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  • NS2 - Progress report and screenshots   4 days 23 hours ago

    Plus you still can use desktop version of NS1 to export (or even finish!) your projects after you upgrade your iDevice to iOS11 ..

  • NS2 - Progress report and screenshots   5 days 9 hours ago

    antrabbit probably already knows what's in this thread, but for those who don't, maybe these thoughts will help.
    There will likely be a huge thread on the forum about how to convert old NS1 projects to NS2 projects. Unless I'm missing something here, the main way to transfer old project to NS2 projects will revolve around 3 main functions:
    1) create Obsibian sample-based presets from samples of Eden presets. This will work well for a lot of presets, but not all.
    2) re-create Eden presets in Obsidian as synth presets. I imagine this route to be useful for those presets that require modulation during a performance. This may not sound exactly the same, but really close enough by the time you get the sounds in to a mix.
    3) the new TRG (have I really already forgotten the new name...? Man I'm lame at remembering names) can be used to record parts that aren't 'performed' by a person when live. If you're not performing a part/pattern, just getting an updated NS2 version in the studio, then this is the easy route. Use the new TRG tracks like audio tracks (time limit having been basically removed in NS2). Of course this method won't be necessary once audio tracks are available.

    Then it is just a matter of transferring MIDI files from the old NS1 project as well as stems (either in new TRG or audio tracks). Once your individual tracks are rearranged, then you'll have to re-mix it in the mixer, but the NS1 mixer will be a good guide so this shouldn't take too long. Stems in the new TRG will help a lot in recreating the song and get all the MIDI synced nicely. It will be a whole lot easier if you don't upgrade to iOS 11 so that you can have NS1 & NS2 on the same iDevice.

  • NS2 - Progress report and screenshots   5 days 12 hours ago

    The main reason I would want Eden is the sound presets. Have these been recreated in Obsidian?

    Some of my songs use these presets and I'd like to be able to continue using these in live performances.

  • 32 Bit Apps in iOS 11   5 days 12 hours ago

    I could spend a long time on that hut.

  • 32 Bit Apps in iOS 11   5 days 13 hours ago


  • NS2 - Progress report and screenshots   5 days 13 hours ago

    Obsidian is pretty well a superset of Eden - anything Eden can do, Obsidian can do it too, with a few differences here and there.

    So why would you want Eden? Simplicity of use? Or scared of change?

  • NS2 - Progress report and screenshots   5 days 14 hours ago

    I will continue to use Eden on my pre iOS 11 devices, but I bet that when we get our hands on Obsidian we won't miss Eden too much. However an Eden2 as an IAP for NS2 would be an automatic purchase.

  • NS2 - Progress report and screenshots   5 days 18 hours ago

    ... or Eden as an AU.......

  • NS2 - Progress report and screenshots   5 days 19 hours ago

    Hi Matt,
    why you don't still maintain the EDEN synth as second choice in NS2?
    Would be cool to have the new one as well the old one which is light for the system I think...

  • NS2 - Progress report and screenshots   6 days 13 hours ago

    AU is the way to go.

  • 32 Bit Apps in iOS 11   6 days 13 hours ago

    That sounds really great for transferring files. The .nsa file extension will help ensure that at least the NSA listens to our music. That should help build up the fan base for our music among the Feds. :o/

  • NS2 - Progress report and screenshots   6 days 14 hours ago

    Thank you Matt & your team for giving me the chance of feeling like a real electronic musician with the cheap (and almost unlimited) NANOSTUDIO. Before no one will be using it anymore I want to share with you my latest tracks made fully into NANOSTUDIO. I hope the next version would let me be as creative as these years...

  • 32 Bit Apps in iOS 11   6 days 16 hours ago

    maybe it can be renamed from "NanoStudio Archive" to something more generall, like "Compactified Interchangeable Archive" ...

    ehm ..


  • 32 Bit Apps in iOS 11   6 days 16 hours ago

    Yes but light a fire first because you'll probably get a SWAT team abseiling down your chimney.

  • 32 Bit Apps in iOS 11   6 days 16 hours ago

    So, if I have a project named Snowden, it would like= Snowden.nsa
    Ha, love it.

  • 32 Bit Apps in iOS 11   6 days 20 hours ago

    The WebDAV server inside NS2 is similar to a web server or FTP server in many ways. 'Clients' can connect to it and ask it for file/folder listings. They can then rename, move, copy or download those files/folders, or upload new ones.

    With a web server, the 'client' is a web browser such as Chrome or Safari. With an FTP server, the client is something like Filezilla or whatever your weapon of choice is. With WebDAV however, native OS file managers (Explorer in Windows, Finder on MacOS) can be clients. This means you don't have to install anything to fully manage NS2 files from your computer. So a typical session involves:

    - Enable WebDAV server in NS2 (checkbox in settings). NS2 will tell you your device's IP address.
    - Open an Explorer or Finder window on your computer
    - Type the IP address (eg. \\Matts-iPhone) into its address bar (on MacOS you use 'Connect to server ...')
    - Hey presto, all the app's files appear just like a drive on the network

    There are free 3rd party WebDAV clients for Windows or MacOS which are faster than the native ones (I'd recommend Cyberduck).

    And as Dendy says, you can also get WebDAV clients for iOS which can act as a 'gateway' between NS2 and many other file sharing systems.

    > So what will the new project file extension be? I'm guessing .nsp will be replaced?

    Exported projects in NS2 are called 'archived projects' (or just archives) and have an .nsa extension. It's good to be discussing the important things :)

  • 32 Bit Apps in iOS 11   6 days 22 hours ago

    you can connect to WebDAV server even internally from other app, for example iFiles supports, besides a tons of clients for dropbox, ftp,iDrive, Soundcloud, whatever file sharing you imagine aso WebDAV connection...

  • 32 Bit Apps in iOS 11   1 week 6 hours ago

    OH. I Googled WebDAV and I think I got the gist of it.
    So what will the new project file extension be? I'm guessing .nsp will be replaced?

  • NS2 - Progress report and screenshots   1 week 7 hours ago

    Hi Matt,

    Ditching IAA sounds pretty controversial, but if that's the kick in the arse other devs need to start switching to AU, I support it 100%!

    Also, that Orchestral IAP expansion sounds like it'll be incredibly awesome! I'm just saying, world samples done by continent would also be welcome since I like delving into a lot of world samples and such. For sure I can build my own sample sets, but I also wanna support sustained development of Nanostudio 2 while gaining professionally programmed sample patches. :D Win-win in my opinion. Cheers.

  • 32 Bit Apps in iOS 11   1 week 13 hours ago

    NS2 has a WebDAV server. You can use Windows Explorer or OSX Finder to do all the things you could do with NanoSync, and more.

  • 32 Bit Apps in iOS 11   1 week 13 hours ago

    The main reason I restored from backup (computer, not icloud) was to preseve all NS files.
    There will be no need to do that with a transition to iOS 11. Moving forward with NS2 will require good back up habits with NanoSync2. ...Is that the name of it?

  • 32 Bit Apps in iOS 11   1 week 14 hours ago

    I refuse to use iCloud to backup and restore. Last time I tried that, it was painfully slow.

  • NS2 - Progress report and screenshots   1 week 16 hours ago

    The Orchestral/Acoustic IAPs sound like they'll be a great addition to NS2.
    I agree with abandoning IAA - it always seemed a bit wonky when I've used it in other apps.

  • 32 Bit Apps in iOS 11   1 week 16 hours ago

    I see Apple have removed nearly all app support from the new iTunes. Except, perversely, iTunes file sharing - the crappest file sharing in the history of all file sharings. OK iTunes was bloated, but 'select all' + delete is the way to solve it?

    It's unclear to me how backing up and restoring new devices from a backup is now meant to be performed. I'm sure it'll become all too clear in future.

  • NS2 - Progress report and screenshots   1 week 16 hours ago

    > Will the sample based oscillator support fade-in and fade-out that would stick to sample start and end even when sample start and length are being modulated

    Not currently, but it's something I'd like to improve in future.

    > Will you also include world instruments ...

    Some of this is yet to be decided/subject to quality control. There are ensembles which are mainly brass and string based, possibly also vocal/choir. Solo sampled instruments include bassoon, cello, clarinet, contrabass, electric/acoustic piano, flute, french horn, guitar, harp, oboe, bell/timpani, organ, saxophone, trombone, trumpet, viola, violin and xylophone. The idea behind the orchestral IAP is to provide a solid set of producer/songwriter multisamples which complement the synthesis-based patches but don't go too deeply into any single genre - that may be the purpose of future IAP. Of course, you can also use the multisample sets as the basis for synthesised patches.

    > I want to know if Nanostudio 2 will support IAA

    No, I think IAA is an old technology which should ultimately be put behind us as a bad memory, even if there's still a (tiny) argument for it in 2017 - but only as a legacy. IAA seemed half-baked at launch and took a long time to become half fit for purpose. By comparison, AUv3 has deep integration with the host to avoid horrible paging between apps and provides support for multiple instances, complete saving of the project with the host and mixdown within the host. If synth/effect developers are serious about their apps on iOS then they need to provide an AUv3 implementation. That may sound harsh but I've been waiting for it to go away and get replaced by something decent, and AUv3 is that replacement.