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  • synth as sampler   7 years 5 days ago

    Loading samples shouldn't be difficult to add into an existing synth in most cases. One of the bigger barriers seems to be getting samples into the app (which is the main purpose of NanoSync).

    Up until recently this was only possible via WiFi but recently Apple have opened up the possibility of USB transfer. I'd like to investigate this in future because I consider NanoSync to be the weakest point of the app. Not only do users have to install it (which is a bit annoying) but wireless transfer is often a source of unreliability and in some peoples' cases (due to certain router hardware, setups etc.) it may not work for them at all. I'm fully expecting a few complaints on the forums.

    Unfortuntely the USB transfer is also limited (it only allows files to be uploaded to a home directory) so it would be necessary to write code which zips up a set of files or directores, uploads them and then unzips them into the right place on the phone. I'm hoping that Apple will extend this feature before I start to look at it.

  • Is anyone else...   7 years 5 days ago

    I've been away for a few days but I've been checking the app's status on the Apple website. It's still sitting at 'waiting for review' status so unfortunately it seems that Apple haven't started looking at it yet. Once they do start looking at it, I've no idea how long the review process will take.

    The only other info I can give you is Apple's current stat which says that 85% of submissions have been reviewed within the last 7 days.

    Personally I can't see Tuesday looking very likely at the moment :(

  • Is anyone else...   7 years 5 days ago

    Yes, but a bright future awaits us!

  • Is anyone else...   7 years 5 days ago

    This is my first time here, too. Though I have been lurking in the shadows!!! I've been excited ever since I saw it on Computer Music's facebook page. It's nice to not be the only "sad case" in the world.

  • Is anyone else...   7 years 5 days ago

    Would be great if there was a midnight launch :) hee.

  • Is anyone else...   7 years 5 days ago

    yes that'd be me too. glad there are other sad cases out there! It's just like waiting for christmas when you're young :)

  • release date ?????   7 years 5 days ago
  • Any plans for ipad?   7 years 5 days ago

    Even though Nanostudio does wonders with the current processor, I think a big problem will continue to be the performance of the ios plattform. This would also apply to ipod and iphone of course, but noone expects these to be exceedingly fast, they're pocket devices and are as such extremely useful on the go.
    That's different for the ipad, it's medium sized and not exactly a lightweight so it should have to put up against modern netbooks in terms of speed, memory availability and connectivity (usb pro soundcard etc.). But it fails in these aspects.
    The only advantage the ipad has over comparable devices is it's very well laid out multitouch interface.
    So for pro audio uses, it would be most reasonable to use ipad as a controller only, and harness the power and audio quality in a computer. If the next version of ipad doesnt speed up a bunch, there will never be an ableton, reason, much less any of the complex synth plugs like surge or absynth. And hard disk streaming samplers? no way.

  • Is anyone else...   7 years 5 days ago

    This is my first post but I've been watching like a hawk for the past three weeks! And ever since I read the post about NanoStudio being submitted to AppStore I left my web browser on this site refreshing it every time I look at my phone... I'm the studio now working in Logic thinking how cool it's gonna be to step out of my studio and do this on my iPhone 4. Love the demo vid and especially the Jazz demo too. The piano solo was sick. I wonder if another demo vid will uploaded just to stir up even more of a frenzy then there already is... Happy waiting everyone. May the time fly a little quicker for us all. Peace and Love. -Cyph

  • Is anyone else...   7 years 5 days ago

    Hahaha, I'm with you man, I think in the past few days I've checked the forum at least 20 times. Just as excited as you are!

  • Is anyone else...   7 years 6 days ago

    Learning to wait is the first step to wisdom!

  • Any plans for ipad?   7 years 1 week ago

    Aspire as far as you possibly can to make the app universal ; the flexible centerpiece of iOS musos arsenal of toys. So if I've both iPad and iPhone/iPod, it's a portable, pocket sized DAW that I can sync with my larger screened pad as needed (oh yeah, wi-fi sync projects from idevice to idevice - bring on the collab/rmx love). One app fits all sort of solution, yet doesn't need to be priced so prohibitively. You can always offer the option to purchase more tracks/features as an add on.
    The more pervasive you can allow the app to be, the greater the chances are that it stands a very real chance of becoming the de facto peoples choice of iOS sequencers.

  • Any plans for ipad?   7 years 1 week ago

    for i pad plz ... fast plz ;)

  • One thing I'd love to see   7 years 1 week ago


    I've found the live/interactive side of Doppler Pad and of Tangible Groove Pad very creative, that type of interaction/live-mode with, what a thought!


  • This app looks great so far   7 years 1 week ago

    Thanks for listening, and cheers for the comment :) ..counting down the days to app launch!


  • PDF Manual finished   7 years 1 week ago

    I have to be away for a few days - I'm back on the 20th and I don't want it going live while I'm not around. Apple are unlikely to approve it much earlier than that anyway so it's not really an issue.

  • NanoStudio 1.0 has been submitted to Apple   7 years 1 week ago

    I´ve never been so excited about an App!!!!!! This is so cool! You´re the best!

  • PDF Manual finished   7 years 1 week ago

    must agree: It would be so cool to read what the app is able to do before the release. Pleeeeeeeease (with sugar on top) give us the pdf! :)

    thanks and cheers

  • PDF Manual finished   7 years 1 week ago

    Why is 20th July the earliest date it can go on sale?

    Btw, would love to see the manual xD

  • NanoStudio 1.0 has been submitted to Apple   7 years 1 week ago

    So looking forward to this... from now on I'll keep "nanostudio" in the search bar in my app store app so I instantly notice when it is released.

  • NanoStudio 1.0 has been submitted to Apple   7 years 1 week ago

    I think everyone registered for the forum has their fingers crossed with ya. ;)

    Here's hoping for a smooth rollout and the news spreads like wildfire.

  • MIDI hardware controller   7 years 1 week ago

    Yes I'll definitely be looking at interfacing possibilities in future.

  • Time stretching and Pitch shifting ?   7 years 1 week ago

    NanoStudio has an Auto BPM function which will attempt to guess the number of bars in a sample and then pitch it to match the current BPM. It's just a simple playback speed change though so it's only really good for drums. A true resampling algorithm is something in my list of possible future work but I haven't given it much thought yet.

    I've never done any shifting algorithms before, but my gut feel is that it would never be realtime. My PC takes a good few seconds to pitch/time shift a sample, and bearing in mind that it can run NanoStudio in 1-2% CPU you can imagine how much longer it might take on an iPhone.

    You haven't said what you'd use it for, but an alternative would be a sliced based approach (ala ReCycle). This can produce better results in somes cases, is less processor intensive and allows you to rearrange the loop too.

    I'm trying to avoid a feature comparison with Beatmaker 2 if possible. I noticed that Intua recently released some info about it and I have every confidence that they'll make a great app. Although NanoStudio and Beatmaker 2 will cross over quite a bit, they will both have their own uses, strengths and weaknesses. I suspect that a lot of people into serious mobile music making will feel that they need both.

  • Can you post the manual now that NanoStudio is submitted?   7 years 1 week ago

    Yeah this was asked on another thread. I hear where you're coming from but because I'm lazy I'll post the same answer!

    I'm tempted to release the manual and PC/Mac version now but I think I want to remain in control of the launch at the moment, and Apple's approval process is the one element outside my control.

    But - if it does get approved before the 20th July (the earliest date it can go on sale) then I'll make them available then.

  • This app looks great so far   7 years 1 week ago

    Just been enjoying your tunes. High point for me was the section of Kraken around 2:00!

    I had a pretty similar experience with most the apps you mentioned - many of them really good in their own right but still a bit too specialised to take an idea further. I'd find myself making a bassline and thinking 'right that's good but now it needs some drums', or making a classic 303 line but realising you can't make a whole tune from it (well, not since the original rave scene days anyway!).

    I'm hoping NanoStudio will fill the gap to a large extent. I think it's going to be best suited to electronica genres because of the level of synth editing you can do (particularly in conjunction with sampling). These genres are always better to do on a small screen too, because they favour the sounds you're using rather than lots of fancy fingerwork.