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  • IPhone 4 retina display   6 years 47 weeks ago

    Sorry, not yet. Apple keep releasing new hardware before I get the chance to finish working on the current generation!

    Will definitely be looking at it in future though. Most of the original artwork is still in a vector form so although it'll take a fair amount of work it won't be nearly as bad as beginning again. Plus it'll be needed for an iPad version.

  • Price announcement   6 years 47 weeks ago

    I'd buy it for $14.99 US

    ok i've been following this app for sometime now and I must admit it looks very promising...however as someone who probably owns almost every music app from itunes..i think this should be a $14.99 US app. Don't get me wrong I've paid the $19.99US for the Beatmakers of the world ,etc...but let's face it we had no choice at the time as those apps were limited and to this day I never felt a music app on an iphone was worth $19.99US...ipad yes ,but not iphone.

    i'm sure you will make up for the difference in volume sales. My gut tells me you will have a number 1 app on itunes with this. Keep it cheap and feed it to the $19.99 your targeting hardcore music creators...but at $14.99...i'm sure you will get the hardcore and those casual users who just want to play for a bit .

    Keep up the good work and i soooooooooooooooooooooooooo look forward to this release.You have a really sweet looking app!

  • Added a new demo mp3 to the Media page   6 years 47 weeks ago

    Don't worry, all the demo mp3's that become available on the website are going to come with the app. After all, it took me about two hours to get my crappy guitar working well enough to sample the one note I needed (it's been in the loft for far too long) so I need to make that work worthwhile :)

  • Added a new demo mp3 to the Media page   6 years 47 weeks ago

    Nice. It'd be great if you include these demos and others with the app so we can see how it's done. Keep up the good work...

  • Price announcement   6 years 48 weeks ago

    seems to be about the right price. $20 is expensive for an app, but the features you get are outstanding for the price. a 25% sale would make it $15, it would just be icing on the cake at that point. I can't wait for the release!!

  • Any plans for ipad?   6 years 48 weeks ago

    The simplest and quickest route would be to scale up the graphics by two and then use the extra space around the edges for faster shortcuts (+ more tracks etc.). I've tried running it on an iPad in x2 and in general I'm happy with the majority of screens being simply double size, with some exceptions.

    The other extreme would be to redesign every screen. NanoStudio has a lot of screens and that would be a scary proposition, both for the initial work and the future maintenance of two versions.

    I suspect that there will be some middle ground between the two.

  • Question re part/event limits shown in the demo video   6 years 48 weeks ago

    The 500 event limit is per part and is for performance reasons more than memory. It's only a little phone after all and this avoids it having to search hundreds of events when the play position jumps to the middle of a large part. Additionally, thousands of events would slow down the screen redraw and I wanted it to run as snappily as possible. With more work it could be increased, but the sequencer does start a new part when the current one is full during recording so in general it's not a problem.

    The sequencer is quite intelligent about culling redundant controller events (or you can run a clean up function) so once again, controller events aren't as bad as you'd think.

    The 250 part limit is for the whole song. I haven't found I've got near to this limit for anything I've done. Bear in mind that when you 'stretch' a part, its contents will automatically loop repeat. Therefore if you create, say, a 4 bar drum loop and lengthen its part to 16 bars then it'll loop 4 times - you don't need to put down 4 parts.

  • Price announcement   6 years 48 weeks ago

    My view on this:

    I was totally prepared to pay 15€/20$ for this. Nanostudio looks better and more complex than any music app I've seen yet. I paid 15€ for Beatmaker and 15€ for Xewton Music Studio, so that's the price I'm used to pay for good music apps.

    Nevertheless, it would be nice to have a reduced price in the first days, to thank those who waited for this.

  • Any plans for ipad?   6 years 48 weeks ago

    iPad user here. The extra real estate makes a huge difference. It's not "just a large iPod Touch". So ya, add me to the list of folks who'd enjoy an iPad version. The extra real estate would enable you to solve your problem of more tracks while still leaving room for other things (the reasons you've settled on 6 tracks for the iPhone real estate). Does that make sense? With amazing apps like Looptastic HD and MorphWiz and MultiTrack DAW and Korg iElectribe, you're gonna see a lot of iPhone/iPod musicians snapping up iPads soon. The extra space makes a huge difference. For example, Sonoma WireWorks' StudioTrack is clearly inferior to Multitrack DAW for an iPad user. Why? Because StudioTrack's UI is clearly designed for best UX on an iPhone/iPod, whereas MultiTrack DAW is a bit cramped on a iPhone/iPod but feels just right on an iPad. And MultiTrack DAW gives you a lot more tracks to work with.

  • So does this mean that there is going to be a Mac OSX version of nanostudio?   6 years 48 weeks ago

    Oh I see:) Thanks for the reply and explanation!

    I can't wait for the release!

  • Price announcement   6 years 48 weeks ago

    Can't wait till mid next month :-) looking forward to the app... You got my $20.00
    can't believe you got 48 voices/10ms out of an iphone/iPod Touch NICE !!!

  • How many banks?   6 years 48 weeks ago

    Yeah, I saw that, and it's good to hear that proper audio tracks are a consideration, especially with the ability to record from a mic (and again, EQ here will make a difference). Otherwise, my step 4 noted loading the rendered file into a sample spot (adding a simple trigger line, play sample "as is"); if whatever is in that spot becomes a sub-project, then it becomes superfluous in the master project and can be replaced (and, it will keep the processor happy by not overloading it). :)

    Just thinking aloud, mostly. I'm really looking forward to digging in. :D

  • How many banks?   6 years 48 weeks ago

    I think that the project/file management is in place to allow you to do this. A project consists of a folder containing the song and preset files (normally invisible, people just deal with the folder). You can save your samples to the project folder or another folder (outside the project) of your choosing.

    When you do a project 'save as', a new folder is created and any samples in the original project folder are copied to the new project. Any samples outside the project folder are 'referred to' in their existing place.

    Projects can use samples from anywhere - when you load them you have the option of copying them to the project's folder. Copying them uses up more storage space but has the advantage that you can work on them without affecting other projects.

    I'm not quite sure from your post that you're aware that NanoStudio doesn't have audio (wav) tracks at the moment - only event (MIDI) tracks. Therefore resampled parts can only be assigned to (and triggered from) the synths or the trigger pads (of which there are 16 assuming you're not doing anything else with them).

    I think that proper audio tracks and true bounce-down capability will be a large feature for future.

  • How many banks?   6 years 48 weeks ago

    The workflow I was imagining was something along the lines of having multiple sub-projects and a master project. As an example:

    1) Create the basic song
    2) For elements you want more robust, save them as separate projects and remove the extraneous parts.
    3) Go back to the original project and render it out with the element you are working on removed
    4) Load this rendered file into a sample spot in the new project
    5) Develop the rest of the part you are working on and then render it out with the "scratch track" muted
    6) Load the rendered file back into the original project, in the spot where the original line existed

    That way, you have full non-destructive editing capabilities -- it just involves some more in-depth project management via folders, and some way to manage the audio pool so you don't use up all your physical storage. As a project advances in this manner, the original project becomes a "host" project for the parts rather than containing the parts themselves.

  • How many banks?   6 years 48 weeks ago

    'Continous' reprocessing of samples via the synths is possible, but the workflow is a touch clumsy in V1.0:

    1 - Make a loop you like using trigger pads and 3 of the synths (+ effects)
    2 - Resample onto the 4th synth and set up its preset to do whatever further processing you like (filtering, envelope, pitch, LFO, FX etc)
    3 - Make a simple pattern which triggers just one note on the 4th synth
    4 - Resample again (maybe onto a trigger pad this time)

    What I'd like to do in a future version is combine steps 2-4 so that they're a single operation in the sample editor.

    Step 2 can be a bit faster if you've already saved a few presets to do some of your favourite processing operations (eg. filter sweep or beat sync'd LFO amplitude chopping).

  • How many banks?   6 years 48 weeks ago

    I'm really looking forward to it as well.

    In regards to the perceived limitations, I imagine stem mixing will prove to be a solid workaround to providing unlimited tracks. EQ will then be the missing ingredient, which might be workable by loading the stems into the synths and filtering, but, I've never tried this approach.

    All the bits look to be here though, so it'll just take some mental muscle to fill in the rest.

  • Price announcement   6 years 48 weeks ago

    It's difficult to judge the value of something until you've got it in your hands. However, if it does what it says on the tin, then £12 a bit of a bargain.

  • How many banks?   6 years 48 weeks ago

    well that's just awesome, as UI restrictions are only imposed by the UI designer themselves ;) - for me the only restriction would be performance, so if the little processor can take it i'd love to see more banks! jeez i must be looking forward to your software, i have heaps of wishes for it!

  • Price announcement   6 years 48 weeks ago

    I can see both sides. I think that no more than a 25% discount for the first couple of days would be a nice way of saying thanks to those that have shown an interest in the lead up to release, although also a lot of the sales are made around this time so discounting heavily for a longer period of time could make quite a difference to me.

    Incidentally, I believe that 'featured apps' are chosen by Apple rather than dictated by sales volume or price.

  • Price announcement   6 years 48 weeks ago

    Well.... as long as YOU think it isn't necessary, than I suppose it MUSTN'T be!!

  • Price announcement   6 years 48 weeks ago

    The price is entirely fair and launching with a discounted price isn't necessary. A lot of work has gone into this app and the developer deserves the financial reward. Anything more than a 25% launch discount would be excessive, especially considering the desktop version will be free.

  • Price announcement   6 years 48 weeks ago

    At first, I felt a little let down by the high price (I know 20 bucks isn't that much but I'm a poor college kid, haha), but then I realized I paid the exact same price for beatmaker. This definitely looks like it will be far better than beatmaker (I really didn't like beatmaker that much... It wasn't bad but some little things bothered me, and the price dropped to $10 two days after I bought it...), so I would say it's worth the price.

    That said, it would be nice if you put it up for a little cheaper for a day or two, like icepulse said, but maybe just like 25%-50% off. Either way, you have the full app for free for windows and Mac, so people know what they're getting before they buy.

  • Price announcement   6 years 48 weeks ago

    There is no Lite version planned.

    The PC/Mac versions allow you to try out the full version of the app before you buy.

  • Price announcement   6 years 48 weeks ago

    Will you lauch a LITE versión to test the app?.

  • User driven development?   6 years 48 weeks ago

    Thanks for the reply.

    I fully understand your thoughts with regard to the pricing.
    In fact Nano Studio will cost me just a fraction of what I invested in Cubase and all the other nasty stuff...

    Keep going and you will get a passionate user base.

    All the best