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  • Wishlists   7 years 24 weeks ago

    I made a deliberate decision not to look at too much stuff (hardware or existing iPhone apps) - sometimes it clouds the design. The best thing about doing the design, art and code simultaneously is that you're free to change any one or all of them to get the desired result, and you don't have to arbitrate or convince someone else. Sometimes what looked initially like a design or code issue ended up being solved with an easy (but not immediately obvious) art change. I still think all of it could be better!

    Your suggestions have been noted. Subscribe to thread - will check out. I've been trying to make various improvements to the forum and it's getting there slowly. I wish I knew how to make it put page numbers at the top and bottom of a thread.

  • Wishlists   7 years 24 weeks ago

    Hi Blip,
    I'm surprised you haven't used an mpc because you really nailed it with the TRG autobeat. Speaking of which, it would be great if there were a couple of other realtime knobs there for sample start, pitch or perhaps even attack/decay. That would just be soooooooooooo very nice!

    Re: MPC pitch pads, I think the advantage on the pads would be convenience, keeping the rhythm programing in the same area, and being able to combine other TRG features like the autobeat. It could be a 2nd bank for instance or even open as a separate TRG?

    I absolutely agree that Recycle-like chopping would be the way to go for the phone. It actually would open up even more creative possibilities since one could reprogram the loops, perhaps edit individual slices (reverse, fades, levels?). Maybe the original midi groove could go to the sequencer and one could edit, apply groove/swing quantize and so on. Speaking of swing, is it possible to add an mpc groove template? They have them on PT, Reason and it just grooves so hard. Although I must say, NS timing feels really good.

    Oh my, just thinking of the possibility of these features being added to NanoStudio is, well... VERY exciting indeed.

    On another note (no pun intended), would it be possible to add a subscribe-to-thread option on the forums?

  • ** nanostudio songs **   7 years 24 weeks ago

    Yeah I liked the fact that even if you uploaded a big fat wav, you were still only limited by time (not file size), and you could download the original 'unmolested'.

    In general it's probably only the uploader who notices the recompression and takes it personally having heard the original time and time again. No one else will know!

  • ** nanostudio songs **   7 years 24 weeks ago

    I was going to upload the wave file but decided not to for speed's sake. Converted it to V1 Lame VBR MP3. Yeah, not sure what Soundcloud does with them. I think the version that appears in the player is compressed to their own standard format, whatever that is, for the sake of player decoding speed. It's clearly not too rubbish just from listening. If you download the track though, it is in the original format as uploaded (just tried it).

  • ** nanostudio songs **   7 years 24 weeks ago

    Nice work! Did you upload the wav directly? I uploaded the mp3's for NanoStudio's demos because I had them to hand but I have a feeling that SoundCloud's recompressed them.

  • ** nanostudio songs **   7 years 24 weeks ago

    What, like this?

    Grub by scubapig

  • ** nanostudio songs **   7 years 24 weeks ago

    OK 'tis noted.

    ..and 'Input format' should now work for people so they can embed SoundCloud player links too (it's just above the Save and Preview buttons). A reminder of how to embed a SoundCloud link:

    1. Go to your waveform view in SoundCloud and click on the 'Share' button in the top left corner.
    2. Copy all the 'embed code' text it gives you and paste it into your post.
    3. Before you submit your post, click on 'Input format' (just above the Save and Preview buttons) and choose 'Full HTML'.

    I'd enable full HTML by default but I don't want spam sites hitting it with a load of flashing viagra adverts and shit like that!

  • ** nanostudio songs **   7 years 24 weeks ago

    Yeah, the last bit...Probably goes too low for most purposes, I reckon.

  • ** nanostudio songs **   7 years 24 weeks ago

    Ah yes I know what this is. To improve CPU performance during playback, certain values are interpolated over an interval of about 10ms or so. During render (where realtime CPU performance is not necessary), this is tightened up to about 5ms.

    The one you hear during mixdown/resample is closer to what it should be, but obviously you don't know that because you've only heard the realtime playback version.

    Maybe I should limit the mixdown/resample interpolation frequency so it behaves the same in all cases?

    ... or limit the release control so it can't go so low (which I'd thought I'd done but obviously not!) ?

  • Ipad   7 years 24 weeks ago

    I bought this sitting in Narita (Tokyo) airport waiting to come back to the US. Worked on two songs on the way back - what a great way to spend the time cooped up in a little seat! The guys sitting behind me and beside me kept asking questions about the app and wanting to listen as I completed some of the sections. It works great on the ipad now and can't wait to see what the future holds! Tremendous app and so worth the $$.

  • ** nanostudio songs **   7 years 24 weeks ago

    Also, while I'm here, spotted an issue with the release on TRG-16. After you told me about how it only works in "hold" mode, I tried it on a couple of sounds with success - works like decay in a way. So I used it to shorten a shaker sound that was already quite short and it worked fine - nice fade off and achieved the desired effect. But when I mixed to wave and played it back, the shaker sound had almost disappeared from the mix. It was really short, like a tiny tick and very quiet, probably more to the shortness of the sample than volume. Also, it did nasty things to a bass drum. Instead of shortening and fading, it just cut it with some crackling noise. That was while playing it in Nano, before any mixdown. Thought I'd let you know anyway.

  • Wishlists   7 years 24 weeks ago

    In my experience, most DAWs require you to touch the keyboard on the left side of the editing area. some also play the note if you drag a midi event up or down on the grid, but not if you keepmthe note in place. Bear in mind that most of my experience is with DP and Ableton Live.

  • Need help with nanosync!?   7 years 24 weeks ago

    I think the first thing would be to see if your firewall is blocking connection. Try briefly disabling it to test this out. Not sure what version of OS X you're running but try this:

    - Go to System Preferences and select Security.
    - Click the Firewall tab.
    - Click Stop to turn the firewall off

    If it now works, you should turn it back on and add NanoSync as an exception.

    If it doesn't:

    - Try rebooting everything (particularly your router) - sounds desperate but it does often work
    - Then come back to me and I'll see what else I can do.

    I gather you are using a router rather than an Ad Hoc network?

  • Production Newbie   7 years 24 weeks ago

    Hi joechurch,

    Ah you can move from mixing dnb to creating it :) I've done a few dnb tunes, Buzzard & Chop-Chop both done with NanoStudio - The other tracks in that list are done with renoise tracker on a netbook btw.

    NanoStudio really is a great introduction to sequencing, it is very well designed for quick workflow and easy learning curve in my opinion. Sit down and read the manual, youtube a few videos, and most importantly, get playing with the app :)


  • Need help with nanosync!?   7 years 24 weeks ago

    I'm having an issue with my ipad to mac wifi transfer

    wifi is enabled and I'm getting an ip address as well. When I open nanosync on my laptop there is no device found. When I enter the ip address I'm given it times out while trying to perform a search.

    I love the app but i really need the files on my laptop to add other instrumentation. Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance for your time

  • Wishlists   7 years 24 weeks ago

    In cubase, I think it's silent. It's only when clicking directly on a note it makes a sound. Not when you drag around note(s) to make a selection.

  • Wishlists   7 years 24 weeks ago

    xLiTo - They're on my list. It's a long list though, and haven't got round to prioritizing it yet!

  • Wishlists   7 years 24 weeks ago

    LoveAurell - what's the deal with hearing edited/touched notes when you've got a multiple selection? Can anyone remember what desktop DAWs do in this situation?

  • Wishlists   7 years 24 weeks ago

    i second the mpc like features..more trg banks,autochop or recycle like sliceing please.

  • Wishlists   7 years 24 weeks ago

    Batninja - Yes it's something I've thought of, and it fits in with the idea of doing alternatively scaled keyboards.

    The biggest hurdle is how to record and represent the note data when it comes to gliding notes. Since a guitar is really 6 mono synths (ie. one for each string) it needs 6 independent MIDI channels. Otherwise it's impossible to represent if an 'E' (for example) was made by an open bottom/top string or a different non-open (fingered? fretted? closed?) string if you follow what I mean. Any bright ideas on how to solve this appreciated!

  • Converting batches of samples   7 years 24 weeks ago

    Btw, I just posted in the support forum on a similar topic, I'm using Audiomove on windows but there are Linux and Mac builds and raw code if you're up for a compile, Cheers!

  • Batch converting 24 bit samples   7 years 24 weeks ago


    I've been using Audio Move (Windows, Linux, and Mac) to go from 24-bit down to 16-bit 44's..standalone exe, fast, does what it says on the tin!


  • Wishlists   7 years 24 weeks ago

    It would be useful to hear the notes you edit and touch in the part editor.

  • Production Newbie   7 years 24 weeks ago

    Here's a really simple way to get started at least:

    - Create a new project
    - Go to the TRG-16, tap 'Import' (on the home panel) and load a sample bank. Stick with one you like the sound of.
    - Go to each Eden synth, and choose a preset you like the sound of.
    - Tap 'record' and play one or any of the instruments. When you created the project, it set up a 4 bar loop for you.
    - If you make a mistake while recording, tap the record button again and it'll change to a cross. Now any notes you play will be removed rather than recorded.

    Once you've got a loop you like you can go to the song editor and arrange the parts into a song. Drag on the horizontal ribbon (the one near the top showing the song's bar numbers) to change the start/end points of your current loop.

    To edit the parts themselves, double tap on them to see all the notes inside them (these are normally called note events).

    Obviously there's a lot more to it than that, but you can build up loads of ideas really quickly like this.

  • Wishlists   7 years 24 weeks ago

    Guitar Fretboard Would Be Great
    Thank you so much for such a fantastic music app, I've only been playing with it for an hour an already can see years of fun. The sound quality and usability is wonderful, I could gush on but wanted to get in early with a wishlist. As a guitarist I always find keyboards strange, I think in terms of frets and chord shapes. Any chance of a guitar fretboard screen to input notes? Doesn't have to be too elaborate. 6 Strings with 6 frets (touching the string segment would trigger the sound and maybe have a strum feature) and some way to move up and down the fretboard like you have with the keyboard. I guess it a fair bit of work but ask some of your guitarist friends if they would buy your app as a result and see if its worth doing?