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  • Can't load?   7 years 20 weeks ago

    Firstly, any patch changes you make in Eden are only in volatile memory until you write the patch to the bank. Autosave/save won't write any unwritten patches for you. There was a discussion going on in another thread about this and I think that can be improved in a future update. The golden rule in the meantime is, if you've got a patch you like - write it!

    TRG-16 changes are immediate though - it doesn't have a separate 'bank' memory like the synth patches, its settings are stored inside the project.

    The saving procedure does a bak file swap to help make it more robust - if your project shows a .bak version in the file browser you could try loading that (although the load procedure should automatically try the .bak if the normal load fails).

    The dialogue you're getting is pretty generic and means "something went wrong", but it's odd that the project name it gives is empty. I gather that the project you're loading does have a proper name in the file browser?

    Finally, you can probably say the project file's corrupt if the file browser doesn't show a date/time when the file's selected.

  • Wishlists   7 years 20 weeks ago

    MSEGs in TRG would be wicked-awesome. And a sidechain compressor >.>

  • Can't load?   7 years 20 weeks ago

    Okay - I tried renaming and saving a demo, and it worked fine. That said, i couldn't seem to find a way to make it save anywhere but in the Demo folder... Maybe related, i dunno.

    Let me know if you want me to try anything else.


  • Response so far   7 years 20 weeks ago

    I too hope the long effort you've clearly put into the design works out well for you financially. The app market can be a bit triksy that way, but it sounds like you're off to a strong start. I've certainly been pimping NanoStudio over on the other music forums that I frequent.

    The response from the Japanese market is good news; they're a discerning bunch and they have some scary-good musicians and producers over there these days. Asia in general is starting to push the musical envelope instead of just copying western influences, but IMO Japan is really leading the charge. So much of our high end gear these days is designed and made by Japanese companies any more.

  • Can't load?   7 years 20 weeks ago

    Hi there,

    I totally understand the bug thing (I'm a MAX/MSP programmer). Even though I haven't been able to reload anything, as far as I'm concerned, this is easily the greatest mobile music app so far. I'm in total awe of Eden - can't believe those sounds are coming out of my iPad, and I'm super super excited to see this grow. So... Let's trouble shoot.

    - Firstly, in case it makes a difference, I am using a 32GB iPad, wifi only.

    - I should also tell you (and then problem could be this simple), I assumed that when I saved the project, everything about that project would be saved - I didn't save my Eden or TRG-16 set-ups individually. That said, it won't load the project at all. If it were just the wrong synth or samples, I'd assume this, but it simply wouldn't load anything associated with the project.

    - The samples I've been using were all custom ones, loaded in by me via Nanosync. They functioned fine - I doubt they were corrupted.

    - and finally, the wording was:

    (in the orange bar across the top of the error message): Failed to load project ''

    (in the white field below the orange bar): The project file could not be loaded!

    Oh, and then at the bottom, a little checkmark and the work 'OK'.

    I'll try your experiment shortly and report back.


  • Wishlists   7 years 20 weeks ago

    drelbs - I was a bit annoyed when after having spent 2 months on the whole NanoSync thing, Apple announces virtually the week after that they've made USB transfers available with File Sharing :(

    I haven't investigated it much, but I think the main problem with File Sharing is that it only works in the root directory. I can probably get round this by getting NanoSync to zip up the files with the directory structure it wants, send it over USB and then have NanoStudio unzip it all to the right place at the other end.

    Does it really only work with iOS 4? That would make it unsuitable for many users.

  • NanoStudio on iPad   7 years 20 weeks ago

    Yes exactly that - the iPhone app will become a universal app for no extra charge at some point in future, but then iPad users can pay a little extra to get some extra tracks/instruments (basically something most iPad users will probably want).

    Plus it's 25% discounted at the moment. What more could you want? :)

  • Wishlists   7 years 20 weeks ago
  • The ability to merge two projects.
  • Copy and pasting of midi content from one project into another.

    Already, I've been working on projects and realized that they are complimentary parts to the same song! It would be great to be able to quickly merge and/or paste together content from multiple projects.

  • Wishlists   7 years 20 weeks ago

    Hit post too soon...

    PS> I don't want a scrollable keyboard, but an option to set the key it's based on would be excellent. And I'd love multi-samples (even just a couple) but I can live without them.

    Looking forward to midi support!

  • NanoStudio on iPad   7 years 20 weeks ago

    First, congrats on a fantastic app, I've been looking forward to it since seeing the YouTube demo a few weeks ago.

    To get back to the Universal App point, does this mean that you will (likely) upgrade the current app to enable full resolution viewing on the iPad, while offering an in-app upgrade to enable some iPad specific features? That should work for most users.

    The reason I would like to know is that I'd like to try NanoStudio out right now, but I intend to use it mostly on the iPad. It would be a real bummer if I buy it now and a separate iPad version comes out down the line.

  • Wishlists   7 years 20 weeks ago

    You guys should consider using File Sharing in iTunes to import/export samples/mixdowns/midi.

    I've got a couple of apps that use it now and it's nifty (essentially a USB transfer through iTunes. Requires iOS4 and iTunes 9.2 - open your device in iTunes, click the Apps tab, then scroll to the bottom. You can upload/download multiple files at once!)

  • Wishlists   7 years 20 weeks ago

    AudioCopy/Paste yes ASAP (but take a break post-release, though!, you've earned it IMO)

    Multi-samples... yes that would indeed be useful for phrases that range across many octaves, but honestly I'd rather have a few audio tracks first, especially one that could be "frozen" as a "reference track" and excluded from mix-down to wave. I know you're familiar with what I'm asking for here because we've discussed it on other threads before, but for the other onlookers, the basic need is to AudioPaste or Import some mixdown from another iDevice app into NanoStudio so you can listen to it as a reference track while building parts up in NanoStudio, then either AudioCopy or Export the mixdown from NanoStudio to some other iDevice app.

    What I'm really shooting for is the ability to create parts in all the various "good" iDevice apps, letting each do what they do best, then AudioCopy or export their wave mixdowns into something like Multitrack DAW for a final mixdown. Of course to do this, you need either a live transport like ReWire for the iDevice platform, or else you need to be able to listen to wave mixes from other apps in *your* app to ensure that the new stuff you're building in your app is being created with the right feel and timing.

    Slidable keyboard... BIG YES. It doesn't have to be a fugly UI change, and it would be very helpful for folks like me who play riffs nearly an octave up or down from my "rooted" chord position. Any chord that is thumb-rooted on C or D I can't riff into 4th or 5th or 7th below and then resolve back. And I can't play *any* chord and associated riffs that are thumb-rooted on A or B (and barely G) unless I do the "narrow" key widths, which feels a bit "smallish" to me even on the iPad. I'd like to adjust the thumb note exactly where i want it to give me room to riff both down and up.

  • help!!! how do you set bpm???   7 years 20 weeks ago

    It was a bit annoying to have to tuck something like tempo under 'Tools', but I couldn't find another good place for it.

    Really 'Tools' should be called 'Various song stuff you need from time to time but not that often' but that wouldn't fit.

  • NanoStudio on iPad   7 years 20 weeks ago

    Yes you're quite right, just because the root's C, it doesn't mean that you don't want to go below it. Will definitely consider a tone/semitone shift on the UI.

    I'm not good enough either to know every chord in 12 different keys. That's why I generally transpose and have never owned a proper piano!

  • help!!! how do you set bpm???   7 years 20 weeks ago

    ha ha! Me too. That's why I added this to the newbie guide even though you'd think setting tempo would be elementary.

  • Using Eden to synthesize electronic drum sounds for use with TRG - A guide   7 years 20 weeks ago

    The app did support 8 and 16 bit samples originally, but it was a bit of a pain having to support different bit depths, and as you say there were CPU implications (the hardware's 16 bit and it's handy to keep everything in this form).

    In fact, NanoSync converts 8 bit samples to 16 bit before it uploads them. A bit wasteful of memory but it makes things simpler.

    What I'm getting round to saying is that NanoSync needs to be extended to downsample 24 bit samples to 16 bits before it uploads.

  • NanoStudio on iPad   7 years 20 weeks ago


    Now if there were only a way to "slide" the displayed keys left or right by semi- or whole-tone increments so that some key other than C was the root note at extreme left of the bottom row. Why?

    - you might want to play fingerings/riffs that aren't in the first inversion. Like a lot of jazz/funk/blues chords and the riffs you play off of them are really more thumb-rooted on the 3rd, 5th, or 7th than the on the 1st, and the riff often stretches half way into the octave below before resolving back to the "home position" of the chord you're riffing from. Did I explain that well?

    Sure, you can just do a global transpose, but then you can't use the riffing patterns you're used to doing on full keybeds.

    Let me try a different way: If I want to do a riff that's thumb-rooted on F or G, I have room to riff in both directions. But if I want to riff on a chord that's thumb-rooted on C, I'm hosed unless I global transpose by something like -5 semitones to effectively move that C into the middle of the displayed keybed range (where the displayed white F key is). But when I do this, the black/white key intervals don't match shapes that I use to navigate my standard riffs from a chord position. Nor do any of the shapes I use to quickly find my chord jumps "work" for me anymore.

    To me, global transposition is more of a tool for taking some song that you've burned into your eyes and muscle memory in some specific key and just slapping a band-aid on it to fit some singer who can't sing in the key you prefer to play it. On bass and guitar it's no problem to slide around the patterns you've learned up and down the fretboard to suit the situation, but in the keyboard world it's way too much effort (for me anyway, lol) to learn 12 different ways to play the same chord progression and riffs off the chordal centers just to deal with some chance situations.

  • Ipad   7 years 20 weeks ago

    The App looks very good on the iPad as is and the extra screen real estate makes it easy to play both the synths and the drum pads. An HD version with extra tracks will be very tasty but it's still a very capable App and creative environment in it's current form and well worth the investment.

  • Using Eden to synthesize electronic drum sounds for use with TRG - A guide   7 years 20 weeks ago

    You can also use a non-zero crossing as the basis for a kick =) Chop out the segment you want (starting someplace where the waveform is above or below 0, this gives you the click), pitch it down, etc. Abusing samples is something I'm still learning, though. I imagine you could mix the non-zero crossing click and yourself going "shhhh!" to make snares, hats, etc.

    For the drum sounds guide using samples, I think I should primarily focus on manipulating NanoStudio's built-in samples. A lot of sample libraries I see are 24-bit and it will only do a max of 16-bit (hardware limit or was this a decision to save CPU/battery?) anyway, so the built-ins would just be more accessable to people.

  • NanoStudio on iPad   7 years 20 weeks ago

    I don't know if you realise, but you can change the key width in the MANAGE/Settings page.

    The 'Narrow' setting's pretty good for the iPad.

  • Using Eden to synthesize electronic drum sounds for use with TRG - A guide   7 years 20 weeks ago

    Yep great guide - it's possible to learn loads about analogue style drum synthesis by closely studying 808 or 909 samples in the sample editor and then trying to emulate what you see with the synth.

    So who's going to be the first to create an entire set of drum samples synthesized using Eden only?

    Another tip : you can make surprisingly good drum sounds with a bit of beatboxing into the mic. 't' sounds for hi-hats, 'p's for bass - you get the idea.

  • Ipad   7 years 20 weeks ago

    Extra tracks would be most welcome :)

    I doubt if my next Apple purchase is an iPhone 4. The 3G is good enough for me. But I will get an iPad though.

  • Wishlists   7 years 20 weeks ago

    My wish is for a YouTube channel for everyone to share their creations on. :)

  • Rotary Knobs (Specifically Pan) Setting to 0   7 years 20 weeks ago

    Enz242: That's a great line of thought! I experimented with the patchbay settings for Knob based on what you just posted, and discovered that if all you want to do is set a *static* pan for a given part/pattern, you can do it with the Knob and therefore "eat up" only one of your 5 user-assignable CCs, leaving both XY pads free for XY goodness.

    I'll update that section of the newbie guide to explain how in a little bit, but I'm sure you can guess at how it's done. Basically, set the Value for knob to -100, then turn the knob up to pan the synth to the left. Similarly, set the Value to +100 and turn the knob up to pan to the right. Of course you can't record surface control moves this way, at least not from left to right but only degrees of center-left or center-right, but a lot of the time a static pan value is good enough.

  • Manual errors   7 years 20 weeks ago

    Page 23 > Editing Samples:

    Seems to be a copy-paste error in the diagram for "From the Eden Synth". The "Resample" tab should be the "Edit" tab.