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  • NS2 - another example track   2 hours 36 min ago

    missing @ good online music shop

  • NS2 - another example track   13 hours 46 min ago

    12 unfinished tracks you say? My project folder in Live has 252 projects. I finish 1–2 tracks a year…

  • NS2 - another example track   19 hours 58 min ago

    I like to work under pressure. I did a 'track a day' project a few years ago and that was great fun. I'm in the process of making an album called 'scraps' which is another excuse to get all those half finished ideas completed.

    I miss my room of records, it is the best insulation :)

  • NS2 - another example track   22 hours 13 min ago

    "It's an album a day around here!"...

    You are a lucky sod. An album? Vinyl? In my day it was a 12 hour ambient epic, or no food.....

  • NS2 - another example track   1 day 9 min ago

    You only have 12 unfinished tracks?! HA! You Lucky Bastard! When I was a kid I had to have 12 tracks finished or I'd get no supper. "Unfinished tracks don't put food on the table"' me old dad used to say. "It's an album a day around here!" That's when being a musician meant something. I built my first house from the old vinyl albums, I did. That'll show you what hard work is all about! Hrumpf!

  • NS2 - another example track   1 day 26 min ago

    > At least it gives me the emphasis to finish "untitled" 01-12!!!

    I think I must be working on the same track then :-)

  • NS2 - another example track   1 day 37 min ago

    > At least it gives me the emphasis to finish "untitled" 01-12!!!

    I really like this way of thinking !

  • NS2 - another example track   1 day 50 min ago

    Hi, I'm a newbie to the forum (but long time user of NS).

    The new synth sounds amazing, I'm looking forward to the NS2 release. I'm thinking I might just back up all my projects to an old phone/ get them finished for when IOS11 is released just to be on the safe side. At least it gives me the emphasis to finish "untitled" 01-12!!!

  • NS2 - another example track   1 day 1 hour ago

    In my experience synth comes first. If synth itself (oscillators, filters) dosn't sound good, only in rare cases FX's will save it .. on other side, if you take great sounding synth, even if you put it through avarage FX's, it's still sounds great :))

    But.. is there abybody in doubt than NS2 FX's will be great too ??

  • NS2 - another example track   1 day 8 hours ago

    I learned synthesis on moog modular in college and my instructor would strongly disagree. He emphasized getting a good sound prior to using effects and held the opinion that just jumping to the effects section too soon was sloppy. However I agree that the quality of th effects are just as important as the quality of everything else, so I only half disagree with you, and my other half agrees with you.

  • NS2 - another example track   1 day 10 hours ago

    Yup. This all sounds pretty good to me. But a synth is a synth, and I know that it's he FX section that turns a synth into an altogether different (and better) animal. Looking forward to hearing what juicy goodness is going to be dealt to us on that level.

  • Korg Gadget   1 day 22 hours ago

    I use it a lot! But usually to make a synth loop, then i audio-copy it and paste it in to a trg in NS :)

  • NS2 - another example track   2 days 1 hour ago

    Holy hell, it's better than I could have imagined! It sounds like obsidian will have the abilities of pretty much every synth I adore; FM synthesis, phase distortion, and the NanoSaw will keep my vintage whistle whet.

    I bought an iPad Pro 12.9 the other day, primarily because of NS2, and now this makes the purchase so worth it. And with the addition of audio tracks, this may require one of those audio interfaces for a mic.

    Imagine what else he's holding back for fear of not being able to deliver...

    Let the HYPE ensue.

  • NS2 - another example track   2 days 10 hours ago

    This is amazing.....I can't Wait

  • NS2 - another example track   2 days 10 hours ago

    I think that strategy was wise.
    I'm blown away by the listed features of Obsidian. Holy Crap!
    I was secretly hoping for wavetable synthsis, so I'm happy to hear about that. And I had missed a comb filter on Eden. Hurray!

  • NS2 - another example track   2 days 11 hours ago

    Now, the H.Y.P.E. can begin.. Cause this deserves pretty huge hype ...

  • NS2 - another example track   2 days 12 hours ago

    I haven't given a lot away with regards to what NS2 will (or won't!) have, because I didn't want to start any hype over what I couldn't deliver.

    NS2 will support AUs, and this will be an excellent method for bringing in capabilities that its default instruments won't have. However, NS2's new synth, Obsidian, has come on a long way since Eden. I think it's pretty safe now to disclose that it will have 3 oscillators, any of which can be:

    - Analogue (all the basic waveforms with the choice of sync)
    - Wavetable (for interpolating between a range of new waveforms on the fly)
    - Phase distortion (similar to 80's Casio CZ range)
    - 3 Operator FM with many different waveforms
    - NanoSaw (8 detuned saws, similar to Roland supersaw)
    - Noise (a range of different noise spectrums with additional LP/HP/Band/Notch filter)
    - Sample (including multisamples with crossfades etc).

    All of the osc types are mono/pannable, and the NanoSaw and Sample types can also be stereo. The sample oscillator also has a 'spectral loop' mode in addition to the usual time based looping, which can make some pretty interesting effects. Each oscillator can be assigned to a velocity range (with variable crossfades) or used in the usual layered mode.

    Additionally there are 2 filters which can be:

    - LP/HP/BP/Notch with a range of different slopes and the choice between 'digital' or 'analog' (the latter has a drive control and much more resonance).
    - EQ peak or shelf
    - Comb
    - Formant
    - Waveshaper

    The 2 filters can be configured in parallel or series, or switched to stereo mode to become a Left/Right pair.

  • NS2 - I've uploaded another little demo   2 days 14 hours ago

    Nice observation Stiksi! I hadn't noticed. I am hoping for much more than an every day "garden variety" (nice reference Stiksi) synth in NS2. Secretly I am hoping for a Garden of Eden, although I'm telling myself that it'll be the same old Eden so that when Eden 2 comes out I will be blown away by the unexpected new features.

  • NS2 - I've uploaded another little demo   2 days 23 hours ago

    Just because nobody seems to have noticed in that UI leak… LFO 5, ENV 5! 5 LFOs, 5 ENVs – this is not your everyday garden variety synth (in case someone was still suspecting). Wow.

  • NS2 - another example track   3 days 1 min ago

    @ technokowski: unlike me, you probably have enough of an actual life that you haven't been hanging around this forum reading/writing rambling posts, waiting for the occasional crumb of info on NS2. From what I've been able to gleen from various Blip posts, it seems these features are confirmed for NS2 (just the highlights): AU hosting, audio tracks, MIDI Out, velocity sensitive multisampling for Eden, as well as new and improved effects. The demo tracks have certainly sounded great to my ears. Audiobus 3 compatibility hasn't been mentioned, but I assume it will be compatible.

    Factory Presets will likely just be what Matt likes, unless he lets one of his multiple personalities do some knob tweaking (uh... that sounded bad) or preset programming. We all have certain sounds that we crave, and it is up to each of us to decide to what level we're willing to go to get those sounds in our music. Gated snares are not my forte, so I can't tell you how to do them in NS. I would guess that Phil had quite a few talented engineers in a pro studio helping him achieve his sounds. He didn't create his hits on an iPhone! I do think there might have been a demo or two on how to do drums with Eden, but those were probably 5-6 years ago. I'm a bit lazy and just use drum samples in TRG. I imagine that with the new effects in NS2 getting that sound should be a lot easier. And there are other apps that focus on high quality effects that will be much easier to use in NS2 as AU.

    Details about the AU in NS2 are beyond my security clearance. I dunno. I haven't actually used AUs yet, but from what I've seen in demos of other apps, a lot will depend upon the various developers in regards to how their apps behave in AU mode. What I am hoping to do is record a part played in via MIDI keyboard with the sound from an AU, edit the notes in the pianoroll editor (I often tend to slip into sections of being 1/16th-1/32nd behind the beat), then record that with the AU preset into an audio track. Adding effects apps as needed.

    I have a feeling that NS2 is going to be flippin' awesome.

  • NS2 - another example track   3 days 3 hours ago


    Thanks for the quick response. I had no idea that NS2 is going to support AU! I've guess I haven't done my research regarding NS2. I was just thinking about how the eden synth on NS1 had a lot of presets that were geared towards edm, and not many that were trying to emulate actually vintage synths. I guess that's what I was referring to; built in NS2 synths (presets) that emulate retro machines and retro plugins. But, now that you've enlightened me (I'm frothing at the mouth a bit), that won't be an issue.

    And yes, there are some really good synth emulations on the app store: the Arturia moog and the FM Synth are my favs. But, using them for recording requires things like table top (yuck). The Nanostudio DAW and step editor are the best in class, so now I hopefully will be able to use them natively.

    Last thing; will these AUs integrate the same as the eden synth? Meaning, will they rack just like the eden and be able to take advantage of the step editor and automation, like velocity response, and panning? And I'm cool with high importing high end drum samples of my choosing, I just think the ones that were included with NS1 sounded so much better than the samples I imported (maybe it's my samples?). I'm a novice, so I was never able to get NS1 to properly create a retro-sounding gated snare, similar to Phil Collins. I would love plugins designed for just that (or settings?)

  • NS2 - another example track   3 days 9 hours ago

    @technokowski: I'm not familiar with those artist references, but what Synthwave sounds are there that can't be reproduced in Eden?
    Are you looking for Eden presets, or making a request for Synthwave presets to accompany the factory list? Sounds like the 250 Factory banks of presets is already set, but I am sure there will be a bunch more made once NS2 is released.

    While it would be quite nice to see some things in the Blip Store IAP category, I think that it will be less necessary with the new features of AU. Use your favorite iOS FM synth right in NS2. I think the same would apply to the drum machine side of things. I think there are already iOS versions of just about every significant retro drum machine. Eden 2 will have some great options for multisampling:

    Quoth the Blipster:
    "Yes, it now handles multisamples across the keyboard range and velocity level layering/switching."

    That last bit sounds intriguing...

  • NS2 - another example track   3 days 12 hours ago

    > I really did push NS1 on my iPad 1 and had to get an iPad 4 because I kept on getting very small glitches in the sound. These didn't appear on mixdown, but were certainly there when performing live.

    You must've been really pushing it with samples I imagine? Using the built-in synth and some trg samples, I constantly have all sixteen instrument slots going at the same time with no problem. But, I also keep my arrangements simple. That could be why. I bet after iOS 11 drops a lot of 32 bit devices will appear on the market; time to go shopping! I would love to have a few hooked to a mixer for live synthing!

    A little off subject, but maybe blip could answer my one special request; Will there be any love for us synthwave artists?

    You cater to the edm and rave/techno crowd perfectly, but I'd love to see some support and plugins/synth sounds designed specifically for the nostalgic 80s fanbase. My reference would be 'Kavinsky', 'Mitch Murder', 'Lost Years', and 'College'. I'd love some gated snares, killer tom kits, a TR-707, and maybe an fm synth. I'm able to reproduce these with samples, but the eden synth oscillators always sound so much better. A man can dream...

  • NS2 - I've uploaded another little demo   5 days 16 hours ago

    *Jaw drops to floor*!!

    Not only more sounds, but a glimpse of the UI too?

  • NS2 - another example track   5 days 16 hours ago


    Good point. I've seen iPad 1's for sale at £30!


    I really did push NS1 on my iPad 1 and had to get an iPad 4 because I kept on getting very small glitches in the sound. These didn't appear on mixdown, but were certainly there when performing live.