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  • NS2 - Progress report and screenshots   42 min 11 sec ago

    leaving forum (wake me up when ns2 - release)

    password : strictly nanostudio
    alarm sound : 7th heaven
    ;) :

  • NS2 - Progress report and screenshots   1 hour 23 min ago

    Okay, so after some searching, I couldn’t find an answer. Does anyone know how much NS2 is going to cost (both the base price and any IAPs initially released)? I need to know how much to pop into my iTunes account since the ETA of release is next month. No cost is too big or too small. Just gave Korg $30 for the three new IAPs in Gadget, so this shows the level of commitment I have to apps I use every day.

    This said, I love AB3. Getting MIDI from one app to another is stellar. That said, NS2 not having that wouldn’t cripple my workflow given my workflow will change with NS2’s release anyway. My current workflow is to create stems/loops in Beathawk 2, Gadget, and Beatmaker 3 (where IAA loops are crafted). Then all is arranged and mixed in BM3, and the final mix is dumped into Auria for audio mastering. With NS2, Beatmaker 3 will simply become one of the 3 apps in which I craft loops and stems.

    Sometimes, workflows need to be adaptable and modular in order to make use of everything. Thank the santa christ iOS 11 has drag and drop and AudioShare is Files compatible in order to make shuffling all this audio around a million times easier, lol.

  • NS2 - Progress report and screenshots   9 hours 16 min ago

    Additional NS2 questions:

    Will you be using the term presets or patches, or both? Perhaps some new term to confuse people, like 'chips' (of Obsidian).
    Is there an .nsp file equivilant, or do projects automatically save all samples & presets used avoiding the lost preset/sample issues in NS1?
    Is December still the ETA?

  • NS2 - Progress report and screenshots   9 hours 41 min ago

    @technokowski: if you have an iPad Pro, then you should check out Auria Pro.

  • NS2 - Progress report and screenshots   9 hours 43 min ago

    Well look at me! Making big assumptions and shit... I never even considered that there would be no support for AB. In theory the AUv3 thing sounds fantastic, but since I haven't yet used them it is an unknown to me. There will be plenty of apps I want to use that aren't AUv3, but I guess there will be work-arounds for that. I'm used to dealing with work-arounds by now. It's hard to know what to think until I can actually establish a realistic workflow with NS2, but I am curious why the decision to not support both AUv3 & AB.

    Other than being pro-AUv3, and keeping the background app switching to a minimum, is it a headache to code the AB3 support? NS2 would seem a natural app to place at the end of AB chains once audio tracks are available. What happens when one wants to use hardware synths? MIDI can be sequenced, but how does the audio get routed to an audio track in NS2? AB would be my first thought. I'm already thinking of alternative ways of using AB3.

    While I am planning to make NS2 the center of my new workflow, I wonder how others who already have AB3 oriented workflows will react to NS2 not having what is considered a standard feature for high-end apps. Will that stop them from getting NS2...? And I suppose I'll need to stop promoting NS2 on the AB forum. :o/

  • NS2 - Progress report and screenshots   16 hours 46 min ago

    Oh me oh my, what have I discovered... It looks like I have some new things to play with till NS2 drops. I bought an iPad pro two months ago for NS2, so I've been waiting without exploring too much. I guess the only thing I've yet to uncover is an audio track replacement till NS2 implements them with an IAP. Anyone use the AudioMaster AUv3?

  • NS2 - Progress report and screenshots   19 hours 57 min ago

    technokowski: AU plugins on iOS works exactly same way like AU/VST plugins on desktop (includimg automation of plugin parameters) - you simply see plugin UI inside DAW and you project is saved together with all plugin settings.. you can also use multiple instances of same plugin in project (as much as you CPU can handle)

    there is already a hell lot of fx/synths with AU support availble on iOS (just very few names: Zeeon (probably best analog synth emulation on both iOS/desktop;)), Phasemaker(DX7 clone), Troublemaker(303 clone), Ripplemaker (semimodular), Redshrike (VA monster), Marsenne (great percussion synth), Poison 202 (strongly inspired by Roland System1), ..that all are great synths... and they are just tiny fragment of all available plugins ..

  • NS2 - Progress report and screenshots   20 hours 53 min ago

    .. hm

  • NS2 - Progress report and screenshots   22 hours 11 min ago

    Ha, well I love being the one to bring up the subjects lurking in the dark. As for AUv3, I guess I need to do a bit more of homework on them, as they seem too good to be true. I'm familiar with AUs in how they work in logic, and it seems they will be similar in NS2? What little bit I've used of AB3 so far, switching back and forth between apps to change small things sort of disrupts workflow (I'll never fully enjoy app switcher). I suppose getting the pith of AUv3 from blip is appropriate, seeing as though it's really the only place that I'm interested in using it.

    Does this mean that I can create a track in NS2 and import an AUv3, such as an audio recorder, and send utilize it's audio features while IN NS2 and not have to switch back and forth? And I can manipulate functions of said audio recorder in the NS2 interface? I just bought the iSem for it's virtual midi and AU and AB functionality, and see that I can use it as mentioned in other apps. As I write this, I'm discovering my answer, but feel the need to keep the question anyhow (for preservation). If this is true for NS2, I'm beyond excited! Getting to use it like logic on the mac is gonna be awesome. The best sequencer, NanoStudio, able to control other synths, is gonna be rad. If this holds true, then just abandon the audiobus support, as this is way better.

  • NS2 - Progress report and screenshots   1 day 54 min ago

    In my non-Nanostudio music making I just use AUM and as many AU3 apps as possible. Everything Blip just said is the reason why - so much just works and its really frustrating for synths like Animoog, Addictive & Nave having to go in to each one and select the actual patch. AU synths (iSem, Tines, Pads) and FX (ZeroReverb, Duplicat, etc) just are "there" between sessions.

    I never found a compelling reason to upgrade to AB3 and haven't used AB2 for years now (apart from last week when I was trying to get Photophore to play nicely with AUM).

    Have to see how I find a lack of AB in Nanostudio 2 - but would Inter-App Audio still work?

  • NS2 - Progress report and screenshots   1 day 3 hours ago

    I was wondering when someone would ask about Audiobus. The answer seems to be 'only after everything else has been asked about'.
    Audiobus has been brilliant but I firmly believe that AUv3 is the future, both for audio and MIDI:

    - It supports multiple instances of a given synth or effect app
    - It allows offline (non-realtime) mixdown
    - Support for MIDI out as of iOS 11
    - 'State saving' is as simple as just loading the NanoStudio project
    - 'Wiring' between AUs (MIDI or audio) may be achieved simply in the host app via the use of FX chains and MIDI/audio sends
    - Fully integrated user experience in the host app - no paging between different apps running in the background

    If there are enough requests, I may add basic support for basic audio in/out via AB3 in a future version. But I would only do this if there was a compelling reason to do so, not just because some synth/FX apps are not yet implemented as AUv3.

  • NS2 - Progress report and screenshots   1 day 7 hours ago

    yes , that dark hole (harmoniccat's daw) without " do not follow locator " is really good ..

  • NS2 - Progress report and screenshots   1 day 7 hours ago

    MultiTrack DAW has been around for a long time and it seems to do a good job with audio recording. Not sure what else can run on an iPad 1. Certainly Auria Pro can't, and Music Studio requires iOS 8. Those are the only other ones I've used. Stick with MultiTrack DAW until NS2 comes along, although you'll need a newer iPad for NS2.

  • NS2 - Progress report and screenshots   1 day 8 hours ago

    Oh man, Midiflow is awesome! I just bought all of his work, great stuff. I didn’t even know about audiobus 3, so thanks for that. I understands Audio units now, and am eager to see how they co mingle with NS2. If anything, using NS2 as a midi sequencerto drive other apps will be amazing! I honestly didn’t understand how all that worked (I’ve been in the Stone Age, apparently). Unfortunately I can’t play with NS1, as my only old iPad is the 1st one (no iOS 8). No wonder blip is going to wait on audio tracks; we can now route the audio to an 8-track. Any recommendations on a multi track recorder? I have multitrack DAW, and it’s nice.

  • 3 Free banks   1 day 16 hours ago

    That is a nice gesture. I bought the banks when you released them and I can say that there are some pretty cool sounds in there. I got a lot of use out of them. Do you plan to create preset banks for NS2? Once the plans were made for NS2, I lost the drive to create presets for NS1.
    I have heen waiting for years for NS2 so that I could build up a bunch of presets, and I'm dying with anticipation. The previews of Obsidian look/sound like that is going to be a super fun synth to create presets for.

  • NS2 - Progress report and screenshots   1 day 16 hours ago

    I'm far from a MIDI guru, but I think it is as simple as having one NS track on MIDI chanel 1 and another on MIDI track 2, and then 2 separate Eden synth/sampler presets would respond to the different regions of the keyboard that are set to channel 1 or 2. I have MIDIFlow Splitter and AB3 but I haven't used them together so far since I have not needed keyboard splits. I got the bundle of MIDIflow apps from Johanes Doerr since they seemed to be very useful. As long as MIDIFlow Splitter will allow you to specify which octave ranges are assigned to which MIDI channel (and the apps description seems to imply this, but the description is about having two separate AB3 MIDI channels to differenat apps - so I'm not sure), you should be golden. This would work with NS1, which recieves MIDI input, just doesn't send MIDI out, except that NS1 doesn't work with AB3. That won't be the case with NS2.

    You may want to try some other MIDI apps to see if there is one that will work with NS1. Why wait for NS2? If you find another app, please make sure to report back if it works out so that others will know how to do it. :o)

  • NS2 - Progress report and screenshots   2 days 9 hours ago

    Very interesting stuff, didn’t know about midiflow. I’m curious if it will be able to see two NS2 instruments at the same time and allow both to be played simultaneously in different zones, and even record them both live on their own tracks. In logic it’s not straightforward, but the process is simple; you enable two tracks, assign those tracks to regions on the same midi input device (if not split zones, they would just overlap), and both are triggered when their respective regions are played (I’m sure you know that, but I’m just trying to clarify how I’ve done it ;) Seeing as though there are multiple midi channels, I’m sure could be emulated somehow. The question I guess would be if NS2 will allow two tracks to be enabled at the same time. Thanks for your answer, btw — it’s helping fend off the anticipation woes.

  • NS2 - Progress report and screenshots   2 days 10 hours ago

    I don't remember that being mentioned yet, but I think it will be possible to do so using apps like AB3 and MIDIFlow Splitter. Control the split before the DAW or synth apps.

  • NS2 - Progress report and screenshots   2 days 20 hours ago

    *still eagerly waiting, and still curious

    I can’t find if it’s been asked before, but will NS2 support split-key midi input? Not sure what it’s called exactly, but it’s when you have the one midi keyboard controlling two synth track/instances, one on the lower end of the keyboard, and one on the high end. I do this in logic so I can play bass with left, lead with right. Not a deal breaker, but I’m looking into getting an 88key midi and this will influence that decision. Much excite.

  • Awaiting the Return of the Magic   2 days 23 hours ago

    The YouTube demo sounds realistic enough, but if I'm not mistaken it is a tenor sax and I'm looking for an alto sax. (Wow! How snooty am I about saxes...?) I may get it anyways - I have their Jubal Flute app, which is pretty nice. I have iFretless Sax which is OK, but the responsiveness of the alto sax on my Roland Integra is hard to beat.

    And, no matter the needs of a given project, I need to be able to integrate my hardware synths into my iOS workflow. It is tricky to do. I thought it would be reasonably easier on the PC, but no dice. I have my fingers crossed that the MIDI and audio paths in & out of NS2 will be easy enough to use that the creative energy isn't lost, which was my experience so far with Auria Pro and Reaper.

  • NS2 - Progress report and screenshots   2 days 23 hours ago

    As I understand it, NS2 will support Audiobus 3 and AUv3. Once the audio tracks IAP is available, it should be really easy to use other app and even convert old NS1 projects to fresh new NS2 projects.

  • NS2 - Progress report and screenshots   4 days 16 hours ago

    If there will be Audio Track support via IAP, then can I route audio from Audiobus or AUv3? There are a few synth apps I own which have portamento and polyphonic aftertouch. They are not possible for most MIDI sequencers including the one I use in Cubasis.

  • Awaiting the Return of the Magic   4 days 21 hours ago

    Slam-Cut, here's a solution for you!

    Not completely convincing (unless you spell it con-wincing) but it has a sex knob. A sex knob! (full disclosure, I did buy the app and it was a fun five minutes).

  • Updated to iOS 11 without knowing the consequences - HELP !   4 days 21 hours ago

    "'there is very low chance that apple's iCloud or dropbox (or any other big player in cloud storage business) will die :-)'

    You'd hope so. However Apple did kill off Me dot com and every bit of storage associated with it. But at least we did get plenty of warning about this."

    There was also that time when Apple transitioned from iCloud storage to iCloud Drive, and if you updated one of your devices to iCloud Drive (it was an easy mistake to make) you'd lose access to all the data on all the other devices. Coupled with the very lacklustre pace of apps updating their services to Drive, and some just not doing it at all, there was plenty of potential for permanent data loss. Apple is not a trustworthy cloud company.

  • Updated to iOS 11 without knowing the consequences - HELP !   6 days 1 hour ago

    In all fairness though, the removal of the AppStore from iTunes, and hence iOS to Mac filesharing, is what we've been crying out for for years, right? It will be interesting to see how other developers cope with this, and I don't know what iOS 11 has install for us, as my device now won't go that high (10 max). But it'll be awful that the process of backing up will be even slower than it was before.