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  • Files not appearing on Nanostudio   7 years 37 weeks ago

    NanoStudio's fairly free and easy over where you put most files - it's up to you, based on what makes the most sense.

    You could try putting them in your current project to start with. Let's say you've got a project called MyProject on your phone:

    1. Copy the samples to /Projects/MyProject.prj using NanoSync

    2. On the TRG-16, tap Edit and choose your pad

    3. Browse to /Projects/MyProject and you should find your samples there

  • iRig for recording?   7 years 37 weeks ago

    I have the iRig and will be doing some testing will let you know how i get on


  • Files not appearing on Nanostudio   7 years 37 weeks ago

    Thanks, the loading dialogue is now showing which it wasn't before. The only problem is once I load the samples I can't seem to find them in Nano studio. Maybe it's just me being stupid. I've tried uploading to all folders. Where should I load drum loopsso I can use them on the TRG?

    Thanks for your help.

  • Full OS Software Edition?   7 years 37 weeks ago

    Hi, you can already download a PC/MAC desktop version (free) if that is what you are after..


  • Nanosync and IPhone   7 years 37 weeks ago

    NanoSync V1.02 is now available, which should hopefully work on Tiger 10.4 (still Intel only)

  • Files not appearing on Nanostudio   7 years 37 weeks ago

    Does it show the 'uploading' dialogue? Try using the 'Send to device' button instead if not.

    Some versions of Windows seem unhappy with allowing drag and drop to work. Make sure you're using NanoSync 1.01 (where I had to fix this for Windows Vista/7 users) and if drag and drop still doesn't work, try running NanoSync as administrator.

  • Please suggest/list your "essential" sample sources   7 years 37 weeks ago

    They are nice shannong, for sure. Still reckon it's better to try and make your own, although I know it's fun playing with stuff like those because the quality is top-notch. Those kind of really well put together sample packs are the only things that tempt me...No! Must make own samples!

  • Ipad   7 years 37 weeks ago

    exactly, i agree at 100% with icepulse.

  • external Hardware Midi Controllers   7 years 37 weeks ago

    This, midi-import/export & I'll be happy+

  • Banks and presets (request and query)   7 years 37 weeks ago

    I've just remembered the main reason why I didn't do presets as separate files - the problem comes with naming and ordering. If a preset file is given the same name as the preset, NanoStudio has no way of knowing what order they should be loaded in (and hence what order they appear in the bank once loaded). Alternatively, if preset files are named 'Preset01', 'Preset02' etc. this solves that problem but then you're into renaming a load of files when you want to insert a new preset to appear between 1 and 2.

    I do think that a 'bank librarian' is still the right way to do this (and handle all these details for you) - it just hasn't been written yet!

    I hear what you're saying with the parts/patterns, I've never been quite happy with it. The sequencer keeps the unused patterns around (until you choose to 'release' them using the song tools) more to handle those transient situations where you may temporarily change the pattern number and may have nothing referring to it for a short period of time. I tend not to rely on this behaviour and keep all my 'unused' patterns at the end of the song so I can copy/drag them in if I need them again. Ideally, the UI for choosing the pattern should give you a visual preview of that pattern - this would be a good step in the right direction.

  • ** nanostudio songs **   7 years 37 weeks ago

    numero quattro

    Lawkduhp by e$beats

  • ** nanostudio songs **   7 years 37 weeks ago

    heres beat #3

    Happy daze by e$beats

  • multitrack daw or fourtrack   7 years 37 weeks ago

    If Multitrack DAW had effects, I'd drop StudioTrack/FourTrack in a heartbeat. But if you want compression, eq, and reverb, you're stuck with Sonoma for now. MTD will eventually have effects, but not now. NanoStudio will be copy/paste compatible with both soon

  • Banks and presets (request and query)   7 years 37 weeks ago

    Great to know you've got the import/export covered... I still stand by my statement that banks as opposed to a preset file system is much more limited and less user friendly.. but it doesn't detract too much from the more than excellent product you've turned out :)

    As an aside I think the relationship between parts and patterns is a little unwieldy from a song editing point if view. For example, when I want to instance a pattern that I don't currently have in my song (because I deleted it, although the pattern remains intact), first I have to draw some bars making an empty part.. then I have to convert it to a pattern, then I have to select the pattern number I have stored. Now, that's easy enough to do, but i just feel a little odd knowing my project might have patterns lying around unused and I can't really see them from anywhere until I want to instance them... and I can't clean up specific unused ones, only all unused ones (I think). I'd like some kind of pattern manager so I can just drop an existing pattern into my song, see what patterns I have, edit them and delete them etc... any thoughts on that?

    ...obviously after audio tracks and the iPad version of course hehe :)

  • Problem with many files upload   7 years 37 weeks ago

    This has been reported by the occasional user, but I've never been able to figure out the cause. In my tests, I've uploaded 1000's of files without a problem so I can only think it's down to a specific network configuration.

    If you're getting this problem then it might be bext to try uploading in batches of no more than 100 files at a time. A bit of a pain, but you shouldn't have to do it too often. If you find that it's a particular sample file which causes the problem, feel free to send it to and I'll do my best to check it out.

  • Nanosync and IPhone   7 years 37 weeks ago

    Hi. NanoSync won't give you the list of devices its found until you click the Connect button. So if you can't see the Connect button ...

    When you load up NanoSync, what do you see? The Connect button should be in the top left hand corner.

  • Waveshaper volume bug?   7 years 37 weeks ago

    It's a bit of a fine line between keeping volume levels up and having enough signal headroom to avoid clipping. In general I kept it conservative - thus no posts about 'it's making horrible noises on my beats' :) So far, anyway ....

  • iRig for recording?   7 years 37 weeks ago

    If you're handy with a soldering iron... can make your own iRig-type adapter for use with a dynamic mic rather than a guitar. I hope to make one soon so I'll try to report back on how it went...

  • transfering folders/nanosync   7 years 37 weeks ago

    You need to download NanoSync, at the bottom of the downloads page.

    There are some instructions on how to use it in the PDF manual (also on the downloads page) or in NanoStudio's help pages.

  •   7 years 37 weeks ago

    You need to download NanoSync, at the bottom of the downloads page.

    There are some instructions on how to use it in the PDF manual (also on the downloads page) or in NanoStudio's help pages.

  • Waveshaper volume bug?   7 years 37 weeks ago

    Yeah, I suppose using the "Square Bass" preset was a bad example... ;-) I was originally clipping a sawtooth which has something to clip so that's why I was wondering if it were possible to boost the output level a bit higher by making a LEVEL knob that goes to 11 and beyond...

    I figured it had something to do with harmonic content and whatnot and perhaps the "bug" was just proper functioning to keep output volume at a safe level. And while I can understand compensating for the gain between the minimum and maximum value of the DRIVE knob but it just seems to me like the volume can take too much of a dive by just turning the Waveshaper on (even with DRIVE at the minimum and LEVEL at the maximum). I don't know... I guess I'm just a control freak; I'd rather have to turn the output level myself rather than have the "circuit" do it (if it means that I will be unable to get one synth's volume at a near-ear-splitting level compared to the others). :D

    But I guess a decent workaround would be to resample and normalize the parts... but if at all possible... 11 and beyond! 11 and beyond!!! (I guess I should put that on my personal wishlist) ;-)

  • Banks and presets (request and query)   7 years 37 weeks ago


    digging out this slightly old thread.

    I have no problem with banks. But there should be a possibility of saving/loading sound banks - and not only from a project. This is a standard behaviour of all sound apps I know of. And it is good.

    I do not want to overwrite the sounds permanently. In addition to that, it would enable a massive amount of sounds over the internet. Although perhaps others may provide sounds for cash. I don't know if this is intended or not, but I like the idea of exchanging soundbanks etc. pp.

    Amazing App. Thanks for this great work.

  • Nanosync and IPhone   7 years 37 weeks ago

    Two things:
    1) Someone please tell me why I see no button labeled CONNECT on Nanosync for PC?! Where should it be?
    2) My iphone connects/sees WiFi just fine. However, Nanosync for PC does not see anything. What gives?

    This is a GREAT iPhone App -just want to use it's feature set to the fullest extent.

  • Keyboard octaves...   7 years 37 weeks ago

    I'd like switchable octaves on the top keyboard, so that I can play it more than one octave higher/lower than the bottom keyboard. Of course, I can just layer a new line over an existing recording so it's not a deal-breaker in any sense, just one of those nitpicky things, really.

    Maybe when the top keyboard's up, tapping on the keyboard icon in the middle of the up/down arrows on the far left of the screen could bring up a pop-up allowing you to switch the octave of the top keyboard? With this only available as an option when the top keyboard's on-screen? Just an idea!

    By the way, the UI in NanoStudio is absolutely fantastic - some seriously great design work there, fella. I think it's a really big part of the app's success. Can't wait to see NanoStudio evolve, given that it's set such a high benchmark from day one. :)

  • transfering folders/nanosync   7 years 37 weeks ago

    how did you do this? please let the community know. im still trying to figure out how i can add new samples to the nanostudio app on the iPhone. Anyone?