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  • Wish list   8 years 18 weeks ago

    that sounds cool, look forward to future features too!

    it would be really good if in the sequencer if you could alter pitch, pan and velocity for individual notes from the trigger pads as well...

  • Wish list   8 years 19 weeks ago

    The performance pad has two output busses with a filter (including automation) but not an EQ as such. I was going to add an EQ to the mixer originally but found I didn't really need it. Will see how people get on with it.

    Distortion - each synth has a dedicated waveshaper with distortion presets. Not possible on the performance pad right now unless you put your sample through the synth, resample it and then assign it back to the pad (roundabout route but does work).

    Audio tracks - definite candidate for future features.

  • Looking forward to the release...   8 years 19 weeks ago

    Cool! KVR could do with a mobile section really.

  • Looking forward to the release...   8 years 19 weeks ago

    looks great, cant wait!.. it was mentioned at as well.

  • Midi export possible?   8 years 19 weeks ago

    I had to make some tough decisions for what to leave out for V1.0 and unfortunately MIDI export was one of them - audio cut and paste was the other big one.

    I consider these features as essential so they will be the immediate priority for the first update.

  • more Tracks possible?   8 years 19 weeks ago

    Thank you for your answer!

  • Undo-Function for Sampler and Mute Groups   8 years 19 weeks ago

    Thanks for your reply, that sounds great to me! Cant wait to get my hand on nanostudio! :)

  • Undo-Function for Sampler and Mute Groups   8 years 19 weeks ago


    OK, mute groups - there are two mute groups, so one you'll probably use on the hi hats most of the time and the other can be used on something else. No technical reason why there couldn't be more if people ask for them, it's just a case of keeping the UI uncluttered as usual.

    Quick undo - I'm just doing a final pass on the user manual at the moment, so this seems a perfect opportunity for a lazy cut 'n' paste!

    Undoing the last recording session

    Invoke the main menu and tap ‘UNDO’. The last recording session will be undone.
    A new recording session is started whenever you enter record mode. If you have recorded something you’re happy with it’s a good idea to briefly stop the sequencer (or briefly hop in and out of play mode) to begin a new session. You can then always undo the session to the last point you were happy with.

    Removing notes and controller events

    Whilst recording, you can tap the record button to toggle record delete mode on or off.
    In record delete mode, any notes you play are deleted from the sequence rather than added. Additionally, touching a controller such as the pitch wheel or XY pads will remove the events for that controller.

    Hopefully that's fairly clear, welcome to the forum!

  • So does this mean that there is going to be a Mac OSX version of nanostudio?   8 years 19 weeks ago

    This is fantastic. Thank you.

  • Is it an actual sequencer   8 years 19 weeks ago

    Ok thanx, but please get app to me asap!!!

  • more Tracks possible?   8 years 19 weeks ago

    Hello Switzerland!

    I had more tracks originally but decided to cut them back to make the user interface clean and simple - currently you have the ability to mute tracks whilst still using the keyboard, and I didn't want to lose this ability.

    In general I haven't found it a limitation with the keyboard tracks, but I agree it would be easier to arrange the song if the trigger pads had more tracks dedicated to them (currently it has 2 tracks which are enough, but I agree that more are always better).

    It's always really difficult to make these decisions when technically they're easy to do, but the UI and ease of use always has to be the number 1 concern with an iPhone application. If lots of people are asking for it though then I'm sure I can find a way.

    Just to clear up any confusion, the tracks are all event (MIDI) tracks, not audio tracks. It's possible to resample bars of the song and then assign that sample to a trigger pad (or a synth). The sample is then triggered by an event.

    Proper audio tracks would be great, and certainly would be a candidate for possible future work.

  • nanostudio built using?   8 years 19 weeks ago

    That's even more impressive! It was a sad day when I realised to make the type of iphone music app I really wanted, I'd have to learn opengl. All the best for the final push to launch!

  • Is it an actual sequencer   8 years 19 weeks ago

    Yes there is a dedicated reverb as one of two global effects sends. The reverb has about 8 different presets.

    The sequencer is more along the conventional Cubase piano roll style. I think some users will like this, and some won't - but hopefully more will than won't! You can use the draw tool in conjunction with the quantize to tap grid cells on and off which can be a fast way to enter regular patterns.

    Additionally, the trigger pads have an 'autobeat' function. You select your interval (eg. 1/16ths) and then when you hold down a pad it will automatically play 1/16ths for you in realtime. This is useful for both recording and performing.

    Samples and final mixes are transferred to/from a PC or Mac over WiFi using a simple bit of software called NanoSync. I know having to install extra software isn't ideal, but that's the way it has to be for various reasons.

    Sound Cloud - definitely an interesting idea for future.

  • Sampler?   8 years 19 weeks ago

    Thanks for your prompt reply.

    Re sampler: awesome... :)

    Now I leave you to it!

  • Sampler?   8 years 19 weeks ago

    Yes the synths are capable of loading samples. One of the most powerful aspects is that you can create a loop using the synths and pads, and then resample one or more bars of the song and load that sample back into the synth. You can then mash it up using all the filters, LFO, control pads etc. I've been working on a minimal techno demo recently which does just that, and then uses the sequencer automation to take loop on a modulation journey as the tune progresses.

    What it won't do is support multisamples, so it's not much good for doing a nice piano (unless you like your piano sounds stretched across 3 octaves of course).

  • So does this mean that there is going to be a Mac OSX version of nanostudio?   8 years 19 weeks ago

    That capability is in there (I currently use it for development) but won't be enabled day 1 because it needs more work to make it nice to use.

  • So does this mean that there is going to be a Mac OSX version of nanostudio?   8 years 19 weeks ago

    Will you be able to port tracks over from one platform to the other? !

  • nanostudio built using?   8 years 19 weeks ago

    Thanks. No, call me crazy but it's all written from the ground up on this project apart from a few parts of the network library. I like knowing what's going on inside rather having to delve into a load of stuff I don't know anything about when something goes wrong.

    For audio, it uses the low latency RemoteIO interface with all the inner routines written in VFP assembler (iPhone 2/3G) or NEON assembler (iPhone 3GS). The Windows and Mac versions use straight C++ implementation which are plenty fast enough.

    For rendering, I wrote a widget and font rendering library which sits on top of OpenGL. Cocoa's far too slow and memory hungry for this sort of thing and I come from a console games background so that made sense.

    I'd say that 80% of this app has been user interface work. I'd love to spend more time on the audio side of things.

  • Audio copy/paste?   8 years 19 weeks ago

    This is what I'm hoping. NanoStudio is engineered in a modular way and one direction I could take it is as a shell which can contain other instruments and sound generators. Primarily I wanted it to be musically useful and familiar to anyone who's ever used soft synths, but once I've covered the standard bases (trigger pads, key etc.) then there could be room in there for some more wacky and experimental stuff which really uses the unique properties of the touch interface. From my experience, instruments in this class are fun but limited in their usability unless you can couple them up with some more conventional instruments.

    I certainly don't want to preclude other great apps though, so the audio copy/paste will be a top priority.

  • Looking forward to the release...   8 years 19 weeks ago

    Ditto. I just became aware of the app when someone commented about it on a post. Be sure to give those guys a press release about Nanostudio because I'd love to see them review it.

  • Audio copy/paste?   8 years 19 weeks ago

    I think you're right, with a platform as new as the iPhone/iPad we don't always know what we want until we see it implemented. For me Jasuto and Doppler Pad would probably fall into that category. ( ....and definitely Hipstamatic but that's another field entirely!)

    What's been missing appears to be the "one ring to rule them all". An application that will act as a central creative hub taking the content of other Apps, which are individually good at what they do, whilst offering enough creative potential of it's own. Beatmaker looked like it was heading down this route. The lack however of any serious automation and particularly resampling with automation, the limitations of it's effects and the lack of any form of built in synths has limited it's appeal.

    Looks like Nanostudio might provide a better environment.....

  • So does this mean that there is going to be a Mac OSX version of nanostudio?   8 years 19 weeks ago

    Fantastic. I'm looking forward to it.

  • So does this mean that there is going to be a Mac OSX version of nanostudio?   8 years 19 weeks ago

    There will be a free full version of NanoStudio for both the PC and the Mac as soon as the iPhone version is approved for sale by Apple.

    The way I figure it is that a PC/Mac version of NanoStudio will never compete with a proper DAW such as Cubase or Live and it will never compete with the iPhone version because it's not portable. So I might as well give it away free as a promotional thing :)

  • Audio copy/paste?   8 years 19 weeks ago

    I've got about four different ideas for directions in which I could take NanoStudio after launch. For version 1.0 I've given it my best shot in terms of what I think people want, but after that I'm hoping that user feedback will steer future development to a large degree.

    Of course, there's always the case where people don't know what they want or what they're missing until they get it :)

  • Audio copy/paste?   8 years 19 weeks ago

    Thanks for the fast response.

    The whole iPhone/iPad music platform is clearly evolving at quite a rate with a lot of creativity and cross fertilisation of ideas particularly in terms of features and interfaces. I don't think that most users are expecting the whole package straight away, as long as we know you're onboard with the idea and working on it then I suspect that plenty of those who have invested in Apps that support Audio copy/paste will be willing to sign up, particularly given the feature set that you've already demonstrated -)