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  • ** nanostudio songs **   8 years 12 weeks ago

    @DecypherAllstar/FEDUPify - Very nice hiphop/downtempo hybrid. Great dynamics. Whistle'n is one of my favorite "lead" presets in NanoStudio, lol. Sits perfect in your mix. Are you using Pulse Bass for your bass line or Lekky Bass, or some custom variation of those? Your bass seems to have a little something extra I don't remember hearing in those, but maybe it's just the 808 sinekick coloring the bass feel.

  • 1st Failed load project   8 years 12 weeks ago

    OK I can see what's happened. It doesn't like the '&' character in the folder called 'Hits & Falls' - on the iPhone, it's not possible to enter '&' for filenames, but on the PC obviously anything's possible. I'll look at how to improve this in future.

    I've fixed your project file so it now looks for a folder called HitsAndFalls. If you rename this folder on your PC then it should find the samples OK.

    For anyone else - looks like you can't use characters like '&' in filenames on the PC/Mac.

  • Response so far   8 years 12 weeks ago

    It's OK, I get really seasick anyway.

  • ** nanostudio songs **   8 years 12 weeks ago

    @klic - on a more positive note, I really like your Soar and Loungin' tracks on soundcloud. How did you get them both normalized so loud? At a glance, they both look compressed/normalized to somewhere around -3db or less, from looking at the waveform in the SoundCloud player, anyway. Did you do any post-processing/compression on the .wav before uploading to SoundCloud? Does SoundCloud automatically perform some compression/normalization when you upload files to it? If it came straight out of NanoStudio export that normalized, I'm duly impressed!

  • Response so far   8 years 12 weeks ago

    Nope, no minor bugs either, just a little usability thing that hits me from time to time, but I do not want to complain about it until I actually read the friendly manual. I'll come back if I find nothing there. ;-)

    I did not even realize the German Nanostudio Appstore page wasn't German, as I was so excited when the app finally hit the virtual shelves that the page could have been in Swahili or Klingon without me paying any attention to it. Hitting the "Buy" button as fast as possible was all I was there for. ;-)

    To be more serious: I guess most of the German people targeted by this application have enough understandig of the English language to get the picture, also taking into account that many terms regarding electronic music production are English ones anyway. Maybe you should put a pointer to the product video at some prominent place in your description, as this is all it'll take to convince people.

    I'm still impressed about your one man show here. Best of luck with that future yacht plans. ;-)

  • ** nanostudio songs **   8 years 12 weeks ago

    @eatbeat + @klic - here's a raw dump of my attempts to play the non-video files on that Facebook page at this timestamp. Tried this in Mobile Safari on my iPad.

    Fair warning, I irrationally hate FaceBook, lol. Way too spammy, ugly, and ad-riddled for my tastes, so yes, I'm biased against FaceBook as "common ground" for sharing music projects/info.

    First wall entry is a bug report in jpeg form. Why?
    2nd entry is somebody spamming their drum loops library. Why?
    3rd entry is some other dude spamming his site URL. Why?
    4th entry is an ad from Blip Interactive for NanoStudio in the form of an entertaining and useful video. I'll let that one slide.
    5th entry is a YouTube video link. Fair enough.
    6th entry is a YouTube video link. Fair enough.
    7th is a Facebook embedded audio by Prism, which displays "Flash Player upgrade required" on Mobile Safari. I don't believe for one moment that klic successfully played this on his iPhone unless it's jailbroken and he's loaded up the "Frash" hack.
    8th is a SoundCloud embedded audio by Christopher Crawford, which takes you to a SoundCloud page and the file plays fine.
    9th is a MediaFire embedded link by (unknown), which when opened gives me a crap mediafire page trying to auto-open a popup, which when allowed takes me to a stupid spammy YouTube video about Erik Estrada. OMGWTFBBQ?

    So out of 9 entries, 1 has nothing to do with "sharing music", 2 are outright ad spam and a fourth is a browser hijack. And the Facebook-native audio is unplayable because it requires Flash, as I pointed out above. That's 5 crap, worthless entries versus 4 good ones. That's a terrible "success" ratio.

    Frak FaceBook, and frak MediaLiar. ;-)

    I guess what I'm saying ^.^ is please let's use some other venue than FaceBook.

  • Question abouth new Soundbanks   8 years 12 weeks ago

    Do you mean synth presets or TRG banks?

    I'm hoping that there will be lots of synth patches flying around between users once the project import/export stuff is in place (essentially you can use an empty project to hold 64 patches).

    I've loosely wondered if selling sample packs might work, but haven't investigated yet. The samples would have to be useful enough so that people didn't think the developer was trying to make a quick buck. Since people can upload their own samples, I don't know how many would chose to buy such an option.

  • 1st Failed load project   8 years 12 weeks ago

    ok u got it . tnx

  • 1st Failed load project   8 years 12 weeks ago

    sorry, my typo - missed the 'c'

    should be

  • ** nanostudio songs **   8 years 12 weeks ago

    I'm Loving all the songs that everyone is posting.. I'm feeling a NanoStudio EP/Mixtape coming along... I'm uploading a song as we speak.. If anyone is interested in being apart of a NanoStudio EP, something that we can put in itunes and on the web as a free download let me know by replying here.
    This is gonna be epic.
    .. And let me know what you think of the track ~FEDUPify

    SpaceAgeGroove by fedupify

  • Wishlists   8 years 12 weeks ago

    +1 to Shimmy, that's a great workaround!

    I found myself in bed last night working on stuff while my wife slept on and I kept wondering what time it was but didn't want to leave the app, LOL! The ability to keep X bars looping over and over while you tweak everything under the sun and hear the changes in real-time is.... just brilliant! In my workstation sequencers and "real" DAWs, I find myself rarely using a loop-record mode because none of them seem friendly to auditioning your changes in real-time while the section is looping (other than the basic note events).

  • Wishlists   8 years 12 weeks ago

    I just save my project,then go to LOAD and the tag of the the SAVED project will show the date and time ! Okay, it's your wish, I won't step all over it !

  • 1st Failed load project   8 years 12 weeks ago


  • 1st Failed load project   8 years 12 weeks ago

    can't send email to u read :

    ----- The following addresses had permanent fatal errors -----

    (reason: 550 Host unknown)

    ----- Transcript of session follows -----
    550 5.1.2 ... Host unknown (Name server: host not found)

  • Wishlists   8 years 12 weeks ago

    Do you think it might be best to not know that you've stayed up too long?

  • 1st Failed load project   8 years 12 weeks ago

    Aha! If you're running on PC then it should be easy to get the files. This would help me to diagnose any future problems, and I may be able to fix your file and send it back to you.

    You can get the files like this:

    - Click MANAGE/'Load Project'
    - In the file browser, click "Explorer..". It should open up the files in an Explorer window.
    - zip up the folder called domus.prj
    - Send the zip file to

    Would really appreciate your time in doing this.

  • Response so far   8 years 12 weeks ago

    Hey nice - you've got better real time hi hat tapping skills than me.

    Can I ask what camera you used? That looks as good as my mate's uber-broadcast camera I borrowed for the original demo.

  • Using Eden to synthesize electronic drum sounds for use with TRG - A guide   8 years 12 weeks ago

    Excellent info!
    I know some of this from nanoloop and other chiptune programs, but your explanation is very thorough, as befits NanoStudio.

  • ** nanostudio songs **   8 years 12 weeks ago

    The drums are my own samples with some little reverb .. all the synths and bass line are from the Eden synth with no tweak .

  • I really want to make a try before buy   8 years 12 weeks ago

    Great answer thanks !
    I think i will go for an 2nd hand touch 2G (with good studio monitoring ;) ) and later for the Ipad ;)

  • Response so far   8 years 12 weeks ago

    No.1 music creation software (App) Thanks for creating it!

    I had to upload this video as I was so inspired to let people know how brilliant it is. I could have produced a much more rehearsed clip but I just wanted to show how quick and easy you can get your ideas down and recorded. (I could of turned the metronome down a bit but it was just a spontaneous session.

    I'm looking forward to keeping with this app and I can't wait for the planned SoundCloud export.


  • Wishlists   8 years 12 weeks ago

    Any chance you could display the time in the same screen as the CPU and battery useage? Just to provide a quick way to see what time it is without having to close the app.

  • Autosave removed Eden settings?   8 years 12 weeks ago

    Nice, thanks!

  • I really want to make a try before buy   8 years 12 weeks ago

    I don't have an iPod 3G, but I suspect that NanoStudio might be up to 50% faster on a 3G vs 2G. I use an iPod 2G for some testing and it runs fine (the iPod 2G's faster than an iPhone 3G, and it runs fine on that too).

    From a mobile music making point of view, the iPod is missing speakers (which are pretty useless for anything serious anyway) and a microphone (you can pick up an external accessory on eBay for a couple of quid though). On the plus side, it's a lot slimmer.

    I think that performance from lowest to highest is something like:

    iPhone 2G
    iPod Touch 1G
    iPhone 3G
    iPod Touch 2G
    iPhone 3GS
    iPod Touch 3G
    iPad/iPhone 4

    Wikipedia have a pretty good entry to make sense of it all.

    Running it on a PC puts it all into perspective. Bearing in mind that the iPhone has a lot of hand optimized vector assembler code, and the PC is almost unoptimized - even my 5 year old PC runs all of NanoStudio with about 1% of one processor. Shows that mobile computing power still has a way to go.

  • ** nanostudio songs **   8 years 12 weeks ago

    Entracte - are you sending the drums to a global chorus/delay or are they your own samples?