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  • Does nanostudio work with OS 3.13?   7 years 39 weeks ago

    I also have an Ipod TOUCH 3G/64gb and I can confirm that it does NOT work!

    It immediately crashes right back to Home screen upon every single launch. Please look into this. Please advise.

    Thank You

  • Tutorials Coming?   7 years 39 weeks ago

    eatbeat posted this link before, it's less of a tutorial but you get an idea of what some controls are for and how a workflow may look like:

  • Wishlists   7 years 39 weeks ago

    Awesome App! Thanks, been looking for something like this for a long time!

    Can we have a compressor please? Maybe something we could put on the drum bus?

    Thanks and congratulations on a killer app.


  • Tutorials Coming?   7 years 39 weeks ago

    Yes I've been putting off doing some video tutorials because I know that they're going to take some time, but I really should put a week aside very soon for this purpose. I should probably do it before starting on the first update.

  • I want to congratulate Blip for a fantastic product!   7 years 39 weeks ago

    In just the half an hour I was able to use it last night, I could tell this app destroys SynthStation and with it's resampling i can use Edens to make a lot of drum sounds I was making in Bleep!box and then AudioCopy/Pasting into Beatmaker. I think with Beatmaker2 Intua could pull ahead in sheer drum machine/MPC awesomeness department, but TRG is very on par with the current BM and definitely all I need in a drum machine 99% of the time. SynthStation's drum machine is pretty weak; it seems everyone else is out-Akai'ing Akai here lol. Being able to synth up some sounds with the Edens and the resample them to pads is amazing. The Eden synths are just so much easier to work with than the ones in SynthStation and have a lot more sound options available to them.

    NanoStudio is the closest to my vision of how a mobile music app should be currently. Griff back on windows Mobile was actually closer, since you could actually buy plugins, etc, but NanoStudio is pretty much the best that the iDevice has to offer in mobile music making right now, imo. Xewton is pretty close, too, but all it's instruments are sample-based as far as I know.

  • Sync projects back and forth   7 years 39 weeks ago

    What a great idea :)

  • ** nanostudio songs **   7 years 39 weeks ago

    ;) tnx for my no1 app ;)

  • Finally! A possible worthy heir to Bhajis   7 years 39 weeks ago

    You have nowt to worry about. Although Bhajis Loops was good, NanoStudio is great. Bhajis never had the brilliant multitouch screen technology that Apple has brought to us. It was crippled by the fact that it was very difficult to change any kind of time signature as well (you could bodge it- but not very well). The FX in BL were very good though- worth having a look at, especially as you can pick up a Palm now for next to nothing. BL also had horrible note input, making it very difficult to play, other that being a robot with expert memory skills (I've got a terrible short term memory, and Bhajis really used to frustrate me!). Of course there is still room for lots of improvement in NanoStudio- there always is, but what you have so far, is absolutely mind blowing. The developers deserve a really big pint of beer on me! Cheers!

  • Samples as OSC on Eden Synth   7 years 39 weeks ago

    Yes middle C, but Eden's sample page allows you to transpose it up to +/- 2 octaves if it's not. The guitar A and E string samples are transposed to get them to C, although if your loop is rhythmically based then obviously you need to get it right!

  • Autobeat   7 years 39 weeks ago

    Will make a note to improve the manual in this area.

  • Finally! A possible worthy heir to Bhajis   7 years 39 weeks ago

    People keep mentioning Bhajis Loops and I feel ashamed I've never used it :(

    There is plenty more CPU left (particularly 3GS and later) so more instruments are possible as long as the UI stays clean and simple.

    iPhone 4 - Apple kept bringing out products before I could finish this app. Will look at it as the early part of the iPad dev. I'm thinking get one iPhone update out of the way (with more import/export and copy/paste functions) and then look at the iPad/iPhone 4.

  • ** nanostudio songs **   7 years 39 weeks ago

    That was quick!

  • Rotary Knobs (Specifically Pan) Setting to 0   7 years 39 weeks ago

    ok, it was for a kick drum, I didn't change any other settings besides volume, so the reset button worked for that pad. But for pan especially it would be nice to have a snap to center sort of thing.



  • Autobeat   7 years 39 weeks ago

    Ahhhh..... it's the "Hold Down" thing that I was missing. The "help" section isn't clear on it.

    Thanks for the tip.

  • Autosave removed Eden settings?   7 years 39 weeks ago

    Yeah that is a bit crap. I'll definitely look at how this can be improved for the first update. In the meantime I'll have to ask you to write the preset (generally to the project bank) as soon you've got something you like. Hardware synths don't take phone calls after all :)

  • Kudos   7 years 39 weeks ago

    Glad you like! Audio copy/paste will be in the first update. Can't predict when that'll be until thing settle down a bit at the moment.

  • Manual errors   7 years 39 weeks ago

    Cheers. Too many coffees and late nights spent on that bitch for the odd thing to slip through, will make a note!

  • NanoStudio on iPad   7 years 39 weeks ago

    As the last post - iPad didn't exist when NanoStudio started 15 months ago and I wasn't even sure how successful it would be. Limited resources means that I had to stay focussed - if I hadn't, NanoStudio wouldn't be around yet on any platform!

    I'm pretty convinced that I'm going to do a universal app, with a small upgrade charge for some iPad specific features to help cover the extra months' work.

  • Rotary Knobs (Specifically Pan) Setting to 0   7 years 39 weeks ago

    No there's no shortcut for setting centre zero knobs to exact zero. I've never needed to be that accurate!

  • Wishlists   7 years 39 weeks ago

    960x640 resolution for iPhone 4 and the ability to instance instruments would be awesome. Heck, I'd even stack 2 TRGs in some cases to load more sounds from my Konkrete samples >.>

  • Autobeat   7 years 39 weeks ago

    Yep it's pretty simple. Choose an interval (eg 1/16ths) and then hold down a pad. The pad will now be played as if you're tapping it in 1/16ths rather than holding it down continuously. Good for laying down hi- hats quickly etc.

    Autobeat only triggers when the autobeat page is visible.

  • Finally! A possible worthy heir to Bhajis   7 years 39 weeks ago

    you know, you're right, I think this IS a worthy heir to the mighty Bhajis Loops. The sequencer is nice and easy to work with, it handles samples in a nice way, and 4 built-in synths is nice. The only thing I'd like to see in a (ahem) nano-sized mobile studio would be something like Xewton's instancing of instrument plugins, but for all I know more than 4 Edens might overwhelm our poor devices. **edit** wait, there's a cup meter. time to abuse it.

    NanoStudio wipes the floor with SynthStation. Sure, SS has 3 triple osc synths, but I like programming the Edens MUCH better (and the osc waveform choices are superior, as well as samples), and TRG gives Beatmaker a run for it's money.

    My only wish in the short-term is graphics with the 960x640 display in mind ;)

  • nanostudio windows cannot connect to wifi with my ipodtouch but nano sync its ok with my ipodtouch.   7 years 39 weeks ago

    Yes - the Desktop version really exists to demonstrate the capabilities of the phone version. It's difficult to play with a mouse I agree!

  • Does nanostudio work with OS 3.13?   7 years 39 weeks ago

    An iPhone 3GS with 3.1.3 should be fine. Have you tried rebooting it etc.?

  • Autosave removed Eden settings?   7 years 39 weeks ago

    Heh, I was working on a layered up kick drum sound with three Edens last night, got a phone call, and then came back to "BLAT BLAT BLAT BLAT!" instead of "OONCE! OONCE! OONCE! OONCE!"

    Your hardsynths weren't capable of their OS being interrupted by an incoming phone call, either ;) I suppose I could always decline the call, save, and then call the person back in the meantime, but ideally I would really, really like to be able to check a text message, take a call, check an email, etc, and when I come back to NanoStudio, the synth sounds I've been working so hard on are still there just as I left them.

    Is it possible to have it work that way at least with how Apple impliments "multitasking" ( glorified save states...!)