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  • Price announcement   6 years 48 weeks ago

    Don't worry, this is still under consideration.

  • User driven development?   6 years 48 weeks ago

    The immediate priority for updates will be cut and paste and more import/export options. I have a lot of ideas for future developments after that, but I'm definitely expecting user feedback to be the major driving force.

    In an ideal world I'd give it away free like the PC and Mac versions but I think it's pretty fair - many people were thinking it would be much more than this. Audio applications were coming out at this price 2 years ago with a quarter of NanoStudio's features. NanoStudio replaces several existing apps all in one and negates the need to cut and paste between them. Audio applications are specialist and much lower volume than mainstream apps and the price also reflects not only the cost of the development so far but also a future commitment to updating a large app. Plus I have a family to feed and haven't earned a bean for 15 months! Right, sob story over ...

  • Price announcement   6 years 48 weeks ago

    Get wise, tho, and release it for $5-$10 for the first few days.... so it shoots to the top of the charts, and consequently garners more visibility.

    Plus, it'll reward early adapters who are watching and waiting.

    Nothings worse than a pricey app that a few die-hards plunk down $$ for, but doesn't see enough action to become a top-paid app. Then, desperate developers slash the cost, and alienate the hell out of the few folks who jumped on early, and feel burned.

    Just a suggestion. iSequence did this, and it's a featured app.

  • Emmachisit?   6 years 48 weeks ago

    The price has now been decided and there is a regional breakdown in the Announcements forum.

  • How many banks?   6 years 48 weeks ago

    Thanks for the replies, folks. :)

    It all depends on the personal usage. Mine is to load many banks with many samples in my Roland SP808´s to then shoot them.
    So i need no sequencer and no synths. As my machines are getting old i´m looking forward to make use of 2 iPads on stage for the future.
    Therefor my questions.

  • So does this mean that there is going to be a Mac OSX version of nanostudio?   6 years 48 weeks ago

    You can render the whole song or any part of it to a wav file using the iPhone, PC or Mac version.

    On the iPhone, you must use a small program called NanoSync to get that wav file back to your computer over WiFi.

    On the PC/Mac you can click a button which shows you the final rendered wav in an Explorer/Finder window.

  • How many banks?   6 years 48 weeks ago

    Extra sample banks wouldn't be too tricky to add as long as the UI stays clean for switching between them.

    I'll see how people get on with it and will look into it if demand is high.

  • How many banks?   6 years 48 weeks ago

    I would personally love to see more banks of samples, as 4 synths is good for one type of music but being able to assign resampled content to all 16 pads and still have 16 other pads to assign new samples would increase creativity ten fold. Unless of course you could load multisamples into a synth. That'd be boss! Still, i'll wait and see what it's like to play with once it's released...

  • How many banks?   6 years 48 weeks ago

    Each project (ie. song) has one bank of 16 samples for use with the trigger pads. Although more is always better, generally I've found that this isn't a limitation when you've also got 4 synths at your disposable. Incicentally, the synths have one 'factory' bank of 64 presets (fixed), one 'global' bank of 64 (shared between all projects) and one 'project' bank of 64 (specific to the project).

    Synth presets can also use samples and the sequencer can change the synth preset for any part in the song so theoretically you could set up the synth to load different samples as a song progresses, although this isn't the use I had originally in mind.

  • So does this mean that there is going to be a Mac OSX version of nanostudio?   6 years 48 weeks ago

    Sounds great! looking forward to this!

    So there will be the ability to render performances/loops as AIFF/WAV files without the need for other programs like Wiretap Studio?

  • Excited + Question   6 years 49 weeks ago

    Glad to hear you're looking forward to it! The price will be announced mid this week.

  • Audio copy/paste?   6 years 49 weeks ago

    Totally - I think NanoStudio will score along the lines of fairly traditional synthesis and UI (ie. keys, pads, analogue synth emulation and sampling). I'm hoping that for these core uses there won't be a lot of reason to go outside it, and it should save a lot of time and allow for a smoother workflow.

    However there are plenty of superb apps which do a great job of exploring more unusual applications of the phone's UI (I've had fun with Jasuto in the past) and it's specifically for these cases that the cut and paste is essential.

  • Audio copy/paste?   6 years 49 weeks ago

    I part! I think that you are right that copy and paste is not an ideal solution because it's difficult to to compose elements that will work together in different Apps and then try to combine them in a third. On the other hand there are a large number of specialist Apps, such as, Jasuto and Morphwiz to name but two, where the very way the App works effects the way you create music and therefore influences you to create content that you might not create without them. It's important therefore that what you create in these environments can be incorporated into the primary working environment of your choice. Currently the only way to do that is via copy and paste. ( roll on audio multi tasking!)

  • Okay. The question we've all been afraid to ask. Has it been submitted to Apple yet?   6 years 49 weeks ago

    The app is finished and 95% tested on all platforms (iPhone/PC/Mac). The manual is also finished (both as a downloadable PDF and HTML viewer embedded in the app). Still need to test iPad compatibility.

    Currently I'm in the content generation stage - that comprises the synth presets, included samples and demo tunes.

    Kieron Pepper is providing the drum samples and loops for the app. Kieron was the live drummer for The Prodigy from '97-'07 and is now Director of Volkano Productions and Head of Songwriting at BIMM Bristol.

    Still looking at mid July for the release.

  • Whoa! I saw mention of this at   6 years 49 weeks ago

    Line 6? Good question. I've just been recently returning to hardware, gear wise, after having moved to Reason only for 5 years. I'm still clued out as to tons of gear that's available. :O :)

    MIDI connection wise, my thoughts / hopes / desires, eventually - would be able to sync the unit with an external sequencer (Master / Slave, no matter. :) ) Ultimately - for being able to use your software in conjunction with the rest of my gear. :)

    True. Once I'm able to play with the PC version, that'll give me something more of an idea as to how well I may be able to work with it / as well as investigating it further, as well.

    As with many - I can't wait! :D

  • Oh man, can't wait.   6 years 49 weeks ago

    SynthStation has no reverb I bougt it today and just played with it a little bit... NanoStudio has verbage and probably going to be alot better.. can't wait for it to be released... keep up the good work Blip... Pretty sure yours is going to walk all over Akai SS...


  • Audio copy/paste?   6 years 49 weeks ago

    I'm hoping that NanoStudio will negate the need for audio cut and paste in many situations - using the clipboard between applications it pretty clumsy and time consuming and I really think that people have got used to it simply on the basis that there's no app that does it all in one.

    That said, I will be adding it in the first update since I don't expect everyone to agree with me!

  • Audio copy/paste?   6 years 49 weeks ago

    Blip, its ok, i got this one. Sometime mid July!

  • Oh man, can't wait.   6 years 49 weeks ago

    Yeah, it seems like nothing more than an app to sell their keyboard, but I could be wrong. Anyhow, the reviews I read were just off of the iTunes Store, so nothing entirely official, but one guy wrote a pretty thorough review, giving it 2 stars and calling it unfinished. A few one stars too, but there's also a few 5 stars, but honestly the 5 stars sound like either fakes wrote by someone for Akai (One goes wayy to far into description, sending just a wee bit too much praise) or possibly inexperienced/overexcited buyers.

    I do actually like the pattern based sequencer, reminds me of Korg DS-10, which I had a lot of fun with. But your sequencer is definitely more professional and functional, and with looping and all that will be a blast too.

    Have fun on holiday, I'll definitely be looking forward to mid-July!

  • Oh man, can't wait.   6 years 49 weeks ago

    I've been wondering for some time how SynthStation was going to pan out. For a direct comparison against NanoStudio, it has one less synth (and I think 2 of them are monophonic), no sampling, and a simpler pattern based sequencer (which may appeal more to some people).

    My suspicion is that SynthStation is more a means to sell Akai's keyboard hardware, but I may be wrong. If they are opening up the hardware to other apps then this might confirm it.

    I would download it and try it out, but I'm on holiday at the moment. Where have you seen the reviews of SynthStation? I haven't found a great deal so far.

    I'm hoping to submit to the app store around mid July BTW.

  • Audio copy/paste?   6 years 49 weeks ago

    I generally have the line of thinking that if the app doesn't have audio copy paste that I don't buy it. You're app looks fantastic, and if it is planned, then it will be a day one purchase for me, any idea when that day will be?

  • Whoa! I saw mention of this at   6 years 49 weeks ago

    *tears* :'(

  • Whoa! I saw mention of this at   6 years 49 weeks ago

    Bah! I was replying to your post and I've gone and accidentally deleted the C:\ drive.

    Sorry looks like it's going to be another 14 months :)

  • Whoa! I saw mention of this at   6 years 49 weeks ago

    I demand you release this app now!

  • Whoa! I saw mention of this at   6 years 49 weeks ago


    External MIDI interface would be wicked. Was it the Line 6 Mobilizer you had in mind? That's the only one I know of off the top of my head.

    Once NanoStudio's released you will be able to download the PC/Mac version free to see if it lives up to your expectations. I'd hate to deny you of the Blackberry's physical keyboard if it's not what you hoped!