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  • First short track   7 years 30 weeks ago

    Cool :)

    ps. I think people are adding tracks here until we get a forum area dedicated,


  • Nanosync and IPhone   7 years 30 weeks ago

    ...are you saying that the sync bit is planning to stay on the computer? I was hoping to load tracks from the internet direct to the phone....
    And same here on the Tiger thing - aint got no Intel :)

  • Issue reloading saved project   7 years 30 weeks ago

    Really looking forward for patch auto-save! Thanks a lot.

    The reason I am posting here is that Akai SynthStation and ReBirth got deleted from my iPod after 30 minutes of usage, and your NanoStudio hasn't :-) You've done a terrific work and I feel there are just a few conveniences that you could add to make it perfect. I would love to contribute with feedback as much as I can.

    BTW, I am from Sinevibes ( We are considering doing sound expansions for NanoStudio. Samples are easy, but we also need to figure out what's currently possible with exporting/importing patch banks.

  • US iTunes store   7 years 30 weeks ago

    I wish Apple would change the system so if you rate 1 star you need to leave a comment, so at least you get any feedback so you can address their issues, as likely most of them will be either reboot and/or RTFM.

  • US iTunes store   7 years 30 weeks ago

    IF you come over here I'll buy you a beer for all the work you've done. :)

  • Possible to monitor nanostudio sequence while recording?   7 years 30 weeks ago

    Cheers man! I'm going to have to tone down the support a bit next week though to get the first update under way :(

  • Possible to monitor nanostudio sequence while recording?   7 years 30 weeks ago

    That's unfortunate - about the performance issue. A metronome would be helpful, at minimum, but yes the whole mix would catapult nanostudio to the stratosphere!! Hoping the fix is toward the top of your list. Thanks for the quick responses, btw -- a nice customer service touch that's much appreciated from a customer perspective!

  • audio track possible ? and multi-sample sampler ?   7 years 30 weeks ago

    thanks :-)

    sounds very interesting, holding finders crossed and wishing good luck and lot of time for coding new features :-))

    when i close eyes, i see the future, one year from now, Nanostudio 2.0 PRO on iPad, the perfect dream-DAW with overkill functionalities :-) i'm starting sell-out my hw synths :-)

  • US iTunes store   7 years 30 weeks ago

    The US sales are only half that of the UK or Japan though - given the population difference I'd say that word hasn't got round.

    I might have to go over there to shake the hand of every individual personally, and tell them the Queen's virtually my next door neighbour. As marketing goes it's unconventional, but it might just work!

  • US iTunes store   7 years 30 weeks ago

    Leave aside the polarizing one star ratings for a moment.
    ...only 2 four-star-ratings, that is amazing.

  • Recording Vocals with a Mic   7 years 30 weeks ago

    thanks so much for the response, i should probably study up on how the recording is done.

  • audio track possible ? and multi-sample sampler ?   7 years 30 weeks ago

    Nice tune!

    Audio tracks are definitely on the wishlist - just need the time now!

    I gather you realise you can resample a song region and put it on a TRG-16 pad (or the Synth)? Without audio tracks it's not possible to put that resampled phrase straight on a track, but you can record an event to trigger the pad instead.

    Multi sample instrument - on my wishlist too. I can't tell if it would be better to make it a brand new type of instrument, or just add it to Eden.

    EQ - on the list too. I think at some point I need to make some selectable options like this so people with newer hardware can enable them if they wish.

    In Eden, you can set the waveshaper to 'EQ only' and use the contour control to do some broad tweaking of EQ.

  • Recording Vocals with a Mic   7 years 30 weeks ago

    If it plugs into the the standard 4 ring 3.5mm jack it should work fine. I use an adaptor like this on my iPod.

  • ** nanostudio songs **   7 years 30 weeks ago

    My tracks are now available for download ;)

  • ** nanostudio songs **   7 years 30 weeks ago

    scubapig - are you using a synth for the bass drum? I can hear a longer decay one sometimes. Maybe it's just a different sample.

    Pezta - Yeah get some Hip Hip on the go! We've been lacking that so far. 90s would be my favourite era too.

  • Issue reloading saved project   7 years 30 weeks ago

    Most people agree with you on the operation of the preset writing, and I'm not arguing - will do better next time :)

    I didn't know that about the Roland synths - so you've successfully squashed my 'hardware synth' argument too!

    Unlike the global banks, the 'project' bank is saved with each project. You can use some spare global presets as a temporary 'staging area' to copy some projects from one project to another, but a proper bank copy would be nice.

    If you want to start a new project using the same presets as in the current one's Project bank, you could begin with a 'save as'.

  • US iTunes store   7 years 30 weeks ago

    I can see how that might arise though - it's described as a 'studio' and it mentions sampling and mic recording. He left a message though so people can at least judge for themselves if they agree with it or not. And maybe it might prevent future one star ratings over the same issue!

  • Velocity Management on keyboard & Drum Pad editor. Keyboard resize management   7 years 30 weeks ago

    You kind of work around this on the keyboard synth by connecting the control knob to 'Amp Env'/'Amount' in the patchbay - make sure you turn the actual amp envelope's amount down to zero though, so that the control knob has 'headroom' to turn it up again. It's a bit of a faff though and not the same as proper velocity I agree.

    The drum editor's an easier one - there's a velocity control on the Autobeat page. It only works when the Autobeat page is visible though. When playing on other pages, the velocity is fixed at about 80%.

    You can choose different keyboard sizes on the MANAGE/Settings page - but did you want to be able to smooth scroll it left/right too?

  • Having performance problems?   7 years 30 weeks ago

    Hi chandavi. I do nearly all my testing with an iPod Touch 2G and the latency should be unnoticeable - so you shouldn't be having these problems with the hardware you've got! Can I ask what iOS you're using? I'm using version 3.1.2.

    Is it just the TRG-16 pads, or is it a problem on the Eden synths too? If it's just the pads, check that you have the Autobeat function turned off.

    If it's everything, have you tried closing all your Safari pages and rebooting your iPod? Does it occur on a project where you've loaded lots of massive samples, or does it happen with every project?

  • Possible to monitor nanostudio sequence while recording?   7 years 30 weeks ago

    I had this working a few months back but had to take it out due to some performance issue that wasn't easily resolved with Apple at the time. It's still on my list - at the very very least, a metronome would be good - but the mix would be better.

  • Is Tiger supported?   7 years 30 weeks ago

    another 10.4 user here. just thought id voice that im here too. im on a 2003 ibook and i dont think i want this system to lag with leo. thanks for the support and effort.

  • Ipad   7 years 30 weeks ago

    I am buying too because it's going universal, as I only own an iPad I would like to support the developer, with his development costs now for this great little app.

  • ** nanostudio songs **   7 years 30 weeks ago

    hey everyone, just wanted to drop in and say how much i dig this app and that i am going to start posting songs soon on the soundcloud group. i bought the SC app and am ready to start rockin.

    i think a good idea if you chose to buy the SC app is following every other contributing member so you can check the app on the go for new submissions. so some of you that are in the SC group will see i have chosen to follow you.

    my cup of tea is hip hop mostly, so you might see some classic 90s sounding hip hop or just plain electronic coming from me fairly soon. i just got the app today and dont exactly know my way around perfectly but the learning curve isnt that steep.

    hope to see you all around and id definitely be down to contribute to an album of any kind.

  • Issue reloading saved project   7 years 30 weeks ago

    Thanks for the reply! I would really love to see this feature as soon as possible, as it will eliminate the extra work that, in my opinion, software should do for the musician :-)

    Speaking of hardware synths - not exactly true, Roland synths since 10 years ago all save patches within the song/project that you save (nowadays this is how JUNO-G, Fantom-G, Fantom-X do). So no matter if you created sound on the fly or modified some presets, you just save your song and you know that your whole setup will load up just as it was when you saved it.

    One more question, if you kindly allow:

    You have the custom patch bank named "project" - does this mean this bank will get wiped if I start a new project?

  • Nanosync and IPhone   7 years 30 weeks ago

    I take whatever I can get for now! Hope to upgrade at some point... As long as the chances of totally corrupting all files is slim I'd be happy to try it out!