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  • Audio Copy/Paste (ACP)   7 years 24 weeks ago

    I'll note that Intua-based apps that support stereo tracks (like MultiTrack DAW) recognize a stereo file from the GP just fine. The problem is the Sonoma-based apps that don't do stereo audio tracks (like StudioTrack). For such apps, they can recognize and auto-split a stereo wave into two tracks only if then wave is being pasted in from the Sonoma ACP clipboard. Although they can also see and pasted in from the GP too, they don't recognize the wave file and offer to auto split. Instead, they paste the file into one mono track and I bet they're just pasting either the left or right channel and not doing a true channel merge.

    But so far, StudioTrack is a bit of an oddball, and as i've mentioned before, I put up with it's high price and too-Apple-like design approach only because it has a good per-track effects feature and great per-track EQ and output bus EQ. If Harmonic Dog ever adds similar per-track effects and output buss effects to MultiTrack DAW, I'd drop StudioTrack in a heartbeat. But vocal tracks with EQ and compression are too important to me.

    On that same thought, however, if you eventually add audio tracks with decent per-track EQ, compression, and reverb send to NanoStudio, (and basic waveform trimming/splitting), you also remove the need to rely on outside "DAW" apps for vocal tracks. I could see keeping MultiTrack DAW around just for some really huge mix that won't fit entirely inside of NanoStudio, but StudioTrack would go the way of the dodo bird.

  • BUG? Several presets on one track   7 years 24 weeks ago

    Are there any note events in the first part whose length (tail) goes all the way to the right edge of the part editor? If so, try ensuring that such note events end a tiny bit before the end of the last bar in the first part. I'm just totally guessing here on the hunch that something in the first part is not "releasing" the first preset by the start of the first note event in the second part.

    Another thing perhaps with trying is to convert both parts, or at least the second part, to patterns instead, just for grins? I've wondered whether patterns are pre-cached in any way.

  • So does this mean that there is going to be a Mac OSX version of nanostudio?   7 years 24 weeks ago

    You have a very excellent straightforward, simple, elegant and professional DAW here. I think you actually should seriously consider a fullscreen midi-in mic/audio in enabled version of this app for Macs n' PC's.

    There's something to be said for not competing with the big guns like Cubase/Live/Logic etc. GarageBand's simplicity and success has been a testament to that. I have Record/Reason and Cubase, which I love, but for me it's just so much artistically simpler to fire up GB, dial in the very few sounds and bang out an idea (which usually ends up w/ an export to Record). Now I'm using your amazing app on my iPad (incidentally, it really does operate well on the iPad), and exporting to Record.

    You've already got the code... just update the UI and you're there! Charge $19.99 and you'll sell a bazillion of them. Charge $9.99 for purchasers of your IOS version (as a "companion" app or something). If it runs well on netbooks and MacBooks (which it does already), you're exceeding the numbers of devices out there that the IOS runs on by a long shot. Make a bridge between a full desktop version and the IOS one, and keyboard players / people with guitar racks/audio effects will use it, hardcore. It would be so brilliant to be "out there" on my iPad, tapping some ideas on the screen, but with the ability to come home, sync up, and add some more serious parts into the song with a real midi keyboard. Then to be able to take that same song back out on the road on my iPad/iPhone...? Whooaaaa.....

    I can only imagine my guitarist's joy in this back-and-forth possibility as well. And another point - it would allow the musician to learn ONE app to use in multiple places. I'm fantastically tech-saavy, but I tire of having to re-learn the interfaces to my tools all the time, because I feel it gets in the way of creativity.

    There's currently nothing out there other than Garage Band that falls into this niche in the desktop realm, and if/when you add recording tracks, your app will have given GB some solid competition in my opinion. And in the Windows world...? There's kind of, well, not much it seems in terms of simple and elegant.

  • First review of NanoStudio!   7 years 24 weeks ago

    Really, this is the best music production app I have found for my phone. I used to play electronic music and have recently been getting back into composing and this is exactly what i need. Two young kids and no set up with my computer, this works great!!

  • iPad folks - Check out the "Electrify" app   7 years 24 weeks ago

    Shame about not being able to use this to compose entire songs. Hopefully the dev will make it possible. Automation would be awesome, too.

  • Audio Copy/Paste (ACP)   7 years 24 weeks ago

    I'm still worried about how the Intua format will work with regards to correct handling of mono/stereo files though - will research this more before I back myself into a corner! It's not a done deal yet ...

  • iPad folks - Check out the "Electrify" app   7 years 24 weeks ago

    BTW here's a quick and dirty beat loop I cranked out in about 5 minutes. It comprises 6 different samples, one of whose loop points were modified (non-destructively) within the app to remove some trailing delay echoes that were in the original sample. It's a one-bar phrase repeated 4 times in MultiTrack DAW and uploaded to SoundCloud directly from within MultiTrack DAW. (I look forward to seeing a NanoStudio stamp next to some uploaded SoundCloud creations some day--that's a neat trick.)

    ElectrifySample.wav by shannong

  • iPad folks - Check out the "Electrify" app   7 years 24 weeks ago

    And finally, how do you record/copy things out for use in other apps or outboard DAWs?

    You cannot record an entire long performance and render it to a mixdown WAV. The "record button" is really just an edit lock for all the clips. So "performances" are live only or else you need to record the analog output somehow.

    You also can't record any motion automation, so the XY pads are for live performance or analog recording only. At least not in the current version.

    Instead, when you use Export or Copy to Clipboard functions, they export/copy whatever 8 track beat is currently configured on the clip matrix. This is *great* for quickly creating a bunch of closely-related samples for use in other apps:

    1. Find a combination of clips you like and copy it to the clipboard, then paste it into some other "bridge" app (or use export to "bounce" down to a new sample within the app's own sample library, which you can easily grab later with iTunes file sharing).
    2. Find a different combination of clips you like by tapping them, then copy/export again
    3. If you've set up your entire clip matrix with a full load of sequenced patterns and one-shots, you can quickly bang out many dozens of closely related samples with lots of dynamic and texture variation.

    By tricksy games with patterns in NanoStudio, you could cram in all these samples to the Eden tracks in any order or combination you like.

  • First review of NanoStudio!   7 years 24 weeks ago

    LOL- Was there any doubt that they WOULD like it?? Haha I love the modesty of these guys :D And congrats, you all deserve rave reviews for cranking out something so solid.

  • NanoStudio public support ideas   7 years 24 weeks ago

    Totally, I hadn't even thought of it but I would buy (and wear) the hell out of a Nano T-shirt!

  • ** nanostudio songs **   7 years 24 weeks ago

    Another thing: When recording, you will see a flashing red dot to some of the knobs. This means, when you adjust the knob while recording, it records the knob's movement! Amazing :D It's fun to play around with cutoff :-P

  • ** nanostudio songs **   7 years 24 weeks ago

    There's three output busses in the TRG. Normally all (or most) pads are connected with Bus 1. To add a delay just to certain pads, first click "EDIT" and then the pad. On the top right hand corner, you will see the pad with a round button above it. Click that button and the text to it's right will change ("Bus 1/2/3"), as will the color of the pad. So, once you've connected the pad with bus 2 or 3, click done, then open bus 2 or 3 (the one you connected the pad with), and set the delay there. You're done :-D

  • Drag and Drop Folders   7 years 24 weeks ago

    Yeah this app is insane- I've literally been playing with it since downloading it this morning. But I did notice the Nano Sync needs some love- It would be nice to be able to just drag and drop a folder full of samples into the Nano Sync window and have the folder, folder name and all of the files sync accordingly. I'm sure these guys have a reason for it not doing so, maybe just so much time focused on making the app the beast that it is, but hopefully in the near future they will be able to figure out a way to get the seamless drag and drop to work.
    Beyond that though, amazing app- This is one of those I'm glad I got when it was $15, I have a feeling once they start making improvements the price may go up.

  • Response so far   7 years 24 weeks ago

    Yeah !!! New and Noteworthy...US Nice !!!

  • Wishlists   7 years 24 weeks ago

    You have done such an awesome job with 1.0 that I feel like a spoiled kid asking for more! I'll check in regularly so no worries about subscribe options... although it does help encourage community a bit. Keep up the great work!

  • ** nanostudio songs **   7 years 24 weeks ago

    Something happened in that track that I like even though I didn't quite intend - I added a delay to the TRG so that the vocals come with a delay, and then noticed (wasn't planned!) that it was also affecting all TRG's from that point onwards in the track. In this particular case, I liked the effect, so I haven't tried to remove it - but I need to work out why exactly that happened so I can control it when I need to. I'm guessing the next 'part' needs to have the delay consciously set back to 0?

    That effects (like presets) will basically continue to be applied per track unless specifically told otherwise?

  • ** nanostudio songs **   7 years 24 weeks ago

    Sure - thanks :)

  • iPad compatibility!   7 years 24 weeks ago

    The other advantage to making the thing universal is exposure. As it stands right now, the app store on the iPad itself won't even show your app under its featured "Music Creation" section, simply because it isn't universal. Such a full-featured and elegant app as Nanostudio would certainly be a top featured app. That kind of exposure alone would result in the extra sales that would more than cover the cost for your time, without having to upcharge the existing user. I bought Nanostudio exclusively for use on the Pad, although I knew it would have to be used in 2X mode, because serious musicians know that the iPad is a far superior workspace over the phone. Why not just let the extra sales and gleaming reviews cover the cost for your time?

  • Ipad   7 years 24 weeks ago

    100% is a winner then! I bought this app just before coming away, as I said I would and yes it's great. The 2x function on the ipad is ok, but not good enough! Any time frame on when an ipad version will be ready? Don't want to rock the boat, but I'm impatient! Oh, and just signed up for a £10 celluar data account to make myself heard, so don't let me down! Thanks for bringing such a quality app to the I devices. Just like the I devices themselves, someone has to set the bar a bit higher to make everyone else realise what is actually possible. If you continue to improve this great app even further, you should be able to retire quite comfortably :) Cheers.

  • Audio Copy/Paste (ACP)   7 years 24 weeks ago

    Well the answer seems simple: anything that drags down performance will ultimately squeeze out other desirable features, so it isn't worth it. Ultimately, all it would mean is everyone needing a bridge app like AudioView, ReForge, etc to accomplish some goals. (But not all/most/common goals.)

    Go for efficiency!

  • ** nanostudio songs **   7 years 24 weeks ago

    Nice - I took the liberty of embedding it for you!

  • ** nanostudio songs **   7 years 24 weeks ago

    Bought NanoStudio two days ago, and I've been playing around with it, getting used to it, etc -

    Really quite impressive, thanks for an absolutely amazing app!

    Here's a first attempt at putting something together. Done while I was sitting around being lazy in bed. It's a it less than 2 minutes and is fairly done-ish unless I decide to turn it into something more.

    Now if only Amplitube With iRig would let me RECORD my guitar and then if I could PASTE it into NanoStudio - well, let's just say I'm looking forward to that day :)

    Make Like Kings by karmamole

  • Please suggest/list your "essential" sample sources   7 years 24 weeks ago

    You know, the thing about sample libraries is that they tend to be same-y (as you've probably experienced), so you end up with a big collection with loads of repetition and the (re) usable stuff tends to be 'generic' drum machine and synth sounds. If it does sound original and cool, that's a problem in itself, in my opinion. Who's making the music? You. If you use someone else's cool-sounding sample, you've set the whole tone of the track there and then from another guy's idea. You said it yourself...The loops you get aren't re-usable because they only work on a certain track and have the "vibe" set already, that you didn't create.

    I suppose that's OK if you're only making, say, TV ad or library-type music, but otherwise it's going against the whole idea of being a musician. Sample CD's kill creativity.

    I say - make your own! Get those standard samples that you have already and put them through loads of effects, or chop them up and re-order. Make little riffs of your own and re-sample them until they sound totally different. Do you see what I'm getting at? You've then made something unique and original and your own and that's what music needs!

    You're better off using VSTs (loads of free ones available) to create from scratch, then sampling "yourself", so to speak. You will learn so much more than just taking "dark piano riff No. 546" from a sample CD or sample site.

    Also, I've been using Nanostudio to make samples - mess about then re-sample. Got loads of cool stuff from doing that.

    I really believe in this - there's too much generic music out there! I used to buy sample CD's and then decided it was pointless and expensive.

    Hope I'm not being too preachy...:-) All the best with making music.

  • Audio Copy/Paste (ACP)   7 years 24 weeks ago

    Well this is controversial but after some research today I'm still falling down in the Intua camp. Intua format - two source files, Sonoma format - two full on libraries including networking, image handling, large amounts of Apple specific UI code etc.

    What I like about the Intua one is it just lets you take files to and from the clipboard. The Sonoma one wants to control the entire UI flow which a. Doesn't fit into my vision for how cut and paste should work in NanoStudio and b. is far too Apple centric for a cross platform app developed using OpenGL for efficient, lightning fast display rendering (this giving more memory and CPU for audio).

    I also feel that 'doing the right thing' with splitting stereo tracks out to two monos etc. should be down to the destination app rather than the copy/paste standard it uses. After all, only the destination app has the context to treat it intelligently.

    Is tempo metadata a massive issue? Isn't it only a case of manually setting the tempo in the dest app to the same as the one you've just used? It's only one number to remember and set once.

    I can't seem to find a way in the Sonoma UI to select a group of files and copy them at the same time - which to me is essential.

    Finally, I don't like the way it goes off and launches another app without at least a warning dialogue - you could be in the middle of a performance.

    Feel free to challenge any of this!

  • Eden sample patch not saving?   7 years 24 weeks ago

    Yes. in V1.0 you must always write the changes that you make to any Eden Synth before you quit the app or open another project, etc. Blip's looking at making this more seamless in the future, but for now, any time you fiddle with a preset and you like what you hear, hit WRITE and save it as a new preset in your project bank. Or save it to one of the global slots if you prefer, but you can alway save the current project as a new project to effectively copy the project presets to a new project.