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  • Autosave removed Eden settings?   7 years 48 weeks ago

    I won't. Instead, I'll (virtually) shake your hand and give you a hearty "thanks" for all the great information you've shared. I've even quoted you and referenced your site in some wiki articles I've written for the Korg M3 and KARMA community:

  • ** nanostudio songs **   7 years 48 weeks ago

    Had a lot of fun playing around with nanostudio and I made my first dubstep experiment:

  • Autosave removed Eden settings?   7 years 48 weeks ago

    Yes, I'm THAT Tarekith.

    Please don't hold it against me :)

  • Doc ommission - UX confusion: Auto-saved projects, diff between "My Save" versus "Auto Save" choices on app startup   7 years 48 weeks ago

    Cheers for the naming suggestions. I rewrote the wording on this dialogue about 4 times over the development and I was never happy I'd got it completely right!

    I'd recommend using 'save as' as part of your workflow. It's fairly quick to do because it will automatically put '-1', '-2' version numbers on the end of the project filename, and it means you've got a version history to return to if you decide your song's going backwards (often the case!). Afterwards, you can delete the versions you're not using.

  • ** nanostudio songs **   7 years 48 weeks ago

    Could try resampling a single bar and doing some stutter breaks with it if you're feeling brave.

  • Doc ommission - UX confusion: Auto-saved projects, diff between "My Save" versus "Auto Save" choices on app startup   7 years 48 weeks ago

    Oh, so on the dialog choices for the auto-save options upon app start:

    "My last manual save" and "Auto saved version"

    ---- or ----

    "Last manual save" and "Auto saved version"

    Seems like you have enough horizontal real estate to fit those labels onto the two buttons.

  • Can't load?   7 years 48 weeks ago

    That's a strange one. Certainly, it shouldn't matter where you save your samples (project folder or elsewhere), and it should tolerate missing samples on load.

    It could be that your particular usage has exposed a bug. I know from experience that no matter how much you test something, someone else always does things differently and finds something you hadn't thought of :(

    We could try a simple test case. Could you try loading up one of the demo projects, doing a 'save as' under a different name, then loading the 'save as' version?

    When you get the error dialogue, what's the exact title/wording?

  • ** nanostudio songs **   7 years 48 weeks ago

    no resampling, custom presets (well I just modified the factory ones a bit) love the sound of EDEN, I need an EDEN vst, and midi export in nanostudio, that would be incredible, from pocket to DAW to wrap it up, and add a few more tracks :)

    oh and right, parameter automation... I am a sucker for filter sweeps.

  • Doc ommission - UX confusion: Auto-saved projects, diff between "My Save" versus "Auto Save" choices on app startup   7 years 48 weeks ago

    It's quite possible that all the settings were in fact reverted to the "last manually saved" version and that I was assuming otherwise because the first thing I checked were all the samples in the project folder (because I'd loaded different TRG banks and wondered a bit at the load bank dialog options to copy all files into the project folder).

    So it seems like the only "risk" is that you'll clutter a project folder with samples you didn't really want if you're not careful about your workflow and dialog choices when auditioning several TRG banks to find the right sound for a new project.

    I have lots of gear where the demos are volatile and easily overwritten, but the defaults are usually stored in ROM and some utility will "restore demo projects". Probably not worth the hassle of doing something similar with NanoStudio because you effectively have a "restore all presets" option by deleting and reinstalling the app. Besides, once you add some more robust "import/export project" functionality with NanoSync, you can probably just include the demo presets in the downloaded copy of NanoSync and users won't be too likely to mess those up.

  • Autosave removed Eden settings?   7 years 48 weeks ago

    Tarekith - are you *this* Tarekith?

    Blip - I too like the "restore modified preset to memory on app close/restart" approach. It's still a useful fix for iPod/iPad users too, because we get interruptions like IM popups, calendar popups, etc. and we might unthinkingly hit the Home button to go respond...

    Re your other question: I think it would be better to go with the 80% rule here. 80% of the time you are hitting the plus button to audition another patch because you just couldn't make the current one fit the context of the song and you're looking for something better. So 80% of the time, you *want* to toss out any changes you might have made, because you gave up on that patch for this go. If it's a 20% case where you think "gee I like this sound I've created, so I want to save it, but not for this song", you can always do a manual save to bank at that point before you go looking for a different patch.

    So my vote is don't change the current behavior of the patch selector.

  • Project file backups   7 years 48 weeks ago

    Ok, thanks. I'm looking forward to the export/import update that your working on. The format that you described will be tremendously useful and should be a very efficient process to work with from the users' end of things.

  • ** nanostudio songs **   7 years 48 weeks ago

    Yep that's turned out well. I'm detecting some custom presets and controller automation unless I've vastly mistaken!

    Jury's out on whether there's any resampling in there, I suspect no?

  • Project file backups   7 years 48 weeks ago

    It's sort of been covered before - I agree a forum search would be handy, I've been losing track of certain posts too!

    All user editable data (presets, samples, projects etc.) are held in the 'Documents' area of the iPhone's flash memory. This means that it should be backed up by iTunes for you - I've never tried this feature but I assume it works!

    I'd like to get a proper project export/import into update 1. The code's mainly in there but not yet tested thoroughly enough. What it does is copy any global presets over to empty project presets, and then relocate any samples you're using into the project's folder. This creates a 'self contained' project that you can move over to another copy of NanoStudio without fear of it relying on any global settings. I'd probably chose to zip up the folder automatically too since this makes it a lot easier to distribute.

  • Doc ommission - UX confusion: Auto-saved projects, diff between "My Save" versus "Auto Save" choices on app startup   7 years 48 weeks ago

    As far as I can tell/guess at, this auto-save functionality kicks in only if you've:

    A) made changes to a project, and
    B) quit the app without specifically choosing Manage > Save or Manage Save As...


    So while experimenting with stuff in the "Minimal" project, I assumed that if I just closed the app without explicitly saving anything, my changes would be lost (and the Minimal project would therefore be unaffected).

    Almost - if you closed the app without explicitly saving, your changes are held in an autosave project. But certainly the original project will not be affected at this stage.

    I chose "My Save" and then found the Minimal project was no longer in its original state, but instead now had all the changes I'd made (including moving a bunch samples into the project folder from playing around with loading different TRG banks).

    Hmm, if you chose 'My Save' then it should always give you the version you last manually saved. One thing I can think of is that the autosave covers changes made to the song, presets etc. but doesn't give you a full backup of the samples too. If it helps the explanation, a project folder looks a bit like this (you can't see all the files in NanoSync):

    SomeProject.prj (folder)
    - SongAndSettings.prj (file)
    - SongAndSettingsAutosave.prj (file)
    - .wav (files)

    So the samples are shared between the autosave and the manual saved versions. You probably know this now, but the best thing to do when you base a new project on an existing one is to begin with a 'Save As' to ensure that you're working on a new, standalone project. 'Save As' will copy all project specific samples to the new project for you.

    I thought about making the demos read only but it gets complicated with certain file operations. I also thought about adding a 'restore demos' feature but it got knocked down by more important features.

  • ** nanostudio songs **   7 years 48 weeks ago

    Distraub, very nice for a quick and dirty. I'm amazed at how *good* the sound quality is for a direct export from an iDevice.

    Blip, you really did a great job with the sound quality of the Eden Synth/TRG-16 and the overall sound quality of the mixer and effects busses.

  • ** nanostudio songs **   7 years 48 weeks ago

    My first song with NanoStudio, it isn't anything mind blowing, just a first attempt, some quick trance.
    Not too long either, but it gave me a good way to really get familiar with the app.

    no post mastering either, direct output.
    I will have to master and compare.


  • Tutorials Coming?   7 years 48 weeks ago

    I'm hoping to see some user tutorials popup in youtube ... and maybe a "Tutorial" section in this forum :)

  • Does nanostudio work with OS 3.13?   7 years 48 weeks ago

    Cheers for the info. It seems to me that all the various hardware/OS combinations are working, but an unlucky few are having problems.

    Since the delete from iTunes/repurchase/reinstall method has solved at least one of these issues, I'll be recommending it from now on.

  • I want to congratulate Blip for a fantastic product!   7 years 48 weeks ago

    Amazingly powerful, yet very intuitive. I was up and running in a few minutes, with a big smile on my face. Nice work! ;-)

  • Does nanostudio work with OS 3.13?   7 years 48 weeks ago


    If it helps any, running 3.1.3 (7E18) on iPod Touch ok here.


  • A series of quick questioms   7 years 48 weeks ago

    NanoStudio doesn't have a loop on/off per track but I can think of one way to get close.

    - Firstly, make the drum loop (eg. 4 bars).
    - Select the drum loop part and turn it into a pattern (More/Properties/Convert to pattern)
    - Use the 'length' drag handle to make the pattern nice and long (eg. 100 bars). It'll automatically repeat every 4 bars.
    - Now record the instrument track with looping off.

  • A series of quick questioms   7 years 48 weeks ago

    Autobeat turned off, should it be on???

    I figured out how to record one solo instrument for a lengthy time by turning loop off then recording but would like to do something similar as happens in the demo video, have beat looping but do everything else live but record it. I used reason like that....

    It'll take some very worthwhile time to master the sequencer though

    It's such an in depth app and I look foreword to hearing others trax and possibly host them on my site ( as long as it's not trance..)


  • A series of quick questioms   7 years 48 weeks ago

    Loop enable/disable is located on the main menu, next to the metronome on/off.

    I thought the response on the pads was pretty good. Are using the iPhone version? (the PC has a fairly high buffer latency).

    And is Autobeat turned off?

  • A series of quick questioms   7 years 48 weeks ago

    The only way I can see a way of recording a live session is to drag the bar ribbon to however many measures you expect the performance to be. No where do I see any way to turn off looping (Please correct me if I'm wrong). I don't think there is a way to increase the sensitivity on the pads but you can always double check to make sure that the start point of the sample is aligned with the the beginning of the sound, usually, the largest part of the transient. If you have space between the start point and the actual beginning of the sample then that could make the pads seem like they are less responsive. You can adjust the start and end points of a TRG sample by:

    Tap Edit
    Select the Pad you want to adjust
    Tap the Edit button under the sample options
    Drag along the waveform to adjust the start and end points
    Once you have selected the proper region, Tap Trim
    Tap Done
    Tap Ok to Save your changes

    Hope that helps...

  • ** nanostudio songs **   7 years 48 weeks ago

    very nice song ;) grtz