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  • Is Nanostudio 2 still happening ?   2 weeks 3 days ago

    Yayyy!!!!!!!!!!! Woooo Hooooo!!!!!!!
    Good news to hear that the development is still proceeding and we can look forward to NS2 in 2018!! This news puts a bit of a smile on all of our faces. I agree with jwmmakerofmusic. I'd like to see real instruments too, even though I mostly used synths, because that would really round out the possibilities in NS2. The more IAP the better as far as I am concerned.

    I didn't know Matt had an artificial leg... I guess in my mind's eye I do see him as a super smart robot anyway, so that makes sense. A pessimistic robot. C3PO? I could see that. But I bet Matt would be more like a Bladrunner-style replicant. Perhaps one with an bum leg that got mangled up in a mountain-biking accident, so he's been coding away to raise money for a new leg. That must be it. Let's hope for a great Christmas present (NS2) rather than an eBay bidding war over his leg in an attempt to reverse engineer his advanced AI. That could get brutal.

  • Is Nanostudio 2 still happening ?   2 weeks 3 days ago

    Sweet! This is great news! I'm hoping that the sample IAPs will have a ton of real instrument patches besides synth and drum ones. I am also looking forward to buying all the IAPs, regardless if an IAP is something I need or not. I can't wait.

    And, seems like you're using the right amount of beta testers then. I obviously could still create content for NS2 though. ;)

  • Is Nanostudio 2 still happening ?   2 weeks 3 days ago


    Sounds like Whiskers is purring happily away. ;)

  • Is Nanostudio 2 still happening ?   2 weeks 3 days ago

    +1 @pianoyan!

  • Is Nanostudio 2 still happening ?   2 weeks 3 days ago

    I hit refresh on this forum every day. Great news to see a post from Matt. Just been doing tax returns and my wife now knows how much I've spent on music apps in a year. Ooops. But even she understands that NS2 will be bought the moment it comes out, plus all the IAPs as a thank you to Matt as much as anything else. I intend deleting a shit ton of apps I never use, and learning what I am confident will be the best DAW on ios by a country mile. Put a big smile on my face this afternoon :)

  • Is Nanostudio 2 still happening ?   2 weeks 3 days ago

    Bring it on!

  • Is Nanostudio 2 still happening ?   2 weeks 3 days ago

    Hello my loyal forum posters! Sorry for the complete and total lack of communication, I've decided to just keep my big trap shut about release times because most evidence strongly points to the fact I get them utterly wrong. But you all know that already.

    If pushed I'd probably say I err on the side of pessimism in general life (pessimists would of course call this realism) but when it comes to predicting release dates there must be some sort of optimist alter-ego which comes out and takes control for a while. Or maybe it's my way of psychologically ignoring how it's really going to take, because that would bring out the pessimist side again.

    Anyway, I'm just finishing up on the sample editor which leaves me with final task to get IAP working and I can say it's code complete. I've been keeping the bug count extremely low as I go so hopefully the final testing/polishing will be a short process. I will also have to write the manual and update the website/forum, which I'm not really looking forward to but will be an essential part of the job.

    I'm confident enough for a 2018 launch that I will publicly auction one of my own legs on eBay if I don't make it*

    For those curious about the initial IAP:

    - The standard app comes with about 400 drum samples, approximately 80 of which are multisampled acoustic drums with hit/velocity variations. The principle here is that drums are very difficult to synthesize effectively, so samples are still the most appropriate choice. However, most of the factory synth patches are synthesis based (rather than sample based) in order to keep the initial download small and not use up device storage on factory content many people will possibly never use.

    - The initial IAP is intended 'to fill the gap' by offering good quality multisampled instruments, and will be generally organised by genre so that people will have the choice of paying for and downloading only what they feel they need. There will be a further 600 synth patches available as IAP, divided into 4-8 different IAP packs (haven't quite decided on the division yet). I hope they will be seen as a useful enhancement to the app which puts users in control of what they want to purchase, rather than as a lazy developer cash cow!

    Finally, I'd like to offer my apologies to those who have contacted me with regards to beta testing and haven't had a reply. I very much appreciate the offers and I used to reply to each one individually but I've been getting so many offers recently I've got out of the habit of doing it - it's nothing personal! The bottom line is that I've involved just a handful of people in beta testing, and I'm kind of happy with that amount. If I bring in more people I worry about the extra communication overhead involved and right now I feel I've got a good balance of test coverage which I don't want to disrupt.

    Onwards and upwards!

    * - Subject to change. T&Cs apply.

  • Is Nanostudio 2 still happening ?   2 weeks 4 days ago

    Double post gremlin

  • Is Nanostudio 2 still happening ?   2 weeks 4 days ago

    It is a huge project and because of that it is hard to estimate exactly how long it will take. It’s not like he’s a big company that can just hire more people to work around the clock and meet a deadline. He was wrong on his optimistic completetion date. No big deal. He tries to play it close to the vest regarding release date because he’s a bit bothered by the upset people making impatient posts. Who wouldn’t be? I can certainly understand that.

    It’ll definitly be out this year. I’m going to be busy the first halfnof October, so I hope it comes out after that. My uneducated guess is November, or possibly December. Just in time for holiday happiness all around the world.

    The real question to me is figuring out which AUv3 apps work the best. Once NS2 is released I know I’ll have a lot of unused apps that I’ll want to make use of. I’m trying to go through those now and find what I like about each one, ...or don’t like.

  • Is Nanostudio 2 still happening ?   2 weeks 4 days ago

    In Matt's last update 2 months ago he sounded upbeat about the app.

    "...The good news is that I'm happy that the app is now up to release quality, but there are still a couple of features left to add."

    Hopefully that's still the case and Matt is jumping around with joy rather than kicking the cat.

    If whiskers is getting his butt kicked, I can wait till 2019! :)

  • Is Nanostudio 2 still happening ?   2 weeks 4 days ago

    @slam-cut: yes - loads of muscian friends recommended it to me. I can kind of see why its great (and unlike most it can send and receive time sync so makes it useful to play with others), and I'm beginning to make progress, but there are things I just "got" with NS1 that I'm scratching my head in Ableton.

    And to be honest - with NS1 people would listen to my music if for no other reason than because it was made on an iPod Touch or iPad (especially in the early days). With Ableton I'm now playing with the big children - and there is no unique selling point - I'm simply another electronic musician doing stuff with a laptop. What I do will be judged by the quality of what I produce, not the fact of what I'm producing it on. Which is how the whole iOS scene is going now - not exactly mainstream perhaps, but a lot of people are doing amazing stuff now.

    And that is how it should be really :-)

  • Is Nanostudio 2 still happening ?   2 weeks 4 days ago

    I think we are all aware of the deadlines that have come and gone. I just hope Matt is OK - must be half mad with the development by now! Or completely mad - who knows? :-) As we create music with this software it *has* to be rock steady - we cant have random crashes and lost data. A game crashing is just really frustrating - but a music DAW crashing could literally waste hours/days/weeks of work that cant be recreated. And I think its the need for stability that is possibly proving the sticking point. I guess it was hard on NS1 and that was a closed system with little or no external connectivity. NS2 acting as a AU3 host and playing nicely with all the other wonderful toys we have - gosh that will be hard to make that reliable and consistent!

    I'm one of the sad ones who keeps checking the forum on a daily basis "just in case" - I keep the faith - just (and in the meantime I plug away at Ableton Live 9 coupled with "improv/make it up as I go along" things hosted in AUM when I get frustrated with Ableton).

  • Is Nanostudio 2 still happening ?   2 weeks 4 days ago

    Not to be a dick (again) but I remember what it sounded like over a year ago. This is obviously an enormously huge project and I will see a realese this side of New Years as a huge bonus.

    Quote by Matt himself, September 2017:

    1. Ideally I want to have NS2 out in September to tie in with the release of iOS 11.
    2. Failing that, I absolutely must release in 2017 even if that means delaying the introduction of a few features.”

    The September plan was declared dead at that point but it all looked good for a 2017 release.
    I guess that complexity and the fact that apple probably have hundreds of developers and designers working on future iOS-versions it must be pretty damned hard to stay at pace. The preconditions change faster than bugs are killed. It must be half impossible. And then you have the dicks on the forum dropping bitchy comments...

    Just sain’.

  • Is Nanostudio 2 still happening ?   2 weeks 4 days ago

    HA! I can relate to that. I tried the demo version of Abelton Live and I suppose it works alright. I know a lot of people really like it and it has a lot of power, so I am not slamming it. I just couldn't get over the learning curve of where all the controls & menu options were for what I wanted to do. I never got anything finished with Abelton because it was just quicker to jump into NS1.

  • Is Nanostudio 2 still happening ?   2 weeks 5 days ago

    At this rate I might *just* finish that album I'm trying to make in Ableton Live that has been hanging around for nearly a year before NS2 comes along :-)

    Of course it will likely be a whole lot quicker just to start it again in NS2 than in Ableton. Actually come to think of it even NS1 would be quicker for me....

  • Is Nanostudio 2 still happening ?   2 weeks 5 days ago

    That's funny! How long was the search for something like that before you found that vid? HA!

    Matt did say it will be released this year and we only have a few months left of it. We should start a pool on when NS2 gets done with Blip Interactive's rubber stamp of approval, gets through the approval process and actually is available in the AppStore. I know I have a nice big fat balance with the AppStore just to get NS2 as soon as it appears. We should have an online party celebrating NS2's appearance in AppStores around the world like some sort of regional celebrations of New Year. Quick - get some fireworks set up!!! But don't blow off any of your fingers! We'll need those for NS2.

  • Is Nanostudio 2 still happening ?   2 weeks 5 days ago


  • Is Nanostudio 2 still happening ?   2 weeks 5 days ago
  • ** nanostudio songs **   2 weeks 6 days ago

    @Axphin: the best insight I heard about writing was that real writing begins with re-writing process. I think it is the same with music. What I like to do is just freely create whatever sounds good to me, then listen to a mixdown until I am over the initial enthsiasm of making the track and can actually hear things that I don’t like so much. Then the ‘re-writing’ stage begins. This is the hard work and you someimes have to be brutally honest. I think in the unlikely case that I become really famous musician and have to perform certain songs in concert for the rest of my life, like some aging rock bands, what level do I have to take a song so that I won’t hate it 20-30 year from now. That is a hard level to achieve, but I use it as a guidline.

  • ** nanostudio songs **   2 weeks 6 days ago

    .. we have been " doing nothing " for a summer while ..

    new tracks nowhere , nanostudio nowhere ;)

    because of " troubles " with images on big screens
    we learned simple code to create " own " gallery

    .. and here is the result : - open : {java}

    download & enjoy ;)

    (needs file manager,tested on ipad air-ifiles by imagam,htm)

  • ** nanostudio songs **   2 weeks 6 days ago

    Thanks! I appreciate the feedback. Now that I have the project again I might consider that. I'll add it to my long list of partially completed songs! haha.

    I think one of the most difficult parts to song writing is taking those small "napkin sketches" or experiments and turning them into a full song. I actually feel like it has become more difficult as I learn more because I second guess myself more. What I tell myself to keep the motivation is to just make music that I enjoy and don't try to fit it into a formula... but.... don't be afraid to analyze and learn from the formulas and other songs out there.

    Come to think of it, is there a good forum or group where anyone can share work-in-progress songs and get good feedback or critiques?

  • ** nanostudio songs **   3 weeks 1 day ago

    Nice - my fav is Hull. The way the melody and bass lines play with each other is nice. Maybe you could pick up the project and develop it more :)

    Thanks for sharing!

  • Is Nanostudio 2 still happening ?   3 weeks 2 days ago

    OK, it SHOULD be possible to configure the volume of a metronome, but does it warrant a TWO STAR review? :)

  • ** nanostudio songs **   3 weeks 2 days ago

    Glad to hear you were able to extract old projects from the death grip of iOS 11!
    Thanks for sharing the tracks. I especially liked Ember. It was an enjoyable soundscape for this morning.

  • Is Nanostudio 2 still happening ?   3 weeks 2 days ago

    A.R.P. Abuse of Review Power