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  • I'm done with iOS.   11 weeks 2 days ago

    Hah, I know how annoying it is to have to go back to the produce section, and it's always such a labyrinth. Oh well, 1st world problems, I guess…

    Now I remember the other problem I had. There was too much swiping, it's not good on an SE, too easy to make mistakes. And kept missing important mails because the notifications didn't work right, and I hated the colour scheme. Which you can't change.

    Seems I can manufacture problems on demand, now who doesn't like that in a man?

  • All time best "competition"?   11 weeks 2 days ago

    Are there more than 4 people on the forum these days?
    Not counting the All-Seeing Eye that is the Blip...

  • I Am Emotionally Prepared For NanoStudio 2   11 weeks 2 days ago

    .....and of course if you need some beta testers......

    There might be one or two on here :-)

  • I'm done with iOS.   11 weeks 2 days ago

    Hmm. If using Gmail App prevented my wife's shopping lists, I'd consider that a feature.
    Gmail updates regularly. May be worth checking to see what the compatability issue was. My wife sends lists as texts. I know that is so 2012, but we aren't hip to the newest automatically synced cross-platform Lists apps, so we struggle almost like the Quakers do. I just wish she'd keep all the produce together in one section of the list. :o/

  • I Am Emotionally Prepared For NanoStudio 2   11 weeks 2 days ago

    :D :D

  • I'm done with iOS.   11 weeks 2 days ago

    @ Slam-Cut: I tried to use the Gmail app, but it doesn't work well with other apps, for example, I can't open shopping lists my wife sends me. There were also a few other gripes that meant I had to open the mail app regularly, which inevitably lead to just getting rid of the Gmail app because two apps for email is just annoying. It's pretty good, but doesn't work for me.

    On the other hand, Mail app regularly refuses to send mail, which is nice.

  • I'm done with iOS.   11 weeks 2 days ago

    What Blip said.

  • I Am Emotionally Prepared For NanoStudio 2   11 weeks 2 days ago

    Excellent plan sir!
    (Much applause)

    I think 4-6 weeks to phase in the iPhone is pretty darn quick compared to other major synth apps, and lightning fast compared to DAWs. Major DAWs like Auria don't even have an iPhone version. IAP to come as you develop them is just perfect. I look forward to those. Also I would happily pay for a desktop version, when you get the time for it, especially as I feel a desktop version will help to guarantee a bit of 'future-proof' quality of .nsp2 files (or whatever they'll be called), much as the desktop version helped with NS1.

    I'm getting excited.

  • I Am Emotionally Prepared For NanoStudio 2   11 weeks 3 days ago

    When it comes to launch time, there are three main elements where I've got options:

    1. iPad version
    2. iPhone version
    3. IAP gubbins (content, extra effects, whatever)

    Unlike NS1, I've been treating the tablet version as the 'lead' version this time round. The phone version works OK but has some rough edges and I expect will need 4-6 weeks' work to make the grade, particularly because there are now a few different screen sizes around, all of which need individual attention to some extent.

    It's a similar story with IAP - I have some content and effects in hand which I feel would be suitable, but it'd be nice to spend a bit more time on them to get them up to scratch. Again, probably 4-6 weeks.

    So by phasing in the phone and IAP I can probably bring the release forward by 8-12 weeks, which is a pretty attractive option given that it's been taking me so long.

    I'd probably consider desktop versions once the update cycle slows down a little. Although I can see requests for Android also might compete on priority, which is a discussion for another day...

    Anyway that's the (and I hazard to use the word) 'plan' at the moment. Subject to change. T+C's apply!

  • I'm done with iOS.   11 weeks 3 days ago

    It takes courage to be courageous.

  • I'm done with iOS.   11 weeks 3 days ago

    Appreciate it Slam-Cut. But I keep using the Mail App because one word....Courage.

  • I'm done with iOS.   11 weeks 3 days ago

    People are still using the iOS Mail App?
    The GMail app works sweet.
    ...if you want to stop the headaches.

  • I'm done with iOS.   11 weeks 3 days ago

    IOS is getting worse year by year. If I wasn't knee deep in music apps I'd contemplate a change.
    Seriously, can anybody navigate an email thread in the IOS mail app without a single curse word?

    Sorry for moving the cross hairs here.


  • I'm done with iOS.   11 weeks 3 days ago

    It is a joke.

    After a week of tapping 'no' to 'are you sure?' followed by 'really no' to 'are you really sure?' I inevitably tapped yes by mistake. Immediately the phone shuts down and starts updating. When it comes back up, I need to restore it. To do that, I need to update iTunes. When I think I'm back up and running, I find out that XCode no longer works with this version. After a multi-gig download, lengthy installation, full rebuild, fixing issues and half my afternoon gone I'm back up and running.

    The obvious approach would be:

    - Ask to update
    - If no, do nothing
    - If yes, warn that it will take out half your afternoon and ask if you're really sure

    .. but it's not like that, by careful design.

  • I'm done with iOS.   11 weeks 4 days ago

    "Seriously, that update nag is making me switch to Android."


  • I'm done with iOS.   11 weeks 5 days ago

    If you go bakelite, you need to go all the way, not just endcheeks! Also, we need a rotating dial from an old phone to select presets, so we can dial in presets, har.

    And you'd have to have a jailbroken iPad or it would be so full of Apple nagware you'd never get anything done. Seriously, that update nag is making me switch to Android.

    Sooo, late 2018 then? (focus on this, we can wait a little longer for NS2)

  • Thin Strings now missing from eden...   11 weeks 5 days ago

    Its an easy thing to overwrite a preset (I think we have all done this at one time or another). The only way I know of (apart form reinstalling NS - which is a pain and I wouldnt recommend :-) ) is to install the PC or MAC version of NS, create a project that uses the missing preset on one of the Eden tracks, then export it as a NSP. Transfer the NSP to your iOS device and open it - go to the Eden track (which will use the preset on "Project 00" or something similar), and write the preset back to it's actual location (e.g. "A05" or whatever).l

  • I'm done with iOS.   11 weeks 5 days ago

    Veneer. Pfft.

  • I Am Emotionally Prepared For NanoStudio 2   11 weeks 5 days ago

    .. & i need sometthing like " automatticc joint roller " & sidechain smoke compressor , hm

  • I Am Emotionally Prepared For NanoStudio 2   11 weeks 5 days ago

    .. missing .. (wishlist)
    .. save .. are you sure ? .. yes
    .. are you really sure ? .. yes
    .. ok , i will save .. but .. are you 100% sure ? .. hm , yes
    .. hm

  • I'm done with iOS.   11 weeks 5 days ago

    I'd love to make a hardware synth at some point, but it'd be a one-off hobby project.

    I'd probably go for a microcontroller driven hardware interface (eg. Arduino or something with a bit more grunt and IO like the Teensy Pro) which sends control events to a custom version of the app. The app could run on an old iPad mounted just behind the front panel, which would also form the touch display part of the interface. I'd have to work out how to get the app to boot automatically - could probably do that with a Jailbroken device. Communication with the microcontroller could be handled by making it emulate a generic USB MIDI interface which it uses to pass custom messages via sysex.

    ... and returning to the original gripe, this would probably a be lot easier on an Android tablet since it supports USB OTG for direct communication with custom USB devices (such as the Teesy Pro), and you can configure apps to autoboot as soon as their recognised USB device is plugged in!

    Of course most of the work would go into choosing the correct vintage veneer for the obligatory wooden end cheeks. Although Bakelite would probably be more hipster given the time it's going to be before I ever get round to such a project.

  • I'm done with iOS.   11 weeks 5 days ago

    Don't forget about the wood side panels :-)

  • I'm done with iOS.   11 weeks 6 days ago

    Eden hardware synth… I could get behind this! 2 osc wavetable synth plus sampling capability in the same package with a complete patchbay and a waveshaper / bitcrush and chorus / flanger / delay (and maybe a plate reverb). If it could be done at around 500 €, it would be pretty tempting.

    Does one of you oscillatorheads know if one exists already?

  • I'm done with iOS.   11 weeks 6 days ago

    I feel your pain about iOS. I sold my iPhone and iPad. Moved to android and used the Caustic app. It's fun. But, I miss using Nanostudio.
    Once Nanostudio 2 comes out, I'll probably buy an iPad only to run Nanostudio 2 and nothing else.

    Maybe Matt is working on manufacturing an EDEN HARDWARE SYNTH !!!!! I would pay $1000 or whatever for one !!!!

  • I Am Emotionally Prepared For NanoStudio 2   12 weeks 3 days ago

    I too appreciate being able to use the iOS version as well as the OS X version of NS1; especially when it comes to accessibility to files/folders and for the increase in screen real estate (especially for arranging). An iPad edition of NS2 would still be a welcomed start.