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  • Changes are coming!   9 hours 23 min ago

    Done some more tidying for posts with no soundcloud songs working. I've got 761 posts left....

  • Changes are coming!   10 hours 29 min ago

    OK - think it worked this time...

    So what I have is a file of posts from thread (the sticky "songs" one) where that post has a link or embedded content and where at least one of these links work, with the date, poster name, post text and links in original html, and some idea which links within that post work.

    I could do more post-processing if needed, e.g. remove posts where the soundcloud link to the account works but where the song(s) listed have all gone, for example. It can get complex, however (e.g. a post may link to soundcloud and another location), so there may still be some issues after that.

  • Changes are coming!   11 hours 43 min ago

    I take it back - you should fire me :)

    I found a stupid mistake in my file-missing code so I'm checking them all again...

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  • Changes are coming!   12 hours 52 min ago

    By the way, I wouldn't want to make any guarantees about the quality of my code :) Please don't ever offer me a job as a coder! Happy to share the code though, just yell out.

  • Changes are coming!   12 hours 55 min ago

    Well, it turns out my Python scripting skills are pretty weak, but I've now got a list of posts from the "songs" thread ( with links that appear to work, and the poster and date.

    I'm currently running a script to try to remove broken links. I'm not at all sure how good this will be - there could be some links that are broken and I didn't find them, and maybe some which are not broken but have been excluded. I'm keeping all posts with at least one link which works... which might not even be a link to a song, of course...

    I must admit I expected some sites to think I was trying to DDOS them, but so far noone has blocked me.

    The data should be here in a few hours if you want a look or want to use it. There are many links to check....

  • Changes are coming!   13 hours 40 min ago

    Thank's a lot :)

  • Changes are coming!   16 hours 52 min ago

    Me too :) December sounds fantastic.

    Crawling that songs thread should be relatively easy, e.g. with python and regular expressions since it's all html. Figuring out which links are dead might be a bit harder.

    If you want a hand, yell out and let me know what you'd like to keep and I could give it a try. E.g. For any post with a link, poster name, post date and all html inside , should be really easy. From there it might be possible to test links and exclude those with a 404 or redirect, but I'd have to test that. It might be a challenge for me to try today :)

  • NS2 - Progress report and screenshots   18 hours 33 min ago

    Man I've asked over and over again. Can you PLEEEASE show us the sampler screen?
    I used that EXTENSIVELY with NS1. Or any details about the sampler that haven't been shown.

    I loved that I could load a sample in the OSC of Eden. I made a lot of crazy sounds with that.

  • NS2 - Progress report and screenshots   18 hours 41 min ago

    Might a better twist to this challenge require people to create their own FM bells patch with Obsidian...? A good chance for us all to learn a little bit of FM synthesis.

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  • Midi interface recommendation for Nanostudio 2 and iPhone X   18 hours 50 min ago

    I learned to sequence on my 01W HD - only sold it a few years ago. That tiny screen! The only way to get a dry kick was to send it to a different output as I remember. Also had the best pedal steel sound I've found on any keyboard. Then again, I moved onto doing all my drum sequencing on an Alesis SR16. Glutton for punishment.

  • Midi interface recommendation for Nanostudio 2 and iPhone X   19 hours 29 min ago

    The ESQ-1 sequencer was my go-to for a long time. I could save its files to floppies on my Mirage rack! I also had the M1. Not too bad but not quite as smooth as the ESQ. I also had a MIDI to CV converter for my analogs. The good old days!

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  • Changes are coming!   20 hours 13 min ago

    Great news. Excited! I expected more than fifty quid for the app. Need to pick up some App Store credit in the Black Friday sales so I can get all the IAP day one too.

  • Changes are coming!   20 hours 21 min ago

    Oh nice. Thank´s for the transparent info. Sometimes i thought if BlipInteractive is even real or the next generation of A.I. :)
    Sounds all pretty fair for me.
    If things go worse you still can change the year number in this post....nah´i wish you all the best and hope it goes well.
    I got reminded now again that without the mighty NS1 i never would have gone deeper into music production.
    Don´t forget to put out some proper demos of the IAP.
    Good luck!

  • Changes are coming!   21 hours 32 min ago

    Sounds great! Reasonable prices, and now my appetite is whet.

  • Midi interface recommendation for Nanostudio 2 and iPhone X   22 hours 49 sec ago

    Thanks for the info on the MIDI situation Matt! That's good to know. I'm glad you're planning to spread some love for the hardware.
    I never tried the O1/W. The M-1, while awkwardly usable, was frustrating enough for me to give up on trying other Korg sequencers. I imagine they have come a long way and the current Korg workstations must be a lot better. I was fortunate to have a teacher in college who introduced me to the Ensoniq synths. I really got on with it and found it much easier to sequence. Sometimes I think it is just a matter of how different people think and what they are exposed to and at just the right time. Having an experienced teacher be able to show you how the sequencer works certainly helped in my case. I'm a bit curious about trying out the old SD-1 again, 20 years later, to see how I get on with the sequencer, but I'm sure I'll like NS2 better.

  • NS2 - Progress report and screenshots   1 day 3 hours ago

    From Matt making Jingle Bell sounds to the news of all the lovely IAP to Trigger the Monkey programming sounds on a synth not yet released. This thread is becoming a thing of beauty.

  • NS2 - Progress report and screenshots   1 day 3 hours ago

    Agree completely with you, Trigger The Monkey. It’s the same with books. I have free books on my kindle I doubt I’ll ever read, but if I pay £5 for a book, I read it straight away. I’m all in favour of IAPs for the ‘missing’ sounds, and the idea of good quality tweakable sounds is perfect. I’m a tweaker rather than a sound designer, so I tend to start with presets and play around. NS1 was perfect for that. As for keeping it lean and mean, I know that’ll go down well with lots of the folk at the audiobus forum, but I’m going to buy everything (partly to ensure Matt can make an ongoing living from this) and keep my head firmly in NS2ville. I predict it’ll be a good while before I start looking at my massive AU collection to augment what’s already there. Happy times.

  • NS2 - Progress report and screenshots   1 day 3 hours ago

    I love FM and i´m really fine with 3OP. I i own FM 8 and whatever but prefer the 3OP FM inside Dune 2 f.e. in combination with snappy envelopes and good filters it produces such nice bells :)
    Which waveforms can we use inside Obsidian. Can we import custom?
    However, Obsidian looks so nice in general and i have the feeling it´s going to be THE iOS synth workstation for least when the iPhone version iPads are way to expensive (for what they does).
    I might buy a cheap iPad just for NS2 and freeze it forever and treat it like a hardware workstation :)

  • NS2 - Progress report and screenshots   1 day 4 hours ago

    By the way, I agree on added value content being IAP. It takes time and work to develop sounds, whether sample packs or presets. I also liked the original model for NS1 where the basic app had limited tracks but more tracks could be added using IAP.

    It's a sort of freemium model I guess, but I wouldn't suggest the basic app be free for two reasons:
    1. it's really easy to download something which is free and then give up really easily when it doesn't provide instant gratification - likewise people may put more effort into making it work if they paid a few dollars for it, and
    2. it devalues the work involved when something is seen as free.

    I suggest the basic app cost enough to motivate someone to actually try to use it.... But just how much that is, probably differs from person to person. Like most of the others on this forum, I will be buying anyway, so perhaps my advice should be taken with a bucketload of salt...

    I guess everyone has different views on IAP costs and what model works best.

  • NS2 - Progress report and screenshots   1 day 4 hours ago

    I really don't know my way around FM synthesis much, but I'll have a go:

    Starting with the basic as in the image above, and with a bit of guesswork involved:

    Change OP2 to 1.9 (about an octave up but a bit detuned)

    I want OP2 to modulate OP3 but not go to output, so I guess that means changing the grey box directly below OP2 to say 40, so that 40% of OP2 signal is used to modulate OP3.

    Leave Out3 at 84 so that there's some output level...

    For the envelope between OP2 and OP3, please try A at 10ms, D at 10ms, S at 30% and R at 2s.

    For the envelope between OP3 and Out3, please try A at 0, D at 100ms, S at 0% and R at 2s.

    I'm hoping this makes a bell sound! I don't have FM8 or a similar FM synth to test it on.... I've tried to make this simple enough... I'm more a 'twiddle and see' sound designer!

    I've uploaded a .mid file to

    Hope that works.... No laughing at the result please :)