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  • Price announcement   8 years 20 weeks ago

    Hurry up with it then ;)

    The further into the month we go the less money i have........

  • User driven development?   8 years 20 weeks ago

    Totally. All requests for features need to be filtered and weighed according to the overall picture. I do have my own idea of where I want to go - hopefully it will align fairly well with user requests but when doesn't then I have to at least ask - am I right or is everyone else right? Often quite specific requests can be handled as a subset of a more general feature which benefits a far greater set of users.

    Many of NanoStudio's current 'limitations' are there for the UI rather than some technical issue. For example, only 1 track per synth sounds like a limitation to some, but in fact it enables you to hit record, play any instrument and you're done. A greater number of tracks would mean that you have to begin each project by setting them up, and then the record process becomes more complicated because you have to choose the track you wish to record on (ie. it's no longer simply dictacted by the instrument you're playing). This is fine for a desktop DAW but aligns less well with what mobile music making should be all about

    Another issue is CPU usage. Currently it's difficult to push it above 60% (3G) or 35% (3GS). Many would say that you could do a lot more with it in that case, but I'd also ask what's better - use it for 1-2 hours and get a dead battery, or use it for 2-4 hours and still be able to make phone calls afterwards?

  • User driven development?   8 years 20 weeks ago

    Price seems perfectly reasonable to me. Both Beatmaker and Xewton were originally $19.99 and this looks like it'll hang with them. I love the commitment to the users, but I encourage you to remain true to your goals and vision for the app first and foremost; too many users want too many things , often without regard for the integrity of the app as a whole. It's mindblowing, some of the things that users "demand" that would basically break or clutter the workflow of certain apps (people clamoring for multisamples in Beatmaker, or audio tracks in Xewton).

  • Midi export possible?   8 years 20 weeks ago

    Glad to hear that it's coming - I've been following this app for a while and noticed that there hadn't been any mention of it yet. MIDI Export is essential in any serious app out there; I think most "power users" like me (I've spent hundreds of dollars on music apps over the past few years) use them as sketchpads and continue the work in our real studios.

  • Price announcement   8 years 20 weeks ago

    Cheers man. To be honest, I put off setting the price for ages because I don't really have a clue! The biggest problem is that without published sales figures of existing apps, it's impossible to know how many you're going to sell - pick a number - 100? 1000? 10000? It'd really have to be that highest figure to get anywhere close to what I would have earned if I hadn't given up my existing job to do this.

    The best one can do is set a price based upon comparable apps and what you're bringing in that's new. In NanoStudio's case, it probably integrates 2 or 3 existing apps so you can make complete and finished tunes and cuts out all that copy and pasting you would have had to do previously. I reckon it's worth the money :)

  • Price announcement   8 years 20 weeks ago

    I'm not suggesting you drop the price to 99p, it was just something i've had thoughts about. We need money to live, i appreciate that.

    I hope your app sells well at the price you've set :)

  • Price announcement   8 years 20 weeks ago

    I don't know about that - by that argument, Steinberg should release Cubase for a tenner.

    Think about it this way : if I reduced my price to 99p then yes, I would probably sell more. Would I sell 10x more? I doubt it - it's a more specialist application than the really mainstream music apps so I'd then have even less chance of recovering the development costs.

    If I did do it, it would force other developers of similar apps to reduce their price to 99p too. Now everyone's selling at 99p, there's no reason for the market to favour my app based on its price alone. So the only difference is that everyone gets all their software for virtually nothing (reduced from a price which was already peanuts compared to desktop apps), every developer goes bust and no more software any more!

    There's a reason that most of human society has operated around a market based economy for thousands of years - everything's worth something to someone :)

  • Drum n Bass demo added   8 years 20 weeks ago

    I would have gone down a similar route to improve the bass sound in the DnB demo - I would have resampled the current bassline so I could EQ it further and then probably reinforce it with another synth.

    However for the demos I'm trying to avoid any loop resampling - not only will it prevent people from seeing the original synth part, it also increases the download size. Also if someone opens up a demo and finds that it's just a playlist of loops, they'll feel a bit cheated as to the point of the synths, even if those loops were originally created using them!

  • Drum n Bass demo added   8 years 20 weeks ago

    looking forward to chucking in an 808 bass sound in the synth (sampler) then pairing that with a synth bassline. Phatness is guaranteed...

  • Drum n Bass demo added   8 years 20 weeks ago

    Yeah it turned out OK but if I'm being critical I'm still not quite happy with the bass sound. I should really do an R&B or Hip Hop demo but I don't really listen to that stuff too much. Might have a bash at electro house instead.

  • Drum n Bass demo added   8 years 20 weeks ago

    Thanks for that...sounds excellent...can't get enough of these demos...

    Roll on July......:)

  • Price announcement   8 years 20 weeks ago

    I will buy this at the announced price as i tend to buy all the music apps for the iphone. As yet i've not spent a decent amount of time with any of them, always falling back to using my laptop. I'm hopeful that this one might hold my interest a bit longer.

    One thing i wonder about tho, if this app were to be released at the price of 99p, would tens of thousands of people buy it rather than the expected hundreds at the £11.99? Just a thought.

  • Price announcement   8 years 20 weeks ago

    I agree, steven_james. I actually got the iPhone specifically for mobile music production and haven't quite nailed the app that would do this for me. Provided this one delivers on its promises, this is exactly what I was looking for to move from the basement to a park or a beach. In terms of value, and the actual music market, $20 is essentially a freebie.

    The sooner this gets into the app store, the sooner I can start enjoying the summer. :D

  • Price announcement   8 years 20 weeks ago

    Can I start by saying that this App looks absolutely amazing!

    Over the last few years I have spent thousands on computer music software (for my home studio) and therefore the cheap prices of serious music-making Apps (just like this one) on the iPhone always amazes me!

    As others have already said above, you certainly have my money eagerly awaiting the purchase of NanoStudio . . . :-)

  • Feature request - "Reference Track" for better workflow   8 years 20 weeks ago

    So would these general purpose functions solve the problem:

    - Audio tracks
    - Ability to copy/paste audio files of any length?

    Only I'd definitely go for general purpose stuff if it also solves more specialised uses.

    I haven't really had time to look into the new multitasking yet. I gather it probably mixes the audio outputs of each app, but I don't know if it provides mechanisms to syncronise sequencer transport (which would also need collaboration between developers).

  • Price announcement   8 years 20 weeks ago

    Very interesting discussion here - and I agree with Blip that this app is not for the masses and that the
    higher price is definately justified.

    Pricing of apps is always a tough choice - as you can read in this blog:

    Looking forward to this release!

  • Feature request - "Reference Track" for better workflow   8 years 20 weeks ago

    The power of the idea however is in it's general application rather than how it might be applied to an individual App, particularly one that might include a decent sampler or audio tracks.

    If every App that had copy and paste embraced a simple mix down to master track which could then be copied and pasted into other Apps as described above it would be a lot easier to produce content that would work together in a multi track environment. If you take Morphwiz as an example it's initial implementation is already very good but you're forced to lay one track on top of another when recording, same using Argon and many others. If it was easy to separate a backing track from your new recording that would be a big step forward.

    I suppose the impetus to implement this type of idea depends on it's perceived longevity. Are we moving towards a future where multi- tasking or some form of plug-in might make this concept redundant quickly or are we one music App at a time for the foreseeable future?

  • Price announcement   8 years 20 weeks ago

    i waited and waited and waited for synthstation to come out and i paid 9.99 for it. i was not all that impressed. from what i've seen so far nanostudio looks like its designed for a better user experience. its been great to see the dialogues on this forum. i will gladly pay 19.99... but the fact that you're willing to discount for those of us who are patiently awaiting the release just shows your dedication to the users. either way... i can't wait!

  • Feature request - "Reference Track" for better workflow   8 years 20 weeks ago

    awesome indeed... but would mostly just prefer audio tracks, negating the need for hacks and protocols? Also doubling nanostudio's usefulness...

  • Feature request - "Reference Track" for better workflow   8 years 20 weeks ago


  • Price announcement   8 years 20 weeks ago

    Whatever the final price I am looking forwards to the release...i think when you are used to paying the high prices that the big companies charge for music software blip interactive's price is fair.
    If there is a discount at the beginning it will be fantastic.
    It's also great to be involved with a small company, and to be able to talk to the actual developer first hand.

    Feels like we are pioneer users at the beginning of something special.

    Many thanks.

  • Feature request - "Reference Track" for better workflow   8 years 20 weeks ago

    Yes it's a good idea and I can see how it would make life a bit easier trying to bring together the results from other excellent apps.

    Ideally I'd like to put audio tracks into NanoStudio. The the reference track could be just like any other audio track, except that you could have a 'freeze' option on it of some sort so it can't be edited or exported.

    Since it'll never be edited or exported, I suppose such a thing could be hacked in fairly quicky before audio track support exists. I need to let the dust settle on the initial release and the first update or two, hopefully things will then start becoming clearer about what people want and how much they want it.

  • IPhone 4 retina display   8 years 20 weeks ago

    Sorry, not yet. Apple keep releasing new hardware before I get the chance to finish working on the current generation!

    Will definitely be looking at it in future though. Most of the original artwork is still in a vector form so although it'll take a fair amount of work it won't be nearly as bad as beginning again. Plus it'll be needed for an iPad version.

  • Added a new demo mp3 to the Media page   8 years 20 weeks ago

    Don't worry, all the demo mp3's that become available on the website are going to come with the app. After all, it took me about two hours to get my crappy guitar working well enough to sample the one note I needed (it's been in the loft for far too long) so I need to make that work worthwhile :)

  • Added a new demo mp3 to the Media page   8 years 20 weeks ago

    Nice. It'd be great if you include these demos and others with the app so we can see how it's done. Keep up the good work...