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  • AUv3 for NS2   5 weeks 2 days ago


    Here’s an example of using the word piss ( original meaning is to urinate)

    We were out on the piss (getting drunk), my mate was well pissed (drunk) when some guy started taking the piss (winding him up). This pissed my mate off (made him angry) so hit hit the guy so hard he pissed himself (actually wet his pants). We all pissed ourselves laughing at the guy ( term so say something is so funny it makes you pee). The guy was so embarrassed his pissed off quick ( ran off )

    The only worldwide word I know that has so many meanings for one word depending on its context is ‘Fuck’

  • AUv3 for NS2   5 weeks 2 days ago

    Yes gr1m they could both be the same but in English language but stick could also mean given someone a hard time.

    Example: I gave him some stick because he was taking the piss out of my brother
    Translated: I had a go at him ( gave him a hard time) because he was bullying my brother.

    ‘Taking the piss’ can be either jokey or serious depending on how it’s said in context.
    So the above sentence in a jokey way:

    I took the piss out of him back as he was taking the piss out of my brother.

    But stick tends to lean towards having a go at someone like “my wife always gives me stick for coming home late”

    The nearest example in both in US language is ‘busting their balls’

    Ie stop busting the kids balls (taking the piss). My wife busts my balls when I come home late (gives me stick)

    Another use of taking the piss is as follows:
    The guy owes me money and he’s out Buying new things and not paying me back. Seriously is he taking the piss?
    Translated: he owes me money, hasn’t paid me back but spending loads of money, I feel stupid for lending especially if other people know I have lent him money and also know I haven’t been paid back. I look stupid ( being taken the piss out of)

    I would hate to have to learn English as a second language as all our words have several meanings depending on how they’re said in context. And one action can be described with so many words or sentences. Just the act of getting drunk, or being drunk has so many words or sentences to describe it.

  • AUv3 for NS2   5 weeks 2 days ago

    Right?! You can get pissed while taking the piss! Gotta confuse the hell out of someone from someplace like Thailand, who just has a phrase book and a dictionary. I wonder what some of it sounds like when translated to another language. In the US (not sure about UK) ‘holy shit’ is a common expression, but that has to lose something in the translation to another language. “Sacred poop”? What are they talking about? Hell, I get confused in the store buying ‘Canadian Bacon.’ What do Canadians call that? And do Canadians call our long strips of bacon ‘American Bacon’? The English language need a reboot to v2.0.

    Thanks for schooling us TwistedGenetics!

  • AUv3 for NS2   5 weeks 2 days ago

    hm , hm , hm , hm , hm , WTF ?

    i am telling you ..
    blip set nanostudio permissions " only for me " (only for him)
    and escaped to mexico (acapulco)

  • AUv3 for NS2   5 weeks 3 days ago

    Would "giving someone stick" equate with "taking the piss out of"?

    Sorry, I learn all my English english from watching the EPL (BPL) on the weekends.

  • AUv3 for NS2   5 weeks 3 days ago

    [Don't]'Take the Mick' is another. Or another, 'Pull a fast one'. All very English, dear chap. ;-)

  • NS2 - Progress report and screenshots   5 weeks 3 days ago

    Finishing up NS1 tracks is smart, and I have it on pretty good authority that Blip won’t release NS2 until all of our NS1 tracks are finished. Some sorta Pink Floyd thing I guess.

  • AUv3 for NS2   5 weeks 3 days ago

    Maybe one of the forum Brits will jump in here and set us straight on our assumptions, but I find it humorous that Brits say “taking the piss” and Americans say “giving you shit”. The British slang seems less messy....

    The noise music you describe is probably a good limitation project, but I know I’d hate it. The things that drives me on is chasing the sounds and beats that float my boat, typically melody being prominent. Mostly that means I stick to a handful of genres, and one of my problems is usually having too much melody. Sometimes I try ambient tracks, but it is so hard for me to do ‘pure’ ambient and I will eventually succumb to the desire to have melody in the track somewhere. What I really need to get in my mixes is more cow bell!

  • NS2 - Progress report and screenshots   5 weeks 3 days ago

    I got a new iPad Mini and keep checking the app store every week or so to see if NanoStudio 2 is out.

    In the mean time, this is giving me a chance to try and finish all of my WIP NS 1 tracks. Thankfully the OSX version still works.

  • AUv3 for NS2   5 weeks 3 days ago

    “Quite a lot of Americans these days seem to have lost their sense of humor, which is one of many reasons why this country is so divided, but lets not go down that rabbit hole. This forum is enjoyable because we ignore that sort of crap.”

    Exactly. Only good folks with their heads screwed on straight here. ;)

    Very interesting what you said about British culture. I thought most folks over in the UK were pisstakers, because my mates on Facebook I’ve known for over 15 years are pisstaking types, and by god do we get really vile at time. x’D What I sometimes do on the AB forums is NOTHING compared to my mates and I.

    When making melodies becomes too complicated, the best thing to do to stay sane and creative is to make “noise music”. Don’t listen to Stockhausen. MAKE Stockhausen. Raid and slap some shit together in Auria, Cubasis, Multitrack DAW, or something else. It’s what I’ve learned to do. Making noise music with the purpose of making it sound as horrible and lousy as possible also frees up the mind from the inner critic. ;)

  • AUv3 for NS2   5 weeks 4 days ago

    No, I suspected you were from this side of the pond, but pretty well knew it when you wrote “take the wiz”. ‘Wiz’ is much more American slang then British. Not all Brits like that sort of thing, and a posh uptight wanker will want to be taken seriously and not be made fun of. Then again, I’ve known hard Cockney lads that are more willing to fight that laugh at themselves. Just because ‘taking the piss’ is British slang doesn’t mean all Brits are down with that. Same goes for Septics, if they even still say that anymore. Quite a lot of Americans these days seem to have lost their sense of humor, which is one of many reasons why this country is so divided, but lets not go down that rabbit hole. This forum is enjoyable because we ignore that sort of crap. (Except for me not ignoring it right then.)

    I’m writing this at 1 AM, so I’ll have to check out the links later. The rest of that pragraph was over my head, but it sounds interesting. Your last paragraph was spot on! Nicely said. I’ve known people who were way more knowledgeable than me that just couldn’t overcome that classical training that makes one think that everything we try to create is just rubbish when compared to the greats, and therefore why bother. My 12-year hiatus made me forget most of the ‘rules’ and I made a conscious decision to not get caught up in complex BS, nor worry about how to properly resolve 7th chords or care that I can’t hear a chord and know right off the bat that it is a diminished dominant 7th chord sus 2 +1 special healing powers. I paint with sounds to enjoy being creative, often just using root notes instead of whole chords, and I don’t care that concert pianist will scoff at my compositions. My blissful ignorance prevents me from needing drugs, so that should be one point on the positive column.

  • AUv3 for NS2   5 weeks 4 days ago

    The insane part is, the guy I was taking the piss out of is UK born and raised and lives there! I thought he could take a joke. Indeed, life is too short to worry about dumb online comments, and that’s why I like joshing about. You’d be surprised to learn I’m an “ignorant yankee” and not a proper Englishman. x’D LOL. English mates will do that to a guy though. ;)

    Strange enough, the 3-4 year composer’s block I recently overcame actually fermented other abilities like fine wine such as the mixing, sound selection, mastering, etc. Now I’m back in action...

    That one’s entirely in Korg Gadget with mastering in Auria Pro. (I’d have preferred to use NS2, importing some loops made in Gadget, and Obsidian for everything else.) In case you wonder, I used two tracks for mastering in Auria Pro. The first track is where the unmastered demo mix is, but no effects. The second track has the effects. I went Saturn>Pro-Q>Pro-L. Then I automated the first track’s fader.

    Right, 96kHz on the project, because despite our not being able to hear above 22kHz, the plugins function more naturally at 96kHz for some reason. Also, that automation you see is why the demo sounds active despite being super maximised to “commercial” levels.

    LOL! I think musicians do drugs, because the more advanced and knowledgeable a musician becomes, the more that advanced knowledge strengthens the inner critic that hampers the musician’s ability to let go and just make some f-ing music. (Mine always warns me if/when something may be too cheesy/cliche, even if it isn’t cheesy/cliche.) I’ve never done drugs (unless you count caffeine and taurine), but I’ve heard they can expand the mind and silence the inner critic. In my case, I’ve simply learned how to tell my inner critic to toss off until it’s time for the refining stage.

  • "Failed to save song file" Can't save any of my tracks anymore   5 weeks 4 days ago

    Fantastic! Many of us have the PC version of NS as a failsafe, so it’s good to know that this worled with the Vista ‘version’. Thanks for the follow up

  • "Failed to save song file" Can't save any of my tracks anymore   5 weeks 5 days ago

    I tried messing around with the compatibility settings in the properties for the exe and it's working when set to windows vista. great idea :^) thank you so much

  • "Failed to save song file" Can't save any of my tracks anymore   5 weeks 5 days ago

    I’m guessing that the problem could be related to the fact that while NS v1.42 hasn’t changed in a long time, Windows gets updates on a regular basis. Try reverting back to an earlier version of Windows. I don’t have the expertice to tell you how to do that, but a Google search should help. I’ll be curious to know if you find a solution to this situation, so keep us posted.

  • "Failed to save song file" Can't save any of my tracks anymore   5 weeks 5 days ago

    I would if it were on an idevice. I'm using the windows version and have more than enough storage

  • "Failed to save song file" Can't save any of my tracks anymore   5 weeks 5 days ago

    Check the usage on your iPhone/iPad. It sounds like you just ran out of space. Time to delete some of those cat videos. ;-)

  • AUv3 for NS2   5 weeks 5 days ago

    I suffer from a form of Turrets Syndrome that makes me quote ‘The Life of Brian’, but fortunately it only flares up when I post online comments. How well people receive ‘taking the piss’ (or even wiz) probably depends upon which side of the pond one is on and how uptight the individual is. Life is too short to get upset over online comments, but I am really glad that the NS forum is small enough to not attract too many trolls. Probably because our bridges exist only in our songs, or maybe the subject matter is just too boring for the masses.

    Playing and composition do not come easy for me as I didn’t grow up playing music. I went from almost nothing to a music major in college - I left a lot of blood sweat and tears there, then forgot most of it after a 12-year hiatus prior to discovering iOS music. Never got proper mixing & mastering skills.

    IAA & AB are things I won’t use much since NS2 won’t support them. I want an AUv3 mixing/mastering solution so when I decide to gig live I can just play a NS2 project (that has the lead muted) and it will sound pretty much the same as a mastered CD version of the same music. It disturbs me just how bad live music can sound compared to the studio-polished versions, and I know it would bug me a lot with my own music. Maybe that’s why many musican’s do drugs? So that they don’t care if their music sounds like crap? Weathly musician’s can just hire a sound guy - I can’t.

  • AUv3 for NS2   5 weeks 5 days ago


    How dare you call me a bastard. ;) Wah wah wah, muh oversensitive thin-skinned feels! Drama drama drama, lolol. (Nah seriously, I tried to take the wiz out of this one chap over by AB forums, and by god did he go nuclear crybaby on me. x’D )

    Why yes, I am a lucky bastard after all, but mostly it’s blood, sweat, and some well-earned tears. The parts that came easy were piano and composing. What was actual hard work was mastering mastering and mastering mixing too. Are you following along so far? Good.

    Someday the chaps by Klevgrand will make Grand Finale AU compatible, even if it does use up a lot of resources. Hell, they should just make it IAA/AB compatible with state saving. It’d be very simple to slap it on the Master buss and make everything sound good.

  • AUv3 for NS2   5 weeks 6 days ago

    You lucky bastard.
    Oh, wait... You’re not Brian.
    I’m envious of the production background. There’s some useful skills! And you can play/compose too! Nice. Yeah, I got ya on the LANDR bits in your previous post. NS1 created a great environment for composing & creating synth presets. I hope NS2 will continue that and make a big leap in the ease of mixing/mastering, although I think that is not the main purpose of NS2. We’ll see.

    Thanks for the tip on Grande Finale. It looks like I could get some use out of it. I wish it was AUv3, but maybe it will be upgraded to that at some point.

  • AUv3 for NS2   5 weeks 6 days ago


    Now me, I have a background in piano performance (both Classical training AND Jazz training), composition, production (mixing and mastering), and recently singing (although I’m no Pop Idol, lol). Being able to offer a client their .nsp file back with the right settings would be a very unique mastering service, one I should have no problem performing.

    HOWEVER, above I was just simply spouting off that Landr is a shite service is all. I usually ramble on when on one of those late-night rants.

    Anyways, now that it’s morning and I’m actually thinking, I think the best solution would be to grab Grand Finale. It’s a VERY novice-friendly app that’s near impossible to make sound bad. If you overcompress your mix, it’ll be a more pleasing “Justice ‘Cross’” aesthetic rather than an “oversquashed rubbish” aesthetic. However, it’s got LUFS metering to boot, and if you keep it around -12dB or so, your mixes will always sound pleasing to the ear, Loudness Wars be damned. Ever since Klevgrand released Grand Finale in the appstore, I’ve used it for “quick mastering” of demos I bounce.

  • NS2 - Progress report and screenshots   5 weeks 6 days ago

    March slowly goes away...

  • ** nanostudio songs **   5 weeks 6 days ago

    Nicely chilled track

  • NS2 - Progress report and screenshots   5 weeks 6 days ago

    Same thing.

  • NS1 TRIBUTE   5 weeks 6 days ago

    Nice work! Really cool sound and some unique tracks. Nice blending of genres. I liked hearing tweaked versions of familiar presets. An enjoyable listen throughout. Well done.