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  • Wishlists   7 years 31 weeks ago

    looking forward to copy/paste.. not sure all this will mean, as i haven't done too much production on my iphone yet, but will it enable to copy audio recordings from the likes of 'thumb jam' etc ?

  • Two issues   7 years 31 weeks ago

    Yes, NanoSync only allows you to do file level operations at the moment, not folders. I'd like to improve this in future.

  • Drag and Drop Folders   7 years 31 weeks ago

    Yeah it's a bit lame at the moment. You have to create an empty folder first and then drag the files into that.

    NanoSync gets you by most of the time but it'll need a bit of love at some point in the future :)

  • ** nanostudio songs **   7 years 31 weeks ago

    Cool.. Lets do it. just post it, then well combine them somehow get artwork created and post it instrumentals on the web once we call agree on the title of the EP. "The NanoStudio EP" !!!?

  • ** nanostudio songs **   7 years 31 weeks ago

    I'd be happy to help with a mixtape. i'd say i have the right software to do it, except i realize that most people on these forums do haha.

  • Wishlists   7 years 31 weeks ago

    First, thank you for creating this amazing app! NanoStudio has everything I have been looking for in a iDevice DAW! You have my gratitude and support!

    Here are some things I'd like to see implemented in the future updates if feasible:

    -For NanoSync, ability to upload and download entire directories, instead of only individual files
    -Perhaps two extra Mixer pages/views with 8 faders each (1-8 and 9-16) corresponding to 16 TRG pads. Three dedicated bus faders is great, but having immediate access to volume/pan controls of all 16 samples would be amazing!
    -More TRG Song tracks, please :)
    -As someone mentioned previously, some type of arpeggiator (and gate!) function for Eden
    -Ability to side-chain would be fantastic as well, when and if compression is implemented

    That's it for the moment :)

    Thank you again for all your hard work!



  • ** nanostudio songs **   7 years 31 weeks ago

    Just loaded up the facebook page on my phone, everysingle link to an audio clip plays fine!.

    also here's my second song! Its worse than my first.. but i was just experimenting!

    Loungin' by christophercrawford

  • ** nanostudio songs **   7 years 31 weeks ago

    Just tested bandcamp's player on my iPhone, it works.

  • ** nanostudio songs **   7 years 31 weeks ago

    Problem with facebook is that it requires flash to play sound files, and... um... well, you know why that won't work for sharing songs made with iDevices, right?

  • Two issues   7 years 31 weeks ago

    I can't seem to be able to pull files off of NanoSync, either =/

    **edit** apparently I can't use Get From on .trg files/folders but I can pull individual wav files out of it.

  • NanoStudio on iPad   7 years 31 weeks ago

    Great, I think at this point resistance is futile. Good luck with the development of the universal app, looking forward to it already.

  • ** nanostudio songs **   7 years 31 weeks ago

    our page at facebook is ready ! lets start ;) join all plz ;)

  • ** nanostudio songs **   7 years 31 weeks ago

    I just noticed that the free part of Soundcloud is limited and you have to pay to get more... Even though I will probably never reach Soundcloud's limits, I don't like being limited :-P so I went out on a Google Search (ok ok I just googled "Soundcloud alternative") and found some interesting things...

    Does anyone know any other alternatives, and what are your opinions on these? :-P

  • ** nanostudio songs **   7 years 31 weeks ago

    I've been using NanoStudio but I don't really mind to be honest. Your version needs 2 less shift keys for lazy people.

  • Wishlists   7 years 31 weeks ago

    Yep "more effects" was probably around update 2 or 3 on my list. Trouble is at the moment that I can see iPad getting in between update 1 and update 2.

    I tried hacking together a quick look-ahead limiter in a day, the idea being that at least for V1.0 it could be a handy little 'set and forget' unit on the main mix. Trouble is that I wasn't happy with it and had to make some ruthless choices about what to cut to get it out.

    I agree EG, compression and limiter would be great, together with a bitcrush preset in the Eden waveshaper at least. I hear the odd conflicting requirement though - some say they'd be happy with it over the main mix, others would like it on a per track basis.

    The main mix would make for a simpler UI and less CPU usage. Per track is definitely more flexible, and since it's quite easy on the synth to get some nasty clipping caused by a resonant filter, compression would be great there.

  • ** nanostudio songs **   7 years 31 weeks ago

    Created a group called "nanostudio" (no capitals... @Blip: do you prefer "Nanostudio" or "nanostudio"?) at SoundCloud. Need a lot of time to make some useful music though, because I'm not a musician and I usually totally suck at making music :-P

  • Wishlists   7 years 31 weeks ago

    I hate to ask after you worked so hard on Version 1.0 but has a more advanced effects and mixing section crossed your mind? I understand I/0 and interfacing with other apps is first priority which is great for people like me who want to also use other apps in our productions. However, I'd be willing to put money into a mastering "mini-suite". The exceptional DSP abilities you have shown with the original release of NanoStudio makes me want to see what a EQ, Comp, and Limiter would sound like coming from you. On the other hand, other apps can do this, I just think it would be a nice increase to the workflow if you could bus an instance of Eden to an EQ, mix it with a TRG bus, and then compress it. Perhaps just food for thought. Take some time off though. Rake in a little well deserved green before you start on an update. Im excited to see where this app goes in the coming months.


  • Can't load?   7 years 31 weeks ago

    > That said, i couldn't seem to find a way to make it save anywhere but in the Demo folder

    Ah yes that's done like this:

    - Tap 'Save as'
    - You'll get a keyboard to type the new filename but since you want a different folder tap 'Browse'
    - Go up a level
    - Tap 'New File' and enter the name you'd like

  • Can't load?   7 years 31 weeks ago

    Firstly, any patch changes you make in Eden are only in volatile memory until you write the patch to the bank. Autosave/save won't write any unwritten patches for you. There was a discussion going on in another thread about this and I think that can be improved in a future update. The golden rule in the meantime is, if you've got a patch you like - write it!

    TRG-16 changes are immediate though - it doesn't have a separate 'bank' memory like the synth patches, its settings are stored inside the project.

    The saving procedure does a bak file swap to help make it more robust - if your project shows a .bak version in the file browser you could try loading that (although the load procedure should automatically try the .bak if the normal load fails).

    The dialogue you're getting is pretty generic and means "something went wrong", but it's odd that the project name it gives is empty. I gather that the project you're loading does have a proper name in the file browser?

    Finally, you can probably say the project file's corrupt if the file browser doesn't show a date/time when the file's selected.

  • Wishlists   7 years 31 weeks ago

    MSEGs in TRG would be wicked-awesome. And a sidechain compressor >.>

  • Can't load?   7 years 31 weeks ago

    Okay - I tried renaming and saving a demo, and it worked fine. That said, i couldn't seem to find a way to make it save anywhere but in the Demo folder... Maybe related, i dunno.

    Let me know if you want me to try anything else.


  • Response so far   7 years 31 weeks ago

    I too hope the long effort you've clearly put into the design works out well for you financially. The app market can be a bit triksy that way, but it sounds like you're off to a strong start. I've certainly been pimping NanoStudio over on the other music forums that I frequent.

    The response from the Japanese market is good news; they're a discerning bunch and they have some scary-good musicians and producers over there these days. Asia in general is starting to push the musical envelope instead of just copying western influences, but IMO Japan is really leading the charge. So much of our high end gear these days is designed and made by Japanese companies any more.

  • Can't load?   7 years 31 weeks ago

    Hi there,

    I totally understand the bug thing (I'm a MAX/MSP programmer). Even though I haven't been able to reload anything, as far as I'm concerned, this is easily the greatest mobile music app so far. I'm in total awe of Eden - can't believe those sounds are coming out of my iPad, and I'm super super excited to see this grow. So... Let's trouble shoot.

    - Firstly, in case it makes a difference, I am using a 32GB iPad, wifi only.

    - I should also tell you (and then problem could be this simple), I assumed that when I saved the project, everything about that project would be saved - I didn't save my Eden or TRG-16 set-ups individually. That said, it won't load the project at all. If it were just the wrong synth or samples, I'd assume this, but it simply wouldn't load anything associated with the project.

    - The samples I've been using were all custom ones, loaded in by me via Nanosync. They functioned fine - I doubt they were corrupted.

    - and finally, the wording was:

    (in the orange bar across the top of the error message): Failed to load project ''

    (in the white field below the orange bar): The project file could not be loaded!

    Oh, and then at the bottom, a little checkmark and the work 'OK'.

    I'll try your experiment shortly and report back.


  • Wishlists   7 years 31 weeks ago

    drelbs - I was a bit annoyed when after having spent 2 months on the whole NanoSync thing, Apple announces virtually the week after that they've made USB transfers available with File Sharing :(

    I haven't investigated it much, but I think the main problem with File Sharing is that it only works in the root directory. I can probably get round this by getting NanoSync to zip up the files with the directory structure it wants, send it over USB and then have NanoStudio unzip it all to the right place at the other end.

    Does it really only work with iOS 4? That would make it unsuitable for many users.

  • NanoStudio on iPad   7 years 31 weeks ago

    Yes exactly that - the iPhone app will become a universal app for no extra charge at some point in future, but then iPad users can pay a little extra to get some extra tracks/instruments (basically something most iPad users will probably want).

    Plus it's 25% discounted at the moment. What more could you want? :)