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  • I Am Emotionally Prepared For NanoStudio 2   6 weeks 6 days ago

    .. & i need sometthing like " automatticc joint roller " & sidechain smoke compressor , hm

  • I Am Emotionally Prepared For NanoStudio 2   6 weeks 6 days ago

    .. missing .. (wishlist)
    .. save .. are you sure ? .. yes
    .. are you really sure ? .. yes
    .. ok , i will save .. but .. are you 100% sure ? .. hm , yes
    .. hm

  • I'm done with iOS.   6 weeks 6 days ago

    I'd love to make a hardware synth at some point, but it'd be a one-off hobby project.

    I'd probably go for a microcontroller driven hardware interface (eg. Arduino or something with a bit more grunt and IO like the Teensy Pro) which sends control events to a custom version of the app. The app could run on an old iPad mounted just behind the front panel, which would also form the touch display part of the interface. I'd have to work out how to get the app to boot automatically - could probably do that with a Jailbroken device. Communication with the microcontroller could be handled by making it emulate a generic USB MIDI interface which it uses to pass custom messages via sysex.

    ... and returning to the original gripe, this would probably a be lot easier on an Android tablet since it supports USB OTG for direct communication with custom USB devices (such as the Teesy Pro), and you can configure apps to autoboot as soon as their recognised USB device is plugged in!

    Of course most of the work would go into choosing the correct vintage veneer for the obligatory wooden end cheeks. Although Bakelite would probably be more hipster given the time it's going to be before I ever get round to such a project.

  • I'm done with iOS.   7 weeks 22 min ago

    Don't forget about the wood side panels :-)

  • I'm done with iOS.   7 weeks 1 hour ago

    Eden hardware synth… I could get behind this! 2 osc wavetable synth plus sampling capability in the same package with a complete patchbay and a waveshaper / bitcrush and chorus / flanger / delay (and maybe a plate reverb). If it could be done at around 500 €, it would be pretty tempting.

    Does one of you oscillatorheads know if one exists already?

  • I'm done with iOS.   7 weeks 10 hours ago

    I feel your pain about iOS. I sold my iPhone and iPad. Moved to android and used the Caustic app. It's fun. But, I miss using Nanostudio.
    Once Nanostudio 2 comes out, I'll probably buy an iPad only to run Nanostudio 2 and nothing else.

    Maybe Matt is working on manufacturing an EDEN HARDWARE SYNTH !!!!! I would pay $1000 or whatever for one !!!!

  • I Am Emotionally Prepared For NanoStudio 2   7 weeks 4 days ago

    I too appreciate being able to use the iOS version as well as the OS X version of NS1; especially when it comes to accessibility to files/folders and for the increase in screen real estate (especially for arranging). An iPad edition of NS2 would still be a welcomed start.

  • I'm done with iOS.   7 weeks 4 days ago

    Sounds like you just need to flog the phone, and use the cash for a nice holiday instead. ;-)

  • I Am Emotionally Prepared For NanoStudio 2   7 weeks 4 days ago

    Apple forced me to update from os9 to OS10 so heavens knows what'll happen at os11. I've really enjoyed having both iPad and OSX versions simply because there is no root folder on the iPad and transferring tracks from NS into Logic has been really painless. But I spend more time these days concentrating on having a 'proper' job, I rarely get enough time for music making. :(

    So although having NS2 truly universal again would be lovely, it's not completely necessary. Just get NS2 out, on iPad, and we'll happily help you test it. :)

  • I Am Emotionally Prepared For NanoStudio 2   7 weeks 4 days ago

    I can't afford 600 for an ipad unfortunately. Looks like I will have to figure a temporary substitute in the meantime. Can't find any iPhone only synths that keep up with nanostudio tho. Magellan is great but is limited in terms of what I've been able to replicate. Sunrizer is cool too but it's outdated and he lots of issues. Hoping it gets updated soon

  • I Am Emotionally Prepared For NanoStudio 2   7 weeks 5 days ago

    I'm pretty sure Matt said it will initially be iPad only. It takes a lot of work to make an app universal, so Matt's plan was to get NS2 out there first, then work on making it universal.
    I greatly appreciate this strategy. A lot of developers do this. It has been a long wait and I am anxious to start using NS2. Based on NS1, I think NS2 will be fantastic and worth buying a new iPad just to use it. IPad + NS2 app will be a bargain compared to cost of PC/MAC + DAW + Synth. I also think NS1 is worth buying an iPod touch or extra iPhone just to continue using it.

  • I Am Emotionally Prepared For NanoStudio 2   7 weeks 5 days ago

    Here's hoping it's universal. I cant fathom why so many developers miss out on potential customers. 2 of the 30ish musicians I know have ipads but all except a couple have iphones. And most of them now have nanostudio and tonestack (my two favorite apps that I evangelize about a lot). Especially with plus phones or even the new 6 and 6s they're plenty big enough for any music app. I love being able to put a synth or amp in my pocket.

  • I Am Emotionally Prepared For NanoStudio 2   7 weeks 6 days ago

    That is fantastic news!
    I think I am ready for a synth that has "moved on considerably." Makes me giddy with anticipation. Dealing with old nsp files for NS1 is on us, and I'm fine with that. So now that we know a target date, I know that i won't get any sleep in August. I'll be up all night checking the app store to see if it's available. Once it does release, I'll be too fixated on NS2 to get anything else done for a couple of months. Better start arranging my calendar now.
    The reference to Mrs.Blip gave me a giggle.
    Will there be a new forum, or a new section in this forum to keep NS1 & NS2 discussions separate?

  • I Am Emotionally Prepared For NanoStudio 2   7 weeks 6 days ago

    > Quick question, are you planning OS X/Win versions of NS2 as well?

    Not initially - maintaining and supporting these platforms too is a fair amount of work which I unfortunately don't have the capacity for at the moment.

    When the dust settles on the iOS version a little then I may consider it if the demand is there. To be honest, I don't have a lot of people ask about the OS X/Windows versions so I have no real idea of how many use it right now!

  • I Am Emotionally Prepared For NanoStudio 2   8 weeks 17 hours ago

    That's great news about ns2. I basically just need a reliable synth/daw combo and is there really aren't any for iPhone, mostly just ipad. I like magellan and sunrizer but magellan doesn't have a daw element and it sounds steppy and very saw based to me. Sunrizer is great but the iPhone version hasn't been updated in a year and is considerably less powerful than the iPhone version.

  • I Am Emotionally Prepared For NanoStudio 2   8 weeks 1 day ago

    Hi Matt, NS user since 2010 here and nothing else like it. Quick question, are you planning OS X/Win versions of NS2 as well?

  • I Am Emotionally Prepared For NanoStudio 2   8 weeks 2 days ago

    OK, so iOS 11 is most likely to be released in September. When it comes out, if you choose to update your device to iOS 11 then I fully expect NanoStudio will no longer run on that device.

    I'm aiming to get NanoStudio 2 out before that date, so I still have something to sell and keep Mrs Blip in the style to which she has become accustomed. However, NS2 will not support the old NS1 synth presets since the synth has moved on considerably. NS2 will have basic support for importing TRG kits and it will support audio tracks, so you could do a track mixdown in NS1 and bring the rendered tracks into NS2 - although I appreciate they're no longer editable in the same way.

    If you utterly depend upon NS1 then you need to future-proof yourself with one of these alternatives:

    - Don't update to iOS 11
    - Buy a (or keep your old) device specifically for this use and never update it beyond iOS 10. Pre-owned iPod Touches are fairly cheap ...

  • I Am Emotionally Prepared For NanoStudio 2   8 weeks 2 days ago

    So how long before nanostudio is pulled from app store? I'm devastated that there will be no updates for a long time. Nanostudio is the crux of my live sets and ive put so much time into presets (about 200 at this point).

    What the hell am I gonna do? There's no good synth daw replacements on the iPhone!!

  • I Am Emotionally Prepared For NanoStudio 2   10 weeks 4 days ago

    Well, all I want for christmas are horizontal knobs.

    But they have to stay horizontal in all positions, you might need to tap into the accelerometers.

  • I Am Emotionally Prepared For NanoStudio 2   10 weeks 5 days ago

    A new wishlist? What now?? Arghhhhhhh!!!!

  • Confirmed hardware/idevice/iOS/NS combo thread   10 weeks 6 days ago

    How's it going everyone?! I wanted to share a recent discovery. I'm sure it's been mentioned somewhere but I haven't seen it here so far... I've had Akai RPM3 speakers for ever, well today I decided to plug them into my cck I just got (PinPle otgusb189 Otg Adapter). To my surprise the speakers played the song on my iPhone 6plus. Then I wondered if I could use the inputs in the back of the speaker. To my surprise again audiobus and GarageBand detected 2 inputs that could also be selected as 1 stereo. Pretty cool! That's a pretty nice portable solution for instruments or even a turntable for sampling. Alesis released an identical speaker set that probably works too!

  • I Am Emotionally Prepared For NanoStudio 2   11 weeks 7 hours ago

    That reminds me of how popular the Wishlists thread was (second only to Nanostudio Songs thread), but it's now on the second page of Gen Chat.

  • Is it 64 bit?   11 weeks 8 hours ago

    As syrupcore recommends, I've been backing up .nsp files. I'm cleaning out my iPhone and iPad of old unfinished projects and will be focusing on finishing those up or trashing them. When NS2 is released I'll want to focus on that and not NS1 projects.

    I hope to have working iDevices with NS1 for quite some time, and of course there is the desktop version. It may be useless to speculate now, but I'm willing to bet there will be a way to convert projects to NS2, even if just manually saving stems and creating a new version of a project in NS2. Not sure how the overlap period will look, or how much I will use both apps (although I like the idea of that), but I like having old iDevices to fall back on. Just in case.

  • Is it 64 bit?   11 weeks 18 hours ago

    I'm suddenly grateful for my ageing iPad 3, which won't go past iOS 9. I've learned everything I know about synthesis from Eden. I got my first physical synth on friday (microbrute) and being able to play it instantly out of the box and understanding every knob and function thoroughly is something that I shouldn't take for granted. Yes it's basic stuff, but it took a long time to really understand.

    I hope Eden will live on in some form or another because it has definitely been the perfect mixture of easy accessibility and depth. If NS2 has everything but the kitchen sink, I hope it will also have something that is as rewarding as learning the Eden.

    But yeah, thank you Blip.

  • Is it 64 bit?   11 weeks 20 hours ago

    > My advice is not to get iOS 11 until after NS2. Even then there is an issue of preserving our past work on NS1. Some will be content with just a .wav file, but if NS1 disappears, then there is no easy way to go back and finish up or re-work projects.

    Indeed. This is a bummer. Was looking forward to sequencing NS1 from NS2! Hopefully the desktop app will continue to work for a while. Definitely a good reminder to get our collective NSP on.