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  • Not Able To Delete Bak Files   7 years 47 weeks ago

    I think there should be the option to include samples in those project files making them self contained... I realize that that could cause file sizes to multiply, but the option would be great, especially if one doesn't use that many samples!


  • First review of NanoStudio!   7 years 47 weeks ago

    Great news! Congrats! Hope that this is the first of many...

  • Ipad   7 years 47 weeks ago

    Just copped this for my iPad...I am very impressed.very close to the workflow on my mpc.

  • Not Able To Delete Bak Files   7 years 47 weeks ago

    There was a reason for not allowing you to delete the bak file but I'm buggered if I can remember what it was. It was a good reason though, I'm sure. As you've found, deleting the song will remove any bak file hanging around.

    The autosave is actually a completely separate file stored alongside the 'normal' one (and its bak version).

    I'm doing a little bit of work on NanoSync now to fix some minor things that have come up. I can make the next version show the project files if you like. You'll just have to bear in mind that transferring project files may not always work if a project's referring to samples which don't exist or are in a different location on the destination device.

    Yay or nay?

  • Not Able To Delete Bak Files   7 years 47 weeks ago

    Wow awesome Yeah that is my next purchase is the iPad... Thanks a bunch for the info..

  • Not Able To Delete Bak Files   7 years 47 weeks ago

    Pretty sure Matt/Blip is planning to make the project management/export a bit more robust in upcoming versions soon. Should make it easier to "share" a project among several devices. My advice in the meantime? Spring for an iPad if you can afford it. The battery lasts forever even under heavy draw. The innards of an iPad are like 85% battery--it's huge!

    I can work for 2.5 hours straight in NanoStudio and be at like 70% battery still. Maybe more.

  • ** nanostudio songs **   7 years 47 weeks ago

    @shannong: Hey, thanks for the compliments. Well, there's a few of my sounds in there...I used some generated in NI Massive as waveforms for the Edens. The main bass pulse is an Eden synth preset tweaked and the drums are mine imported, although a lot are 808 sounds similar to the set you get with Nano. Used a lot of effects from Nano on there though and recorded movements on the XY pads for variation.

    Cheers for now. Got to get back on the Nano...It's too addictive!

  • Not Able To Delete Bak Files   7 years 47 weeks ago

    Ok No problem... yeah it was just sitting there and I thought I would remove it BUT found out
    that if you delete the song itself it will delete the bak file as well... ok it can sit there LOL
    question # 2 would be the Backing up the songs folder with samples and the project file
    but I believe that would be iOS specific file by the looks so don't know if it can be Xfer to
    windows PC... Reason I'm asking about this is: I have two devices a iPod Touch and an iPhone
    3G and when battery needs recharging on one was hoping to xfer the song I was working on
    to the other device.. I know stupid eh?

    Thanks for the quick replies....


  • Not Able To Delete Bak Files   7 years 47 weeks ago

    The .bak file is the "autosave" version of your project file. It's created and managed by the system. It's tiny, doesn't use any real resources. Safe to ignore it. If you deleted it somehow, the app would be most unhappy because it wouldn't be able to find its autosave data. (At least that's my guess, lol.)

  • Loop Point in Eden Samples   7 years 47 weeks ago

    There are no true loop points yet, but a workaround can get you close. Look in the "Newbie Guide" sticky at the top of this forum, then down near the bottom of post #1 in that thread, for the following heading:

    --------- Editing sample loop start/end points in real time while hearing your edits immediately ---------

  • Issue reloading saved project   7 years 47 weeks ago

    Having just reloaded something i was working on and quite happy with and then realising i'd forgot to save one of the synths aaargh this would be my most wanted update :)

  • Sample Name limit?   7 years 47 weeks ago

    OK, sounds good.
    I used a nice renaming tool called Flexible Renamer, was a cinch to clean up all the sample names.


  • Nanosync and IPhone   7 years 47 weeks ago

    Hmm loading samples straight off t'internet eh? I hadn't thought about that - although since NanoStudio already has a Safari browser in it for the help, it's not a million miles away from using it to browse and download samples. I'll add it to the wishlist (it's a big list though, seriously).

    Trying to get round to Tiger + PPC Macs, but it's been mental. Bear with me!

  • Issue reloading saved project   7 years 47 weeks ago

    LOL, I could live with teh crappy UI if they'd just let me get a WAV file out of it. But noooooo! We can't have that, can we? No ACP, no wave export unless you have some ancient computer lying around... And they have the nerve to charge for that. Sigh.

  • ** nanostudio songs **   7 years 47 weeks ago

    @scubapig - very nice textures and mixing. How many of those sounds are based on your own imported samples versus factory default stuff that comes with NanoStudio? I'm hearing a lot of things I don't immediately recognize as tweaked variations of the factory sounds. Either way, you've got quite the ear for textures!

  • Issue reloading saved project   7 years 47 weeks ago

    shannong, I am with you on ReBirth. This was such an epic disappointment. They made it work like a website that you pan and zoom in and out of... there is no other app in the world that is so wrong in the concept that you literally get rage about using it. This is not Google Maps, for God's sake! Why on earth wouldn't they split their UI into 6-7 convenient screens, like technoBox?

  • ** nanostudio songs **   7 years 47 weeks ago

    Ah that might be it!

  • Response so far   7 years 47 weeks ago

    I missed this in new music app releases, until it appeared up the top. I held back a few days but was surprised at all the 5* and not even a 4... I was being tempted to Akai but all the bad reviews put me off... So i watched the video, I download the PC version, and within 5 mins I was downloading the app from iTunes.
    As someone said I cannot believe this app is on a phone! I've bought a few music apps, but nothing as polished as this. everything is displayed perfect, and not just hashed together like some apps displays. It's certainly got me back into synth music after learning guitar, thats now gathering dust!

  • Issue reloading saved project   7 years 47 weeks ago

    Rebirth was extremely disappointing. The Propellerheads really fubared that one horribly. I can't believe there was NO way to get their stupid desktop-only program to export the Rebirth stuff to WAV format running on an Intel-based Mac or VMWare Windows machine. Idiots.

    I love Korg stuff, but the Korg iELECTRIBE is similarly disappointing, although to their credit you can at least successfully turn it into a WAV file. But it's got no audio copy/paste so it's tedious to actually use its output with any other iDevice app or app outputs.

  • Tips for doing mixes with full vocal/audio tracks + EQ in the meantime   7 years 47 weeks ago

    Awesome tutorial. This will get even easier when Matt adds ACP...

    Still working on my first song (this will be the very first piecve of music I EVER made [except some funny loops in some apps, but I mean a complete song] and I still need to figure out what sounds good and so on, at the moment I'm playing trial&error for a while... might take weeks or months till I'm finished xD)

  • Sample Name limit?   7 years 47 weeks ago

    Yes you're right, names are limited to 24 characters before they're uploaded. I didn't really want to mangle the sample names but there's limited space on the phone's UI and great long sample names are difficult to read in the file browser, on the pads etc.

    An alternative would be to remove the start rather than the end, but I though this might be even more confusing.

  • ** nanostudio songs **   7 years 47 weeks ago

    Hi Blip. The bass drum is one I made with Sonic Charge Microtonic. I guess what you might be hearing is the different decay times on the synth (one of your presets tweaked) that sits with it on the quarter beat?

  • First short track   7 years 47 weeks ago

    @Artemiy, Nice !!! sounds great... I just did a little something as well last night
    Used my iPhone 3G
    Gotta do the mixdown. then xfer to pc for mastering and see how it sounds along side
    my Reaper music...

  • First short track   7 years 47 weeks ago

    Cool :)

    ps. I think people are adding tracks here until we get a forum area dedicated,


  • Nanosync and IPhone   7 years 47 weeks ago

    ...are you saying that the sync bit is planning to stay on the computer? I was hoping to load tracks from the internet direct to the phone....
    And same here on the Tiger thing - aint got no Intel :)