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  • Wishlists   8 years 3 weeks ago

    i think there is room on the mixing screen for Solo/mute buttons.. could'nt see a quick way to solo tracks.
    +1 for scrollable keyboard option if possible (maybe with off/on switch to keep everyone happy)
    Also to record volume changes/automation, with the volume sliders in the mix window would be cool.

  • Wishlist - ability to transfer .bnk, .prj, and .sng files too   8 years 3 weeks ago

    Eden patches (when including no sample data) should be quite small... Small enough to just email them off the device? Then you could reimport them to another project...


  • ** nanostudio songs **   8 years 3 weeks ago

    Nice track, Tarekith. I like the hi-hat work especially and the overall dynamics and sound stage. Were you able to hit those HH patterns in real time on your iPhone or did you need to tweak the timing a bit in the Part Editor? After 7 years behind a drum set at one point in my career, it's always so hard for me to create the expressiveness I want in pad-based or keyboard-based drum lines. I end up spending way too much time tweaking the note/velocity data in the editor after the fact. Or wasting way too much time trying to use 8 different samples for one "instrument" in the drum set, lol.

  • Converting batches of samples   8 years 3 weeks ago

    BTW I wish Tibor Horvath would create an iDevice audio utility that does sample rate and bit depth conversion! It would be great for him to add it to his very useful AudioView and/or ReForge or AudioForge apps.

    I highly recommend AudioView as a general purpose "sample librarian" utility for your iDevice. It lets you keep all your samples in one place and then use either Sonoma AudioCopy/Paste or Intua copy/paste to plop the samples into whatever iPad app you want. It will soon have the ability to convert .wav files directly to .m4a format and also to post directly to SoundCloud.

    All of Tibor's iDevice apps are useful. IMO they're the "mastering suite" or "SoundForge" of the iDevice world atm.

  • Converting batches of samples   8 years 3 weeks ago

    This general problem isn't unique to NanoStudio. Many high-end workstations use a sample rate and/or bit depth that is different from your favorite sample library X, so if you want best results you're always in need of some program that can perform high-quality sample rate conversion and change bit depth.

    I haven't tried SoX yet because I typically use SoundForge for this (on a Windows VM, because WaveLab for native Mac is too expensive for my tastes). I'll have to try SoX at some point--anyone have any comment about the quality of its sample rate conversion? I've used SoundForge a lot since long before it was bought by Sony and I've always found it to be a great all-purpose mastering suite.

    BTW if you want some detailed info on the whys and wherefores of sample rate and bit depth, I recommend this article that I wrote (which was based in part on some articles that Tarekith wrote, lol, along with my own experience):

  • UX/workflow requests for Part Editor   8 years 3 weeks ago

    Good ideas!

  • TRG sample pad question   8 years 3 weeks ago

    It's pretty straightforward to have four Eden synths, so I don't think 2 TRG-16s (each with 2 tracks and 3 buss channels) would confuse anyone.

  • TRG sample pad question   8 years 3 weeks ago

    "I can't decide if a second TRG is better (using up another precious 2 tracks), or if just making a "TRG-32" and having two tracks for future extra synths might be better."

    Definitely TRG-32 with two extra tracks for synths! This packs more power and still allows one track for drums and another for samples.

    Part of the utility of the extra TRG tracks would be for more modular drums (kick, snare, claps, etc). You could maybe regain some of this by allowing drum patterns (not sure what you would call them since you already used the word pattern) to be saved and re-used. That way if 2 sections of a song need different drums but the same loop for one of the drums it could be easily saved and re-used in another part of the song.

  • Autosave removed Eden settings?   8 years 3 weeks ago

    an idea...

    "Yep sounds like the best solution. Ideally I'd need to make it fairly clear on the UI that the preset is modified one (ie. hasn't yet been written) when the project is reloaded.

    I also wondered about a dialogue which asks you if you want to write a modified preset when you change to a different one via the +/- buttons. Trouble is that I can see this being annoying in 80% of cases and useful in 20%. If anyone's got any bright ideas about this I'd be interested to hear."

    Instead of doing this, why not just have an edit buffer for each preset that is modified while working on a project. That way presets can be changed and if you go back to the one you were working on you can get back to where you were even if you hadn't decided to write it yet. Since you said the way things are were more because of UI than memory it seems like this would work. The UI would just indicate you're in the modified version of the preset and provide A/B comparison.

    This method would be especially nice if you try tweaking some global / factory presets but haven't decided for sure whether they will get included in the project or not. You can wait to write your changes to the project bank until you have decided for sure to include them in the project.

  • Wishlist - ability to transfer .bnk, .prj, and .sng files too   8 years 3 weeks ago

    I saw the files by looking at the five factory demo projects in the Mac OSX version of NS. Using the special "Finder" button that appears only in the desktop versions of NS. ;-)

    Ya, the sample mapping for some custom patches/presets can be a toughie for pretty much any workstation unless somebody has written a very powerful librarian utility specifically for a given architecture that can keep track of all the bits and pieces automagically for you. I had to write entire sets of *long* wiki articles for the Korg M3 to explain how to keep all your program and combi banks for that workstation in good shape. Neither Korg nor anyone else has (to my knowledge) written a *good* librarian utility for it.

    Ya, using a slot or two from GLOBAL A or GLOBAL B could work for copying custom presets around, I'm just loathe to ever remove patches that somebody developed. You never know when you'll finally need a sound "just like that one", lol.

    Updating that section of the Newbie Guide now to mention that staging in and out of a GLOBAL bank is the workaround for now. Cheers!

  • iPad compatibility!   8 years 3 weeks ago


    A) Blip certainly would not be the *only* app developer to charge for an iPad version with more functionality than older iPhone/iPod versions. Some developers, such as (Gameloft?) actually charge you all over again for an HD version for the iPad that has ZERO new functionality. The app "Angry Birds" comes to mind.

    B) Don't be such a cheapskate. Blip isn't some big software company with an entire portfolio of titles. He's a one-man operation who spent 15 months on NanoStudio so far, on his own dime (or lack thereof). People deserve to eat and pay rent, and if you knew anything about the app market you'd know that it's not the road to riches for 99.5 percent of the app developers out there.

    C) You would easily pay $200 to $900 (US dollars) or more for similar functionality in a desktop/laptop based application. What's $15 or $20 plus another reasonable, similar "upgrade" fee for an iPad version that adds more tracks and other useful features compared to that.

    I'm still somewhat in shock how easily NanoStudio enables me to capture ideas and write songs compared to my roughly 10,000 dollars worth of studio gear. No matter where I am, I can have NanoStudio fired up and ear buds in my ears and a project loaded up within about 15 seconds or less. Before NanoStudio, I'd have needed to: be home at my studio, have spent nearly 10 minutes booting up my workstation, my laptop, my Apogee Duet, plugging at least three major pieces of gear together, firing up DP6 or Live and loading a project, etc. etc.

    $15 or $20 or even $50 is a STEAL for the utility that NanoStudio gives you. Quit crying.

  • iPad compatibility!   8 years 3 weeks ago

    Calm down...the iPad wasn't even released when the developer started working on nanostudio...nearly all the work had been done by the time the iPad surfaced...i'm using it on the iPad just fine...

    Take care

  • TRG sample pad question   8 years 3 weeks ago


    At the moment there is only one TRG instrument. The idea behind dedicating two tracks to it is really so you can manage your song arrangement a bit more easily. For example, you could decide to put your drum events on track 5 and other samples (eg. hits, effects, loops etc) on track 6. Then, when you want to rearrange your song it's a bit more easy to make beat variations without affecting the other parts.

    I'll probably add another bank of 16 samples to the TRG at some point, or add the ability for another TRG instrument. The main trouble is that I don't want to go above 8 tracks on the iPhone because it'll cause problems with the UI. I can't decide if a second TRG is better (using up another precious 2 tracks), or if just making a "TRG-32" and having two tracks for future extra synths might be better.

  • Response so far   8 years 3 weeks ago

    I'd like to add as well that I think this is the best music app out there. I've got beatmaker, xewton music studio and a few others, but this beats them all hands down. I just love the fact that I can actually use this and compose on it it. I don't think I've ever commented on an app before but I feel nanostudio deserves it, I can't put my ipod down.



  • ** nanostudio songs **   8 years 3 weeks ago

    @shannong using the facebook app got rid of any necessity for flash. Thanks about the songs, I didn't do anything special in NanoStudio, however I did import the song to iTunes in order to convert to MP3, but listening to the wav file and the mp3 file, the volumes are the same.

    @somelamp Thanks!

    Speaking of songs, here's my third!

    Click here!

  • Converting batches of samples   8 years 3 weeks ago

    Seems like you've really got your hands full, Matt. Haha...

  • Converting batches of samples   8 years 3 weeks ago

    If you do download SoX, it seems that this will do the job for you (for a single file)

    sox input.wav -bits 16 output.wav

    you can also input mp3's, aifs etc.

    Will make a batch file to do multiple files once my 2 year old gives me 3 uninterrupted minutes in a row :)

  • Sending Wav samples to my Ipod touch HELP ?   8 years 3 weeks ago

    Sorted !
    Many thanks !

  • Converting batches of samples   8 years 3 weeks ago

    Just had a quick look at the SoX homepage and it looks like a very handy utility. Thanks for the heads up and the swift response.

  • Converting batches of samples   8 years 3 weeks ago

    I'm having the same problem, most of my drum samples are 24 bit. A NanoSync fix would be great...

  • Converting batches of samples   8 years 3 weeks ago

    Yes this is a pain. There's a really good multi purpose command line audio converter called SoX which can do this. If I get time I'll see if I can cobble together a batch file that you can run.

    If I get a bit more time I'll do it properly in NanoSync.

  • Who's running the oldest hardware?   8 years 3 weeks ago

    I use a 2nd gen iPod for testing - it's still pretty fast (faster than an iPhone 3G).

    But I've never had the iPhone 1/2G hardware to test - was just curious as to how it runs.

  • Newbie Guide - Tips for workflow and usage   8 years 3 weeks ago

    i've sussed it...

  • Newbie Guide - Tips for workflow and usage   8 years 3 weeks ago

    The sequencer doesn't really have a paste as such, just a 'copy the current selection'. The copied parts are always placed straight after the originals but they stay selected so you can move them elsewhere. So what you need to do is:

    - Select the parts you want to copy
    - Tap copy
    - Use the position drag handle (the smallish orange button on the bottom left) to move the copied parts so they start on bar 1

    Hope that makes sense!

  • Newbie Guide - Tips for workflow and usage   8 years 3 weeks ago

    Maybe I'm thick, i've looked at the manual and may have missed it but can anyone tell me how to cut and paste / copy and paste?
    I just realised I want to copy bars 9-12 to bars 1-4 how do I do this?
    When I select 19-12, the copy just seems to put the copied bars to 13-16... but i want them to be copied to 1-4....