot be loaded in to NS2.
    Audio tracks will be implemented later as an IAP.
    NS2 has unlimited Presets and Tracks.
    NS2 supports AUv3, AudioBus, Link, etc.
    Many new audio effects will delight our ears.

    Thoughts on methods to recreate NS1 projects in NS2 were discussed briefly on the previous page.

  • NS2 - Progress report and screenshots   7 weeks 2 days ago

    “Please Matt consider me as beta tester. Thank you” -Feel_low

    Matt is probably still not ready for beta testers I take it. Hopefully he picks me too. Sure it’d be fun to have NS2 early, but remember, it may still have plenty of bugs in it to start with. ;) My favourite parts of beta testing are being a part of a small secret club (especially if there’s a private forum), and hunting down and confirming bugs (especially now with the handy screen recording function!). Alpha and Beta testing’s a bit of a side hobby for me as I actively test for a handful of other companies. Hope to see you “on the other side” once NS2 beta testing is open mate.

    Matt, my business email is . Hit me up if you got questions and such regarding beta testing.

  • Update for future iOS compatibility?   7 weeks 2 days ago

    Matt said no. It will be a new interface with its own file extensions. It's a bit shame, but honestly, who will want keep using his old presets when a new full synthesizer will be for sure better and more complex?

  • Update for future iOS compatibility?   7 weeks 2 days ago

    I already asked this but will it support ns1 files like nsp? With sounds and samples and settings?

  • NS2 - Progress report and screenshots   7 weeks 2 days ago

    FINALLY!!!! After what? 7 years or so? That’s how awesome ns1 is!

    Speaking of which, i cant run it on iOS 11 !! It’s says developer has to update. Any updates on that?

    Also something no one has asked (not that i noticed anyways) but will we be able to import ns1 files? If not possible, then..

    What will happen to ns1? Is it staying on the market?

    Loving the flat clean iOS 7 look on the ui!

  • Is it 64 bit?   7 weeks 2 days ago

    To be honest, I don't know the answer to this either. You would be able to continue working on those files using the free desktop version of NanoStudio ( if you can get hold of them.

    I'd normally suggest NanoSync as the best way to transfer files between NanoStudio and a desktop computer, but obviously that requires NanoStudio to be running on the device.

    As Slam-Cut says, if iOS 11 has simply disabled the app but kept the files, it may be possible to use a 3rd party transfer app such as iExplorer or iFunbox (or various others) to get those files. Alternatively, there may be apps out there which allow you to extract files from iTunes backups of previous versions, if you have them.

  • Is it 64 bit?   7 weeks 2 days ago

    @3rdstagenavigator: did you save a .nsp file of the project on another device (laptop or iDevice)? If so, then as Devvy suggested, you can move that project over to the PC version of NS1. If not, I wonder if the .nsp or project file still exists on your iOS 11 disabled iPhone...? I'm not sure, but it could be worth looking into. Use the new features of iOS 11 and/or 3rd party apps too have a look at the files on your iPhone. It could be that the file is still there. Anyone with superior knowledge of iOS 11 know what it will do to .nsp & .prj files? Erase them or ignore them? I know this will not be the last time this question gets asked.

  • NS2 - Progress report and screenshots   7 weeks 2 days ago

    Please Matt consider me as beta tester. Thank you

  • Is it 64 bit?   7 weeks 2 days ago

    Finish it on a mac or Windows PC with the free download...

  • Is it 64 bit?   7 weeks 3 days ago

    Hello all having read all the comments I feel sad almost wistfull . I was working on a stonking tune when I acquired and iPhone 6 and gleefully updated to ios11 without thinking of the consequences as I was not expecting any . Now I am left stranded my million dollar tune locked in 32bit limbo