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  • Rotary Knobs (Specifically Pan) Setting to 0   8 years 1 day ago

    Yea having a bit trouble as the first poster (panning). When I lift my finger it´ll jump 0.1-0.2 left/right (more than 0.01-02). A "snap to" function would be nice. Double click on a knob to reset it to 0, or a function to manual input the numbers?

    Edit: Man i really feel i'm nitpicking om things here...But that´s what you get when you make a great app like Nano. ;)

  • Autosave removed Eden settings?   8 years 1 day ago

    There isn't really any existing indication of when a preset is modified, right? Maybe just a little "dirty" marker in the preset LED. I like the idea of a state buffer that gets maintained during app switching, however you go about doing it. Meantime, those of us using the iPod Touch don't have to worry so much because we won't be interrupted by that nasty Phone app. :)

  • NanoStudio on iPad   8 years 1 day ago

    "I'm pretty convinced that I'm going to do a universal app, with a small upgrade charge for some iPad specific features to help cover the extra months' work."

    Should have waited one month longer... ;)

  • Wishlists   8 years 1 day ago

    Blip Interactive:
    "Sampler - One thing I'd thought of was a multisample player which would be much better for instruments such as piano and strings."

    Hi BlipInterative! Amazing app, really love it (5 stars from me on this one!). Yes! If possible, a multisampler unit (or 2) with dedicated tracks in the sequencer would be great. I.E a multi sampled cello c2, g2, c3 etc loaded into a sampler unit and being able to map those 3 samples over a keyboard interface?

  • Tutorials Coming?   8 years 1 day ago

    Yes ... those would be perfect!

  • Wishlists   8 years 1 day ago

    These requests line up pretty similarly with some I have in mind.

    Audio copy/paste will be in update 1 (can't give you a time yet, need this to settle down before making any promises)

    Arpeggiator, custom scale maps - yes would be good on the iPhone keyboard.

    Universal app - will start looking into the iPad and iPhone 4 after update 1 is out the way

    Audio tracks - probably the largest amount of work (after the iPad), would definitely like to investigate

    Scrollable keyboard - any ideas on how to make this work with the current UI would be appreciated.

    Sampler - I gather you've got something in mind here - what would differentiate from the current TRG/Eden sampling capabilities? One thing I'd thought of was a multisample player which would be much better for instruments such as piano and strings.

    Eden pan - I can answer that one now (from another thread!):

    "There was a dedicated control, but I took it out to make the mixer cleaner (I found I didn't really use it).

    You can hook up an XY controller or the control knob to Osc/Pan via the patchbay and do it that way. Then you can record it in the sequencer too."

  • Kudos   8 years 1 day ago

    No problem.... Enjoy tahr moment. :)

  • Tutorials Coming?   8 years 1 day ago

    The tutorials I can see being useful would be:

    - Creating and editing a simple multitrack tune (drums, bassline, lead) on a simple 4 bar loop
    - Using the song and pattern editors
    - Sampling, resampling and sample editing
    - Eden preset editing

    I reckon that would cover most bases.

  • Autosave removed Eden settings?   8 years 1 day ago

    Yep sounds like the best solution. Ideally I'd need to make it fairly clear on the UI that the preset is modified one (ie. hasn't yet been written) when the project is reloaded.

    I also wondered about a dialogue which asks you if you want to write a modified preset when you change to a different one via the +/- buttons. Trouble is that I can see this being annoying in 80% of cases and useful in 20%. If anyone's got any bright ideas about this I'd be interested to hear.

  • Rotary Knobs (Specifically Pan) Setting to 0   8 years 1 day ago

    Cheers! You can do loads with the patchbay if you're feeling adventurous.

  • Wishlists   8 years 1 day ago

    Okay. My first wish on the list is that you make millions with this app. It would be well deserved.

    Now for my greedy little bastard wishlist (again just a future wishlist I am thrilled with this app as is)
    • audio copy/paste
    • arpeggiator
    • scrollable keyboard (or someway to shift the keyboard other than octave C shifts)
    • Mixer automation. With L/R panning. Would love to automate volume and L/R panning of eden synths (is there a way to pan synths now - can't find it?)
    • custom scale maps - with the small keyboard it would be great to lock in a scale (similar to thumbjam)
    • audio tracks
    • a sampler - even something along the lines of thumbjam or iSequence on the iPad. As far as increasing the revenue stream might be worth looking at adding some features as paid upgrades. Like downloadable instruments (sampler). I think people would be glad to put down some more cash to help fund the progression of this software. I know I would.
    • universal app

    Again. Thank you for the amazing work on this app. It's quite amazing to have this kind of power in a pocketable device. Impressive!

  • Tutorials Coming?   8 years 1 day ago

    I think he means something like an introduction to some music theory, how to make music that actually sounds good and so on... Making such a tutorial might be pretty hard :-/

  • NanoSync   8 years 1 day ago


    Been having a think about what this could possibly be. My first guess is that for whatever reason, your machine doesn't have .NET 2.0 installed. I didn't distribute this with NanoSync because it turns a 4MB application into a 40MB application and most people have it. I'd be eternally grateful if you could try installing it from here:

    Microsoft .NET Framework Version 2.0 Redistributable

    If that doesn't work, you could try installing this - the installer should do it for you but it can do no harm to try.

    Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 SP1 Redistributable

    My only reservation with both these suggestions is that they're more likely to be a problem when the app is run, rather than when it's installed. It's my best shot right now though.

    It's very early days at the moment so I can't tell if this is going to be a common issue or if you are simply the unlucky one.

  • Autosave removed Eden settings?   8 years 1 day ago

    "There is an alternative - on a shutdown/startup cycle, restore the modified preset back to 'memory' without actually changing the bank. This solves the problem of putting the synth into the same state as when it was shut down, but still requires to you write the preset at some point when it suits you. I'd prefer this method if anything."

    This method sounds good to me. Automatically make an edit buffer when a change is made and save to the buffer any time the preset is changed. It can be written to a permanent bank when editing is complete, but not lost in the meantime if a call comes in.

  • NanoSync   8 years 1 day ago

    Hi there,

    Yes, I'm pretty sure I am.

    Many thanks for the swift response.

  • View notes from other eden in actual piano roll   8 years 1 day ago

    This is a great idea. I'd love to see this one implemented...

  • NanoSync   8 years 1 day ago

    Grrr damn installers. Do you know if you're logged in as an admin?

  • Possible problem with OS 3.1.3?   8 years 1 day ago

    Thanks for the info.

    Can anyone confirm if it runs on and iPod Touch 3G/64GB with 3.1.3?

  • Does nanostudio work with OS 3.13?   8 years 1 day ago

    I've had one person report that it's fine for them on an iPhone 3GS running 3.1.3, so the problem's not as simple as 'all 3.1.3's don't work'. This is good for me but I appreciate it doesn't help you at all.

    Until I get some crash reports in (which may/may not help), I'm running out of things to suggest. The only possible thing I can think of is to delete it from your iTunes, purchase and download it again (don't worry, you won't be charged again) and go through the whole procedure a second time, which I appreciate is a pain for you.

  • Rotary Knobs (Specifically Pan) Setting to 0   8 years 1 day ago

    Oh cool sounds good.. yeah I understand not wanting to clutter up the mixer...
    thanks a bunch for the tip... Great music app.. I love it... five stars from me ! -John-

  • Hip hip hip....... !   8 years 1 day ago

    Yeah, I just bought it and I have to say, this is the most fluent user interface control,
    that I've used for a long time.
    If this thing would get more powerful it could be the reason buying an iPad...

  • Possible problem with OS 3.1.3?   8 years 1 day ago

    iPhone 3GS 32GB with 3.1.3 - running fine.
    Jailbreak: Yes (spirit)
    Unlocked: No
    Sim Lock: Yes

  • nanostudio windows cannot connect to wifi with my ipodtouch but nano sync its ok with my ipodtouch.   8 years 1 day ago
  • Does nanostudio work with OS 3.13?   8 years 1 day ago

    Really sorry to hear this. I'll try to find out if this is a problem specific to 3.1.3.

    Can anyone else confirm that it runs for them on OS 3.1.3?

  • Does nanostudio work with OS 3.13?   8 years 1 day ago

    ok.. running OS 3.1.3 and tried fully rebooting the phone after the install... but It immediately crashes right back to Home screen