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  • Who's running the oldest hardware?   7 years 36 weeks ago

    I am using Nanostudio on my iPhone 2G. It runs on version 3.1.3.
    And, believe it or not, this great app runs perfectly smooth!
    Even when i recorded some stuff and several loops are running in the background.

    I am switching to the new iPhone 4 soon, though.

  • Jordan Rudess loves nanostudio...   7 years 36 weeks ago

    yeah, that's what i call advertisement.
    he is totally rockin' the hell out of this app!

  • iRig for recording?   7 years 36 weeks ago
  • Seriously, audio just *has* to be first...   7 years 36 weeks ago

    For electronic music NanoStudio's a reasonably complete solution. If you're into hip hop and want to record vocals, or you want some guitar and vocals with drums and synths then I agree it is limiting. Definitely considering this task as a high prority, probably second only to the iPad currently.

  • iRig for recording?   7 years 36 weeks ago

    I normally use a headset adaptor for recording, but the microphone inside it is pretty cheap and nasty. I haven't seen an adaptor which allows you to plug in an external mic. I don't know much about the iRig - does it only support guitar level signals? If so, most (if not all) microphones will be too quiet for use with the iRig.

  • Seriously, audio just *has* to be first...   7 years 36 weeks ago

    sorry but completely disgree with this what you wrote (that nanostudio without audio track is "simply not viable for the composition of music")

    i think this simply is NOT TRUE. maybe for you, but not generaly.. i agree that audio track will be fine feature, but for me mostly for resampling part of sequencer and automatically insert it as new audio track to free synths but... i think to say that without audio track isn't useable for composition of music are not fair words ... i finished already 3 tracks in nanostudio (and i'm not only one who finished lot of tracks within it :-)) and i did it also withou audio track...

    so, generally, maybe audio track is must-be when you want records vocals or some external instruments, but there are lot of cases where you don't neet it to capture creative ideas ... i'm sure that also without audio track is nonostudio highly useable for music composing and for capturing creative ideas ...

  • Seriously, audio just *has* to be first...   7 years 36 weeks ago

    Gotta say +1

  • 2 Jordan Rudess videos on Palm Sounds   7 years 36 weeks ago

    Thanks, shannong
    I thought it was some great exposure.

  • sample   7 years 36 weeks ago
  • 2 Jordan Rudess videos on Palm Sounds   7 years 36 weeks ago

    Nice find! Matt must be proud!

  • Non-Destructive sample editing/slicing   7 years 36 weeks ago

    Thanks! I found out the way you describe by complete accident :). I'll be using this method till a more streamlined approach has been created.

  • drums   7 years 36 weeks ago

    this program rocks like elvis presley on steroids and if nanosync says that you have to put each file in one by one so be what i do
    1 make a cup of tea
    2 open up nanosync and create a folder
    3 after you click send to device select all your samples and click open
    4 drink tea.
    repeat the above while pondering how the hell mr nanosync got what is possibly the best pocket sized synth known to man in such a small device and before you know it you will be creating music using your drum samples.

    hope this helps : )

  • Wishlists   7 years 36 weeks ago

    i have another feature request :-) automatic multritrack export will be great :-)) i have plan extend, finish and master my tunes in DAW on my PC, so i'm now exporting individual tracks (solo one chanel, export, solo another chanel, export, ... it's a bit boring :-)) ... it will be great whent this (solo - export - solo -expost -...) process will be automatised on one click and then files like {projectname}_{X} will be saved (X will be 1-6 for each sequencer track) .... also great advantage of such export will be possibility such export disable global SEND FX's (delay& reverb) OR at least export them as another two individual tracks ( _reverbSend _delaySend) ...

  • Wishlists   7 years 36 weeks ago

    Re: Guitar fretboard, I've mocked up an idea for implementing a guitar fretboard here;

    Just replacing the secondary keyboard with a horizontal fret board.

    I've owned a couple of midi guitars (Casio and Yamaha see played through Yamaha synths using switches on the fretboard and "strings" that trigger the note. In truth they were not guitars but rather guitar organs. Yes it would be great to have 6 mono synths but to even come slightly close to a guitars string bending, fretting and nuances is a very tall order, although the ishred app comes close.

    I think all that is needed is some way of getting notes in via guitar fretboard, most guitarists could compensate given some kind of fret board, for example building up chords one pass at a time, just to get the notes in.

    The existing user interface would work, adding another screen like the secondary keyboard but showing the guitar fretboard instead, the up/down octave buttons would shift the fretboard although perhaps in single note steps.

    No need for seperate mono synthes, just map the fret positions to the notes on the keyboard, so E0 maps to low E on the keyboard and the high 1st string E maps to E 2 octaves up. Ideally the fretboard image would change when at the lowest position to show the nut at the far left.

    Thanks again for such a great app, I've started playing Nanostudio rather than listening to my itunes.

  • Gig this afternoon   7 years 36 weeks ago

    Hi It was on the iPhone and it worked an absalute treat. Sounded great through the little system the venue was using. I showed nanostudio to the sound engineer which he was amazed by and proceeded to download. Nanostudio has now become an integral part of my setup.

    neut :)

  • ** nanostudio songs **   7 years 36 weeks ago

    thanks for creating this amazing app .

    The message by Rabih Rihana

    All songs in the soundcloud link above were specially composed in celebration of launching Nanostudio.



  • transfering folders/nanosync   7 years 36 weeks ago

    Thanks...I've figured out a way to transfer multiple files at works out just the same.

  • drums   7 years 36 weeks ago

    Ive found that if you want to to import a lot of files at one time, just select a file and using the shift and down arrow keys you can scroll down and select as many as you want with nanosync.

  • transfering folders/nanosync   7 years 37 weeks ago

    Unfortunately you can't at the moment - will be improving this in future.

  • Waveshaper volume bug?   7 years 37 weeks ago

    OK yes, there is some output gain compensation going on based upon the drive setting. With most waveforms, increasing the drive will increase the amplitude as more of the signal gets 'pushed' to the top. To compensate for this, the waveshaper reduces its output volume a little. In the extreme case of a square wave, all of the signal is already at maximum amplitude so this effect doesn't take place and the compensation results in a net reduction. I think it's OK as it is since it works for most cases - and there's not much point in driving a square wave any harder anyway because it's already at maximum amplitude.

    Hope that makes sense!

  • drums   7 years 37 weeks ago

    Thanks for the heads-up on iPhone Explorer! I have been wanting something like that but I've never gotten around to doing a necessary Google search... ;-)

  • drums   7 years 37 weeks ago

    I should probably just recommend iPhone Explorer to anyone having problems with WiFi and/or NanoSync really.

  • Waveshaper volume bug?   7 years 37 weeks ago

    Unfortunately I first noticed it with a custom "saw bass" preset I made but let's see... using a standard preset which can replicate the effect...

    If you use the "Square Bass" preset in the Global B bank on each of the Edens and then set up their individual Waveshapers like this:

    1st synth = Waveshaper off
    2nd synth = "EQ Only" and CONTOUR set to middle
    3rd synth = "Hard", DRIVE set to minimum, CONTOUR set to middle, LEVEL set to maximum
    4th synth = "Hard", DRIVE set to maximum, CONTOUR set to middle, LEVEL set to maximum

    Now if you play a short riff and copy it to each synth so that they play one after the other, you will see that there is no change in volume between the first two synths. But the third one gets quieter and the fourth is even more quiet. Of course messing around with the CONTOUR knob can help compensate for the volume loss (Bass boosts tend to be more effective than treble boosts in my random experimentation that I didn't make much of a note to provide a more detailed "bug" report... sorry!) But I thought it would be better to bump up the LEVEL knob rather than change the sound using the CONTOUR knob.

    The effect seems to vary depending on the preset used so I'll try playing around so more...

    EDIT: typos!

  • bluetooth stereo headphone problems   7 years 37 weeks ago

    Yes, bluetooth headphones always have a delay. With an app such as a media player you don't really care about a small delay between pressing play and hearing the results, but with a realtime music app it's a different story!

  • drums   7 years 37 weeks ago

    you don't have to jailbreak to get to the folder just checked.