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  • Some samples for Eden   8 weeks 2 days ago

    since cubasis update - files / on my ipad / cubasis ..

    my new wish is to browse nanostudio files the same way ...

  • Some samples for Eden   8 weeks 2 days ago

    Funny is that i don´t use my Seaboard often and use mostly my macbook keys as midi input. I only use the Seaboard if i really need accurate velocity events. But even here i like to use just a randomizer on velocity. My iPhone with 3D touch works great for polyphonic aftertouch and pitchbends as well. A "normal" playing on a touch screen is the worst thing for me and i can´t do that anymore.
    Mostly i don´t edit my midi. I mainly use live input and use as is or record the parts new. Like you would do with audio but i like to have the midi data saves to change instruments and stuff.
    I don´t see a dark side. I spend way to much money on things i don´t use (on iOS and mac) and the illusion that iOS is always the cheaper way isn´t true also.
    That said i still think NS1 is still the best iOS DAW ever......sadly i can´t use it on my not so old iPhone 6S plus because i wanted to use new apps like Model D and IDAM connection to mac and whatever needs iOS 11.
    Strange that on my mac which is now close to 5 years old i´m running the latest OS and old my plug-ins running still fine. Even if i wanted to run 32bit tools (which i don´t), there would be a way.
    IOS and the hardware is just build to be obsolete after a short time.
    Next is the app store itself is terrible. It might work great for bigger companies but since iOS 11 it´s even worse.
    Back to NanoStudio.....i´m sure i will buy NS2 in a heartbeat if i still own an iPhone and there will be an iPhone version but of course i see what happens in the last years and the true is i´m not sure if NS2 can be even supported long enough, doesn´t come too late or can be handled still from a one man company.
    Maybe it´s not what a developer want to hear but the truth is i will buy it mainly because of the retro love to NS1 and while BlipInteractive started my journey. Not sure if i even need or will use it.
    I still would prefer a cross-platform tool i could get on iOS and mac (and maybe even windows). NS1 was great here and while NS2 might get a huge quality and feature bump it will loose that f.e.
    I also tried all the other famous iOS DAW´s and found them not very touch friendly or intuitive to use mostly. I´m a bit scared that NS2 is maybe too much of a feature package to be still great to use like NS1. NS1 plus audio tracks (and a few other things) might just what i want on a small multi-touch device (i count iPads as well as small here).
    I f.e. much prefer to fine edit or create presets and stuff on my mac and can play it on my iPhone as well. Touch screens are terrible for this.
    Of course it´s also because i have everything i could imagine in Logic for a DAW and tons of plug-ins which offer things i still miss in iOS apps after all this years.
    Whatever, i might be totally wrong and NS2 might bring back my love for iOS devices.

  • Some samples for Eden   8 weeks 3 days ago

    midi keys (sampling)

    download :

    transpose & bpm (length)


    .. caustic is " huge "

    better than spider solitaire ..

    build your own synth model .. (save as song)
    routing (module to module to module)
    merge rack as instrument (zip wav) to nanostudio 2 , also .. ;)

  • Some samples for Eden   8 weeks 3 days ago

    Cinebient is way beyond us with the Roli Seaboard and all its yummy MPE expressions, not to mention the various MAC AU synths & FX. Despite the faults of iOS, I think that we have more synth & FX options than ever before, and a big key is just a DAW to tie it all together. I think that NS2 will be that key for me. Hopefully NS2 will inspire people like Cinebient who are on the fence or maybe have already jumped over the fence to the dark side. MAC + AU must be an expensive way to go, but certainly there is raw power that makes up for the cost if you can afford it.

    I hope that Obsidian will be MPE compliant or can become so with IAP. I have been eyeing those developments with a bit of jealousy. At some point I'll have to break down and get a Roli keyboard. They look awesome.

  • Some samples for Eden   8 weeks 4 days ago wishlist is at the end. IOS isn´t going where i want it.
    I mean Model D is just sounding awesome and i prefer it over all desktop Minimoog emulations. Then there is Zeeon.....that´s all i use on iOS at the moment. IOS 11 is unstable, unoptimized for audio and i lost NanoStudio.
    IDAM (connection for midi and audio from iOS to mac) is buggy as well.
    I guess that´s it.
    I hoped for a Obsidian synth to play with but that seems some time away....maybe so far that i´m out anyway.
    IOS is a dead end for me and it´s also not even cheaper anymore.
    So, no wishlist. I´m still interested in NS2 (but also would MUCH prefer it on mac).
    Otherwise there isn´t much to explore or enjoy anymore.

  • Some samples for Eden   8 weeks 4 days ago

    Sooo, articulations are on the wishlist then, Cinebient?

  • Some samples for Eden   8 weeks 5 days ago

    preset names (sampler)

    piano : 2o2x7
    - 7 samples / 5 kps (35 keys)
    lowkey key rootkey key highkey

    synth : 6o5x5
    - 5 samples / 12 kps (60 keys)
    lowkey key key key key key rootkey key key key key highkey

    violin : 3o2x6
    - 6 samples / 6 kps (36 keys)
    lowkey key key rootkey key highkey

    kps - keys per sample
    bpm - beats per minute
    jpd - joints per day ;)

  • Some samples for Eden   8 weeks 5 days ago

    For a good violin you need much more than one sample per note even.....:)

  • Is Nanostudio 2 still happening ?   8 weeks 5 days ago

    Hey Thank you very much for letting me know about this ( : I surely appreciate your help

  • Some samples for Eden   8 weeks 5 days ago

    Wha...? Are you puzzled nano? I was referring to the number of samples required for a sample-based instrument to sound good (which is admittidly very subjective). Obsidian’s early feature set sounds quite impressive for creating some great sample-based presets.

  • Is Nanostudio 2 still happening ?   8 weeks 5 days ago

    Yes! It is still being polished up, and will work on iOS 9 & higher.
    Read this thread for details: NS2 - Progress report and screenshots

  • Some samples for Eden   8 weeks 5 days ago


  • Some samples for Eden   8 weeks 5 days ago

    I wonder what the standard is for acoustic instruments like violins...? I would guess every third would sound realistic. For most synth sounds, maybe just every octave...? Every C from C0-C6 sould be a good start. In retrospect, there were some nice patches made with just one sample in Eden, although the range was often limited. I bet we get spoiled with Obsidian really quickly and begin to make comments like “I could never go back to making patches with just one sample! Hrumpf!”
    It will be nice to be so spoiled.

  • Some samples for Eden   8 weeks 5 days ago

    lowkey key key key rootkey key key highkey

  • Some samples for Eden   8 weeks 5 days ago

    Samples...? I’m not much into loops, but now that Obsidian will be able to handle multi-sampling, I think I might try some multi-sampled synths, just for the heck of it. I will buy some from LucidSamples as soon as there is a new thread started about LucidSamples. I won’t buy any if djsys doesn’t come back to this thread to read this post. This thread died 6 1/2 years ago. If you are going to bring zombie threads back to life you have a responsibility to check in on them, from time to time...

  • Some samples for Eden   8 weeks 6 days ago

    so quiet here ..

    .. everybody is trimming samples to be " ns2 ready "

    .. so , start me up ;)

  • Some samples for Eden   9 weeks 1 day ago

    Nice! If you want to download more samples

  • Samples missing from TRG pads   9 weeks 2 days ago

    Thanks! That sounds like the right answer, the projects in question were indeed resaved as .prj files into a new folder in preparation for the gig. I'll be sure to save them as .nsp files before moving them in future.

  • NS1 Updates for 32Bit Devices   9 weeks 3 days ago

    Unfortunately there's currently no (public) way to downgrade your device unless you saved specific tokens that the apple server creates, when you install an iOS version, a kind of signature: SHSH Blobs. You can do that online over here:, but that will be useless, since iOS 10 is not signed by Apple anymore (i.e. you can not install it on current devices).
    There are some packages on cydia that you need as part of the process to downgrade if you have the blobs, so in a way, the wikipedia article is right.

    Again, the simplest way is to use side-loading, there's quite a few apps that you can load to your iDevice without going to the Appstore. Basically, if you have the IPA (the application archive) of an app, you can install it.

  • Samples missing from TRG pads   9 weeks 3 days ago

    I cannot give you the intelligent answer - we'll need Matt to do that. It has happened to me before as well. I has something to do with how you save the .trg file, if I remember correctly, or perhaps where you save the samples. I may be missing some details, but when you save a project as an .nsp file, the TRG(s) will be packaged up and all the samples saved with the project. A .prj file project that has never been saved as a .nsp file might store TRG samples in a sub folder in the TRG folder, especially factory .trg files or 3rd party .trg files. The problem will generally reveal itself when you decide to move your .prj file to a new folder, like say a "Live Gig" folder. Now the TRG doesn't know where to find the samples because the chain it follows to find the samples has been broken by you moving the .prj/project. Always save projects as .nsp files before moving them. Also, when you do that make sure you put all Eden presets into the Project Bank so that any samples those may use will be nicely wrapped up and brought with the .nsp file as well. You can then safely open the .nsp file in the new location, like the theoretical "Live Gig" folder, and all your samples should be easily found in the proper TRG and Eden locations. I think this saving architecture has already been changed for NS2, but I don't know any of the details on that. Hope that helps.

  • NS2 - Progress report and screenshots   9 weeks 4 days ago

    Checking in... *browses through this thread again on my lunch break*

    Ok, back to the waiting game =P

  • Windows > Show Desktop > NanoStudio looses focus and won't come back   9 weeks 5 days ago

    I'm sorry to hear that. That's so depressing. Still working fine on MacOS 10.13 here. I was going to buy a Surface Pro, but pleased now I didn't. Especially after reading that. :(

  • A special day today...   9 weeks 5 days ago

    Cheers guys! x

  • A special day today...   9 weeks 5 days ago

    Belated happy birthday, Tom! I wish you and your macbook a long life and lots of productivity.

  • Windows > Show Desktop > NanoStudio looses focus and won't come back   9 weeks 5 days ago

    Same here