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  • Wishlists   7 years 49 weeks ago

    Oops, my mistake. It does indeed retain the zoom when looking at velocity. I must have been switching to another controller type.

    > I'd probably suggest modifying note velocity to get a similar effect.

    I was trying to fade a held note, so, sadly, that won't work.

  • Future Export Options   7 years 49 weeks ago

    Some type of metadata stamp (BWF) would be crucial, so that exported tracks synced up correctly when dragged into any DAW that supported it (Logic?).

  • bass (A or B)   7 years 49 weeks ago

    Thank you guys!

  • Feature Requests + questions: More Flexible Delay Settings + Triplet Grid   7 years 49 weeks ago

    This answered my question about iTunes file transfer. I hope Apple will soon bring relief to a WIFI-less person.
    One of my favourite apps, Readdle Docs can import a zipped files via USB and extract them into a folder inside the app.
    This is most useful to me. I´m just thinking about USB-transfering a zipped bundle of samples into Nano which then would create a user sample folder - named after the zip... or any other way to bring in my own samples.
    From a web server by 3GS maybe :/

    Anyway, this app is awesome, and any improvement will make it even greater!
    I´m greateful and excited to see what ever comes up.
    ACP will surely ease my cable oriented pains!

  • Request for different coloured blocks in song sequencer mode...   7 years 49 weeks ago

    When you record something, the sequencer makes a new part - parts are always blue. When you copy a part, it takes a fresh copy of all the events inside it - this means you can modified either the original or the copy without affecting the other.

    You can turn a part into a pattern (under the More/Properties menu in the song editor). Patterns are given a number and a colour to help you identify them. Unlike a part, copied patterns don't take a copy of the events - they refer to the same events as the original. Therefore if you modify a pattern with a particular number, all other patterns of the same number change too.

  • Request for different coloured blocks in song sequencer mode...   7 years 49 weeks ago

    I'm not sure I understand. I know in the manual. The different patterns have different colours but all of my different parts have the same blue colour. Am I missing something?

  • Request for different coloured blocks in song sequencer mode...   7 years 49 weeks ago

    The trouble is that it's using colours to denote different patterns at the moment.

  • ** nanostudio songs **   7 years 49 weeks ago

    My last one :

    Dozen by Entracte

  • New NanoStudio Social Networks Added - Showcase Your Creativity   7 years 49 weeks ago

    We should settle on a single SoundCloud group because the free user tier can associate a given file with only one group. Only paid users can associate with more than one group. Since "nanostudio" was the first-created group, I recommend that we stick with that one.

  • Copy and paste standards   7 years 49 weeks ago

    Good man! You're pretty well running exactly along my line of thought in your first two paragraphs. All I needed was one person (didn't matter who) to confirm and it's all good :)

    I hear what you're saying about the launch app functionality. I suppose if I'm honest I totally agree with you on that too. Maybe I'm just being lazy, time to look into networking and png->OpenGL conversion too :(

  • Copy and paste standards   7 years 49 weeks ago

    No need for a Paste button on the TRG-16. Load takes you to the file browser, from there you either find an existing sample and select it, or paste one in from the clipboard first, then select it to load. By sticking with a file browser workflow, you keep it simple and flexible, since some users might not want the loaded sample to end up in a project-specific folder but instead be pasted into a global "library" folder. Ultimately, I might want to maintain a central library of samples, perhaps in subfolders by subtype, and let your upcoming project export feature just pull the project-specific samples into the project folder IF I need to share or archive a particular project.

    I say just go with a source name with an -01, -02, etc. suffix if the source name is otherwise duplicate. The anal-retentive among us will probably use ReForge and the like as a bridge to rename our files anyway. Besides, naming sample files is a PITA anyway. What we care about most is knowing the source app where possible.

    IIRC the compatible apps list is used only after an AudioCopy operation, right? To quickly launch the other app into which you want to paste the clip that you just copied out of NanoStudio? In that workflow, it *is* very convenient to just tap on the target app and have it auto-launch. Otherwise, I might need to make several "touches" to get there: Home > scroll sideways several screens to find the target app > tap the app to open it.

    That said, it is annoying if you plan to copy multiple clips, as you've said. And if it's too much overhead that will affect performance, it's acceptable to go through the home menu.

  • Copy and paste standards   7 years 49 weeks ago

    I forgot - I'm thinking of not implementing the Sonoma compatible apps list. I can't see how it's any faster than pressing the home button and choosing the app off the menu, and in some cases the flow just gets in the way if you want to copy several files before launching. It also needs some networking and image file conversion that ideally I'd want to leave out.

    This isn't decided yet, just my thoughts at this stage.

  • New NanoStudio Social Networks Added - Showcase Your Creativity   7 years 49 weeks ago

    Oh no it's all going wrong!

    There's only one way to solve this - fight!

  • New NanoStudio Social Networks Added - Showcase Your Creativity   7 years 49 weeks ago

    I thought this was the soundcloud group:


  • Best site for free samples?   7 years 49 weeks ago

    I'd go almost as far to say it's impossible to find free samples on t'internet that you're allowed to do utterly anything you like with (making commercial tunes, reselling, not attributing the author in some way). I tried and failed for NanoStudio - the 'reselling' bit is the really tricky issue.

  • Copy and paste standards   7 years 49 weeks ago

    No that's finally swung the decision, I'm doing the Sonoma version. Shame it won't support sample rates other than 44.1kHz but I suppose I can't complain - due to a bug, NanoStudio doesn't handle them properly either until the next update!

    The UI won't be what most people are used to with Sonoma compatible apps though - here's what I'm thinking:

    - A copy button on the file dialogue to copy any selected sample file to the pasteboard
    - A pasteboard button on the file dialogue which brings up a 'pasteboard' popup

    The pasteboard popup will contain the list of samples currently in the pasteboard (up to 12). The list will allow multiple selection. Once you make your selection and tap paste, it'll paste all the selected files into the current folder (ie. the folder you lauched the pasteboard popup from). I'm not going to do the 'loop n times' option - I don't think it's right for samples.

    I might add an extra paste button to the TRG-16 alongside the load button - this will be an 'all in one' paste operation which pastes an item from the pasteboard into the project directory and then loads it. Or I might leave this out because the above system isn't that bad and it keeps the layout less cluttered for an operation which is needed less frequently.

    The only thing I'm still thinking about is how to deal with naming the destination files during a multiple paste. Firstly, a lot of apps don't seem to give a sample name (or the user didn't enter one) so they'll default to the name of the app which copied them. During a multiple paste this will result in a lot of destination files with the same name so some intervention is required. I could bring up a rename dialogue (tedious) or I could automatically name copies eg. Morphwiz-1, Morphwiz-2 etc. (but currently there's no 'file rename' tool to change this afterwards).

    What to chime in?

  • bass (A or B)   7 years 49 weeks ago

    As far as I know, those bass samples are named "bass A" and "bass E" and are recorded E and A strings from an electric bass guitar. The samples you load into nanostudio gets into the C key by default, so you probably have to transpose it -4.

  • multitrack daw or fourtrack   7 years 49 weeks ago

    OK fair enough, it's just a simple multitrack recorder then, for some reason I thought it was more than that.

  • Tempo change mid song   7 years 49 weeks ago

    No not at the moment. It's one of those features that a handful of people ask for and can be a bitch to put in, so most developers (ie me!) generally decide not to do it when it's a choice between that and something else.

  • bass (A or B)   7 years 49 weeks ago

    Bass A and Bass E are samples of open A and E strings respectively. Loading a sample in Eden always maps the sample (at its original speed) to middle C. Therefore the presets which use Bass A and E transpose the sample to compensate for this. Does that sound right?

  • Best site for free samples?   7 years 49 weeks ago

    Although be aware that if you you use samples from, you must attribute the original author in the notes or comments/etc for any such songs that you make publicly available.

  • Copy and paste standards   7 years 49 weeks ago

    Yes. Only one clip at a time in the Intua GP. Sonoma ACP allows up to 12 on their custom clipboard at any one time.

    If you can stand the overhead of implementing the Sonoma standard, everyone gets the best of both worlds. But as you pointed out before, the overhead might be too great.

  • multitrack daw or fourtrack   7 years 49 weeks ago

    You are not going mad. This is what I mean when I say that Sonoma is way too "Apple-like" in their design approach with StudioTrack/FourTrack. HarmonicDog will put Sonoma in the ground when he finally adds some per-track and output bus effects/compression into MultiTrack DAW. Or you will, when you add audio tracks in NS.

    The only reason I use StudioTrack is add demo vocals on top of stuff I've done in other apps, because right now they're the only game in town for effects and compression.

  • ** nanostudio songs **   7 years 49 weeks ago

    Cool stuff, getting to grips with NanoStudio and loving it, heres a link to my first track created using NanoStudio see what you think.

    First Go by Malpasoman


  • Nanosync and IPhone   7 years 49 weeks ago

    Dekoy! Well pleased for you and doubly so for you Matt! I tried uninstalling and reinstalling and still no go.. Ah well, hopefully it's just my system and everyone elses will be fine ;)