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  • Is it 64 bit?   11 weeks 3 days ago

    Disconcerting. As is this sentence from the article:
    "By October, it was reported some 50,000 apps had already been removed."
    The article didn't say if the apps were removed from devices or just removed off of the app store. I was assuming the later.
    I realize music production apps are small potatoes on the app store, but I shudder to think how many games will disappear. Sounds like a customer service nightmare.

    My advice is not to get iOS 11 until after NS2. Even then there is an issue of preserving our past work on NS1. Some will be content with just a .wav file, but if NS1 disappears, then there is no easy way to go back and finish up or re-work projects. Yeah you can spit out stems and MIDI files, but sometimes a track falls apart without specific presets. On the other hand maybe it'll be a glass half full and it will be an opportunity to re-synthestrate those old tracks. Everyone should think about it though and have a plan before getting caught unprepared.

  • Is it 64 bit?   11 weeks 3 days ago

    Loooks iOS10 is last iOS version for me .. maybe i should buy some new iPAd now, until they are still available with iOS10 preinstalled ..

  • Intua BM 3 announced, thoughts?   11 weeks 3 days ago

    looks they will be even more close oriented to "akai-mpc-sampling" paradigm than BM1/2 , pads everywhere you look :-) .. + again no build in synth, just sampling, so synthesis will be clearly NS2 big advantage :-)

    i'm quite interested if they fix weird LFO>FILTER and ENV>FILTER modulation, where, if active, CUTOFF stops doing anything :-))) I reported this more times and they even didn't admint this is major bug :-))) Also intereseted if they finally learned after those years how stereo delay should be implemeted correctly :-D

    also saw somewhere info by some Intua guy that at least first release will be iPad-only, so no phones ..

  • Is it 64 bit?   11 weeks 3 days ago

    They changed the message to "This app will not work with future versions of iOS…" for 10.3 Beta so best guess, iOS 11 will not support 32 bit in any form.

  • Is it 64 bit?   11 weeks 4 days ago

    iOS appearently has already started showing a warning dialog each time you launch a 32-bit app on a 64-bit device ("This app may slow down your device, the developer needs to update it"). To be honest I can understand them, as supporting 32-bit apps is a large burden on the OS, all the libraries etc. need to be shipped in two versions, so... yes, let's get rid of that legacy stuff.

    (I know, this forum has lots of people with smartphones carved out of stone, but hey, I'm more on the modern side and all for progress ;))

  • Is it 64 bit?   11 weeks 4 days ago

    Rather than an update, Nanostudio is being completely re-written from the gound up to be a new 64-bit app. It should be available sometime in 2017.

    The following is just conjecture:
    The future of 32 bit apps is an interesting question. Lack of support will likely not mean that suddenly one day all 32 bit apps stop working, but that they are no longer able to be downloaded from the app store. If when you get a new iPhone you set it up from a previous back up, the 32 bit apps should still be on your new iPhone. If you set up a new iPhone from scratch, you won't be able to download the 32 bit apps from the app store.

    Nanostudio is 32 bit and runs in 64 bit iOS 10 just fine, so I don't see any reason that 32 bit apps can't run in the near future, but doubtless one day Apple will find a reason to meddle with things and break 32 bit compatibility in a future iOS. They have gotten really obnoxious about pushing us to update iOS 10. I didn't notice that before 10. I would be very careful about updating iOS so as to avoid getting caught by Apple's changes to iOS, in case they make an iOS change that won't allow 32 bit apps altogether. Once NS2 comes out, we should be OK with new iOS, but I have kept old iPhones with old iOS just so I have a back-up of 32-bit apps like NS and Alchemy, but those pieces of hardware will not last forever. Soft synths & DAWs are temporary - hardware can last a lifetime if taken care of properly.

  • Is it 64 bit?   11 weeks 4 days ago

    It isn't now. That's all I can say for certain

  • Intua BM 3 announced, thoughts?   11 weeks 4 days ago

    I agree with Jim about not wanting to learn another DAW. I have too many unused apps as it is. Maybe once NS2 provides a useful workflow for getting sounds out of other apps and in to completed projects, then maybe I'd get extra apps if they had some good sounds that I liked.
    That's my two pence.
    [drops mic and walks off his imaginary stage]

  • Intua BM 3 announced, thoughts?   11 weeks 4 days ago

    HA! Good catch Stiksi! I've never dripped a mic before, nor dropped one. Could be quite a plumbing disaster.

  • Intua BM 3 announced, thoughts?   11 weeks 5 days ago

    [picks up mic and assesses the extent of the water damage] "Dang, that's cold."

  • Intua BM 3 announced, thoughts?   11 weeks 5 days ago

    A lot of toys in that box. Not sure I want to learn yet another DAW though when I'm still learning Cubasis and NS2 is just around the corner #sarc #wishfulthinking

  • I Am Emotionally Prepared For NanoStudio 2   11 weeks 5 days ago

    Woohoo!!! I knew it!!

  • So is this app no longer being updated?   12 weeks 1 hour ago

    Awesome! Thanks Matt! :o)

  • ** nanostudio songs **   12 weeks 2 days ago

    Nice tunes Major Lee.

    I'll just leave this here. Track 12 is the only one mixed/produced in NS1 but it was involved in at least 3 others:

  • So is this app no longer being updated?   12 weeks 2 days ago

    NS2's banks will work differently from NS1 and won't have a size limit. You will be able to search by name and attribute tags.

  • ** nanostudio songs **   12 weeks 3 days ago

    While i am there ,
    Here is another tune I hope one will enjoy :


  • ** nanostudio songs **   12 weeks 3 days ago

    Thanks Slam-Cut, glad you like it.
    Nanostudio Forum is the latest place to share with Nanostudio musicians
    since Souncloud has sadly withdrawed the Groups of interest

  • So is this app no longer being updated?   12 weeks 3 days ago

    That is cool!
    But in terms of resampling possibilities of NanoStudio, 16 tracks is enough :)

  • ** nanostudio songs **   12 weeks 4 days ago

    Really unique sound and vibe on this track

  • ** nanostudio songs **   12 weeks 4 days ago

    Hi all

    Here is a new title :


  • So is this app no longer being updated?   12 weeks 4 days ago

    Just curious Matt about the limit/unlimited plans for patches/presets per bank, i.e. the Project bank. Does NS2 break free from the 64 limit?

  • Alchemy   12 weeks 4 days ago

    On the positive side for GB, the velocity control slider on each MIDI note in the piano roll editor works nicely. I also like grabbing a track and pulling it up or down to re-arrange the track order. The rolling position marker at the top of the piano roll is nice, but I'd like to have the digital counter as well. There is plenty of room for it. Just a few things that occurred to me while I was working with it today.

  • Alchemy   12 weeks 4 days ago

    @instinctive: Ah ha! I thought you were talking about selecting presets. Yeah, that does work on the piano roll editor. Previously I tried this and caught a single note only, resulting in moving that note out of position. I see now that when you tap and hold, a small translucent box appears and with that one can select a group of notes. That'll be useful. Thanks for that tip.

  • Alchemy   12 weeks 4 days ago

    @Slam-Cut: I always thought the process of drawing a rectangle around stuff you want to select was called "Marquee Select", but maybe I'm wrong? :(

  • Alchemy   12 weeks 4 days ago

    @Slam-Cut: Wasn't the marquee about note selection in the piano roll?